Just wondering over the years whats the funniest response you have had from a candidate for example i have heard Why Should We Hire You? I would be a great asset to the events team because I party all the time!!

So please share :-)

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Fourth and final interview with the pres. Of the company after interviewing with the executive team.

Pres., "a key part of this position will be communicating our corporate message both internally and externally.". " how would you determine the difference in addressing those different groups?"

Candidate: " Well, ER, uh, uh, ER, uh, oh honk, I guess it would , ER, uh, uh, require, ER, uh, dummying down the message to fit the internal stakeholders." "Guess that was probably not the answer you were hoping for, ER uh, maybe I should have said that in an, ER uh, different way." "Oh crap, well, ER, uh, thank you for your time."

Pres. "perhaps we both need to look at other options".

When the conversation was related to me.

Me: Facepalm, "seriously, she didn't say that?"

Candidate to me in follow up call: " I think I screwed the pooch"

Me: yeppers, Gladys, and I don't think we have to worry about finding a home for any puppies since it appears it was not a successful breeding.

Renee & Paul those are so funny they keep getting better and better I wonder if these people have jobs now lol.. Sandra that was just brilliant I found myself doing the face palm while reading thinking NO NO you did not say that :-)

I have a sign on my credenza that says, "god, when you told me to cast bread upon the waters, you forgot to mention it would attract ducks" a million fold.

It's a great life if we do not weaken.

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