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I would like to introduce myself, Hi my name is Richard Stewart and I am a Staffing Manager and Business Developer for Employers Overload.  I would also like to say, Thank You to everyone who posts on the discussion boards, blogs, and chat.  I am new to the staffing industry, (7 months) and find all the information very informative and often amusing, (rants lol).  Because I am new, most of my posts or blogs may be related to everyday knowledge that a recruiter or staffing agent would know but, I am looking to get experienced knowledge on particular situations that will help benefit my clients and staff.

A little background as to how I found myself working in this industry.  I was working as a Sales Representative for The Wasserstrom Company.  They specialized in restaurant small wares and equipment sales across the US, South America, Asia and the UK.  My main responsibilities were to the two largest accounts/groups including Sbarro, with over 700 retail locations and Assisted Living facilities that include Emeritus, and Sunrise Senior Living.  Again, both with over 500 facilities nationwide.  I was responsible for accuracy of each order and the pricing for each item on the orders within these facilities.  I really didn’t see myself moving further within the company so I decided it was time to pursue another avenue of sales. 

One evening during a dinner with a few friends a friend of a friend mentioned that nobody had responded to his job posting.  I have spoken with this friend of a friend on more than one occasion so I felt comfortable enough to inquire about the position.  After telling him I had no knowledge about the staffing industry, to my surprise he asked me to come in and interview.  After my initial interview with this, friend of a friend, I was again surprised when he told me that he wanted me to interview with his office manager, so I did.  My second interview was, at most, 10 minutes.  Now because my interview took the same amount of time it takes me to decide what I want to eat at Olive Garden, I assumed the position would not be offered to me.  Within 30 minutes I received a call from my new boss informing me that he wanted to offer me the position.  So here I am working a field that I knew nothing about and LOVE IT. 

 I have found that there are many different titles of someone who employs for their client, i.e. recruiter, staffing agent, and so on, but there is one universal in each.  We are here to fulfill our clients’ needs and ensure we find them the best possible candidate there is. 

With that being said I again would like to say hey to everyone and I look forward to chatting with you all soon!!

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Richard - let me be among the first to welcome you to the RBC. I should also welcome you to the trenches. OK- I kid, but welcome to your new path. The community is certainly a great resource to turn to in knowing you're not alone, and also for helpful information. Best of luck to you in running your desk and thanks for bringing your voice to the mix.

Thank you Tim!

Welcome Tim!

7 months in the industry is not very long but soon you will feel like an old-timer when everything you read about here happens to you - hopefully not all in one day!

Best wishes for continued success!


Hola Richard,

And welcome to the RBC.

You will find it helpful, memorable, funny, very funny and contentious--depending on your engagement level.

To another upstart I responded in this way:  "You came to the right place if recruitment is a career path you want to pursue.  There's not a week that goes by without a few discussions and blogs discussing the DOs and DON'Ts in the recruitment discipline.  But the benefits of the RBC membership will depend on your approach, participation and openness to learn a thing or two.  You will find many RBC members to be helpful and responsive to your questions and concerns.

My initial advice is to delve into as many blog and discussion posts already available to all members on the RBC.  Pay particular attention to the "Tips" related ones, to start understanding what is and is not working for some of us on the job.  The more you read and the more questions you pose will soon indicate if this will be a worthwhile experience.

You say you're in a field you know nothing about.  That's actually incorrect if your prior experience is in sales.  There's a lot of that in the recruitment discipline.  You'll soon notice that fact.  And as you go along the more specific your questions are the better the responses will be.  If you don’t get a response—ask the question again but with FEELING.

Hope this helps.





...and you'll find most RBC members in various stages of: coma, sobriety, alertness, helpfulness, respectfulness, funnyness, warmness and cuddlyness, or not.



Welcome! Feel free to ask questions and to engage me as necessary. All the best.


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