I just accepted a job with a recruiting firm in Atlanta set to start in a few weeks. I've had some exposure in a three month stint out of college a few years back, but I may have exaggerated about my experience a bit. :)

I really need this, and I am doing everything I can to become as versed as possible over the next couple of weeks. They are expecting someone with at least one year experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You transposed a couple of letters in your earlier post.  I was kidding you about the way it looked.

Well, my only suggestion is when it's time to get on the phone just do it... Have no fear.. do the things you dislike the most first, continue to have a teachable spirit, soak it all up lie a sponge, keep the good - discard the bad, stop staring at that phone! haha.. have fun.. dont suffer paralysis thru analysis, and ummm have fun... oh and to end on a positive note, stay positive cause the gut punches are coming.... Best

I am a recruiter not a great speller thx....... :)

Sandra McCartt said:
CB is a Gerat recruiter a combination of a Gerbil and a rat?  I think i know some of those.  :)
Do any of you more experienced folks have any specific advise?  What works what doesn't?  What have been your most effective marketing campaigns and where should someone starting out really focus efforts?  Much appreciated.

Kelly - speaking philosophically, everything works, except when it doesn't.


The real key is consistent application of effort, regardless of how you feel that day. for me, let's say i need candidates.. I do three or four specific  things every day related to social media to flush them out..every job order I get, I have a few niche job boards and web communities I interact with, and I keep interacting...whether or not those are getting me immediate results, I pull out other tricks I've learned to source candidates, using the phone and internet..I want to win, so I never quit digging. I love to fish and hunt, so putting myself where my quarry is, is kind of second nature.

thankfully, I am a solo guy, so i don't have some stooge standing over me questioning my methods, wondering why I'm not making 80 bazillion pointless calls an hour, because that's all he knows how to do.


Not saying there aren't times to make 80 bazillion calls, but I get to pick when that is, LOL.


For generating new business, I like the candidate marketing method..however, if you can't describe your candidates in a way that harmonizes with the needs of the client, all the sales training in the world won't help you, so put a lot of effort into being good at that.


bottom line is that prospective clients don't care about you, and don't want to hear how much of a "trusted partner" you are, unless you first have something they want and need.. even then, your relationship is strictly transactional.. you park a few people into a place, and they pan out, then you get to consider yourself as "having a relationship" with the client, but that takes time and work.


learn your industry, understand people, and serve everyone well, then you can build something.


BTW, if you are new to doing things over the phone, google the name 'Art Sobczak', and get his newsletter.

Thank you that is really helpful.  I have only a little agency experience and what I learned during that time is that I love recruiting and hate agencies.  Ha.  I guess my question is specifically about marketing cold calls.  I hated getting them and wonder how truly effective they are?

Kelly - like all things, marketing cold calls work, except when they don't.


Think of why you hated getting them.. were they irrelevant? did they not engage you? were they over - aggressive?


You will have to make some cold marketing calls at some point, so figure out how to not be like the others who called you.

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