"It's not really a party, it's just five girls hanging out." This was my daughter's response to my questioning her if she was going to a party on Halloween. She refused to commit to what it really was. But I am sure the mom of the girl who's hosting the hang out will probably think it's a party given the food, sweets, and beverages that will be purchased and served. I am also sure there will be decorations involved and even costumes. But it's not a party.

It's not really a recession, it's just deep pockets holding on to all the cash reserves they can. Tell that to the hundreds of thousands who have lost their homes. What about those whose incomes have been cut by half or even more or who have lost jobs and have yet to find gainful employment? Or employers who have had to layoff hundreds of employees or cut production because the cost to produce (supply) outweighed the revenue coming in (demand). The stats are incredibly high and the number of new job boards launched keeps increasing. But it's not a recession.

It's not really a job search, it's a transition. Aside from the numerous boards where profiles have been uploaded and career sites that have been explored, written and re-written resumes, application upon application submitted. Inordinate amounts of time spent on craigslist. And then, there's the setting up of a more professional personal email address. But it's not a job search.

What is the benefit in not committing to what it actually going on? Is there value in this practice? Does a certain amount of denial make it not so or easier to traverse? Is there a level of protecting oneself that takes precedence over the truth? This sounds vaguely familiar. I denied for many years that my marriage was in heart failure. All that did was prolong the inevitable but I can look back and say uncategorically (<- not even a real word, btw) that I gave it my best shot. Is that just what we are prone to do? To deny a problem or party until we are standing in the middle of a recession with a party hat on?

Some good news? Let's hope so... The American Staffing Association released its staffing index monthly report a couple days ago. The gist of the scoop is that staffing employment was 20% higher in October 2010 compared to October 2009. The hiring of recruiters is always good news. Hopefully, the good ones have stayed afloat long enough to see the party at the end of the tunnel and didn't have to partake in a transition.

by rayannethorn

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I have been in hiding, but I am back now. I am glad to see you are still writing great blogs. :-)
I've got another one for you:

It's not really the downward spiral of a recruiting career, it's a personal branding mission....

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