I just recieved another resume with a picture on it. Do you think that a picture is ever an advantage on a resume?

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I think that resumes should not have pictures on them.
Pictures on resumes at best do no harm (but very little good) and at worst will get a candidate thrown out by large companies concerned with discrimination charges.

Obviously, these rules don't apply to visual media where a headshot is a normal thing.

Most people say no. I actually conducted a survey on pictures on resumes recently.
It's standard fare in Europe and parts of Asia to have not only your picture, but personal information like marriage, number of children, etc. About the only time I get resumes with pictures on them, they are usually from one of the above locations.

I can't imagine anyone who coaches resume writing in the U.S. would suggest that anyone put their picture on it! And if they are, they should stop! Not smart.
No video resumes as of yet.......and geez.....I work for a internet retailer.........I should, right! Darn!

Sandra McCartt said:
Do you think we have been conditioned to no pictures because of liability? What do you think of the video resumes? Have you received any and if so how did you feel about them?
I personally could go either way.

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