My company is a small IT Staffing & Executive Search firm considering a move from JobDiva to another applicant tracking system/crm.  We have looked at a bunch of them over the past 6-months and have narrowed it down to the following:

  • Bullhorn
  • PC Recruiter
  • Job Science

I would like to get advice from others in IT executive search on the following:

- Who is using Bullhorn or PCRecruiter or JobScience now and do you like it?
- Who has migrated from JobDiva and what ATS did they go to?
- What ATS do they like the most and why?
- Have you migrated to one of these ATS's, how did it go, any suggestions? 

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@David: My advice if you are looking for a new ATS for a smaller company is to actually get a CRM. They are way more effective at logging activity, notes, consolidating data and running campaigns/tracking than any ATS out there, can be configured to be fully compliant and are far cheaper and advanced than the dinosaurs still pimping their outdated legacy ERPs to the HR crowd. Personal recommendation is Nimble - it's my favorite consumer grade CRM out there, has a ton of integrations and outperforms Bullhorn hands down - all for $15/mo per user.  This is not a paid endorsement, nor do I have any affiliation with them, I just think it's the best option for someone in your situation

I'd like to follow this up by saying that Nimble actually isn't built for ATS or recruitment purposes, so while it can easily be configured as such, I don't have any case use for this, as some of you have asked.  That said, Bullhorn offers the added advantages of having a good track record as an established provider, obvious third party recruiting focused capabilities and dedicated support and account management if something goes wrong - which is something that the less expensive, plug and play options out there definitely cannot provide.

Do you have any exp or thought on PC Recruiter and Jobscience how it would compare?

Hi David, I've used a product called Maxhire (bought now by Bullhorn) and it was pretty amazing.  I've moved on from my company and find myself remembering all the cool things and efficient automation Maxhire would do (I worked in a boutique agency so it was a similar size I'm assuming)

As Matt mentions, a CRM is probably the best type of tool to select if you had to choose between that and an ATS.

Please post recommendations. I am FED UP with Taleo. There support is HORRID since Oracle took-over. There is practically no support other than going into these recruiter forums to look up answers to basic questions. Logging an issue is complicated and all my AE wants to do is try to sell me more ish. ARRGGHH!!!

Hi Guys, try fishtank out:

Just out of Beta, and sparkling new product website coming soon...

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