I always wondered if a Headhunter with a christian or any other faith background find themselves questioning their morals when pursuing a high profile candidate using unethical headhunting techniques like 'lying through their teeth' when getting past the gatekeeper and then subsequently probing the company until you find your target?

What are your thoughts...is headhunting ethical?

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We have traced the responses to this thread and they are coming from inside the house!
I didn't do it......I ran really fast after Sandra zapped me. Sorry for resurrecting the "dead" guys! LOL!

Sandra McCartt said:
Look for the tinfoil hat!! LOL,LOL,LOL.

Eric Beauford said:
We have traced the responses to this thread and they are coming from inside the house!
Did we ever decide if head hunting is ethical?
Based on what I have read, I think that would depend on who you asked...LOL

Eric Beauford said:
Did we ever decide if head hunting is ethical?

Does A Duck Have A "Water-Tight" Ass?

I haven't had to tell a lie to get past gatekeepers. And I'm not religious so it's a non issue.

BTW, I was corporate HR for 13 years and raided all the time! Don't fool yourself thinking we aren't adding that value. Not everyone WILL do it, but my teams always did. 

Fortunately, today, we've societally "evolved" to self-indulgent morally relative situational ethics, so no longer need to ask that question regarding gatekeepers, unlike 32 years ago when I became a 3rd party recruiter.

As a 10 Commandment (not chapter and verse) traditional Reform Jew married to a Catholic/Italian balancing morality with our "evolved" world I wouldn't say I lie to gatekeepers--just not completely forthcoming on the true intent of the phone call.  Usually a "confidential" matter only able to be discussed and that they'd "likely" remember a previous interaction qualifying that response ever so slightly.  All's fair in love, war, and in business protecting your family........right?

As an Executive recruiter I offer an opportunity and nothing more. The decision is theirs! I will never twist, manipulate, or force someone to take my job. Over 15 years I have had more thanks than anything!

The fact is, you do not have to be dishonest to successfully recruit.

It's just the path of least resistance for many, though for my money the truth is easier to remember.

It's not ethical if you are headhunting slaves, or stealing private property.  A headhunter is like an agent. Since employees are not owned, nor enslaved, they are free game. Nobody leaves a job they like. Questioning ethics in this situation is silly. Is it ethical for people to change jobs?  Is it ethical to move on from your current employer?  Is it ethical to better oneself?  Yes, in the USA, I believe it is. Something called capitalism. 

You must have been in the midst of an "ethical" crisis about recruiting. For each person, one has to find what feels right to get past the gatekeeper. I don't like to lie, but I also don't think I need to divulge my reasons.

What professional doesn't like to know of another opportunity? You may find that one perfect match individual for your client, through direct cold call, and he/she may need to make a change. Who knows? You may be the inspiration for a few people's lives and their career changes for the better.

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