How do you find candidates that are willing to work on a 100 percent commission?
What if the job you are trying to fill requires strong sales skills, an outgoing personality, strong motivation, ability to take lots of rejection, self initiative, and the ability to wait three-six months before this new hire will receive their first commission check oh AND by the way they have to pay fees of about $300 per month to have this opportunity.

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Why would they have to pay to have an opportunity? Seems like an up hill battle to say the least. What's the rub? what's in it for them?

I mean no disrespect but is this a joke?  People usually have bills to pay...maybe a mortgage or rent.  Then there's food which is good to have.  You're basically asking someone to PAY money for an opportunity without any type of dangling carrot for them?  Where's the reciprocity?  Working relationships have to be mutually beneficial for both parties to benefit.  I'm not seeing any benefits to the candidate.
Yeah I agree, something does not sound right on this one. My old boss always told me you should not have to go into debt to go to work. What's the rub? I hope you respond, I am interested in hearing that.
Why would you take a listing for a job like that?

Do not work for that company

Maria, we're still waiting for your response confirming this was a joke.  I would hope no recruiter would even humor a "client" asking them to waste their time on such a project.  And PS - if they won't pay an employee a salary upfront do you actually believe they will pay a recruiter?

LOL.  You all made me chuckle.  I was a bit surprised to hear the shock in your writing.  I must admit as a Recruiter my posting does sound like a joke.

First, let me say I am thrlled to see so many responding to this post. And yes this is a TRUE recruiting request. And sorry I was late in responding. Was out meeting with clients all day. 

Seriously, though the job posting is what Real Estate Recruiters do everyday.  Some Recruiters get paid a salary, others are bonused on hires while others are bonused (paid) only on production and some have a combination package.  They do not get paid like a traditional recruiter (as you and I know them) typically.

Real Estate Recruiters and Real Estate Hiring Managers seek people who are willing to work 100% commission, pay desk fees, and oh the new hire has to mostly find their own leads or if experienced bring leads with them, cultivate the leads and close them before they get paid.  They then "splt" their income with up to FOUR participating parties.  In most cases when a person is just getting started it can take 3-6 months on average to get a pay check (especially these days).


WIIFT is they get to be their own boss, have flexible hours, have no earnings cap, get training and support in the real estate industry, build a business they can resell later and if they are good enough get repeat business. They meet people who become life long friends and customers.  They get to write off most of their expenses and take as much or as little vacation time as they want.  They never have to miss another social or special event if they don't want to and if they are sick they just stay home in the bed until they are ready to work again. They can be as successful or as lazy as they want to be.


So it was a serious question for an industry that needs to hire more agents.

I am speaking this week (Thursday) to a group of Real Estate OWNERS, BROKERS and RECRUITERS and could use your help on the topic.  I will post it so you can respond.  ANY feedback, good, bad, ugly, helpful, thoughtful, etc would be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for the question.  


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