There are many smart people on . There are plenty of people I would love to talk to for an hour in order to learn about things I know I need to understand better. I also know that those people probably could benefit from an hour long conversation with someone that they identify for the same reason.

Here is an example.

I would like to spend an hour with Bill Radin. He is a bright guy. I have read his books, and his books have helped me tremendously. I want to run some ideas by him because I think his insight will be helpful. If he would talk to me on the phone for an hour it would be great.

Bill Radin has started making videos, nothing fancy but the content is great and it seems that he is getting more interested in social networks and blogs. Maybe Bill thinks that if he could get an hour with Jim Durbin ( or someone else) to talk about social media and how to work his trade into this new medium, it would be very helpful to him.

Maybe Jim is willing to talk to Bill and there is someone that Jim would like to talk to for an hour. Hopefully it keeps moving. It’s the kind of thing that will work or it won't but I love the idea.

This is how to make it happen:

1. If there is someone you identify on you would like to spend an hour with, start a discussion in the forum section and put it in the category that is called “ An Hour With

2. In the post, state who you want to get an hour with and why. I would make sure your member profile is up to date because I am sure whoever you want to spend an hour with if they don’t know you, will look at your profile.

3 In the example above with Bill Radin, I would send Bill a message about the fact that I just posted a request for an hour of his time with a link to the post. If he agrees, we would work out a time. He would then, if he wants, do the same thing.

4. It’s important that you put the post in the proper place.

I am going to give this good visability on the network. I really hope you like it. Tomorrow I will put up my request to get an hour with Bill Radin.

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Susan, you are too kind, I feel like I have been so luck to spend an hour with you!. I am so fortunate that almost everyone I respect in the industry, that this will be a hard one for me to come up with.

Love the idea Jason, love it.

Slouch said:
Thanks Susan, I think it's a good ideas as well

Susan Burns said:
This is fantastic Jason! I already have a few people in mind and if you count the great conversation I had with Julia Stone yesterday I guess I've already had one! But, I'll play by the rules and post something soon. May not be until after Mexico but it will be. Thanks for continuing to come up with so many great ideas for the RB community! Susan

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