The better you are at recruiting the more you leave on the table?

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I would have to say yes. Because as an experienced recruiter I'm out to prove my worth to the client so I'm less likely to take on an assignment that I know that I probably can't fill.
Do you mean more $$$ or more search assignments turned down, etc.?
Tough Question - however I would tend to say no. The better you are at recruiting, the better your ability to know which search assignments have a high probability of closing, and which one's to IOR that fall outside your scope. We will all leave some business on the table - if not, the recruiting world would be much smaller!
Well, in a sense, the more experienced you are, the more you know the game and when the line is crossed and the game lost. In today's economy, I imagine there is a lot left on the table to close the deal. In a different situation, maybe not. Buyers or sellers market--someone has the advantage while the other is on the short end.
yes, of course...time is the only thing that stops me..

Joshua Letourneau said:
Do you mean more $$$ or more search assignments turned down, etc.?
well stated - kudos for a very intelligent and tacit reply.

Sandra McCartt said:
Yes, yes and yes. Bottom line it's being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. I have known a lot of good recruiters who are no longer in the business because they couldn't get over their own ego, were more concerned about being a "Professional" who was due every dime, demanded the highest fees and fought with the client about every referral. Leaving things on the table from time to time means you will be invited back to dinner. That will of course bring forth screams from some of you not to let the client run your business, set your fees or take a gray area referral. My Clients have told me many times that in their business they sometimes cut prices and make concessions in order to build long term relationships. Seems to me it has worked well to hit 80% of a lot rather than 100% of a little for a short time.
The answer is in the question Grasshopper.

The better you are, the closer you come to the 'perfect' deal every time. The perfect deal is one where both sides are at their absolute limits.

So the answer is no.

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