Curious if some of the smaller firms have invested in Linkedin Recruiter.  How has it helped? Is it worth the investment?

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InMails, yes! Otherwise, you can get anyone's full name, regardless of your connection level by "sharing" their profile using the share button displayed under the profile, with someone (share with me if you like) and looking the sent link up in your "sent items" folder. Try it! If you click on that link, you will see the full first and last name, even if you have a free account and even if the person is outside your network.

I suppose a 100 results may be limiting, but with Talent Finder you get 700 which is not too different from LI Recrtuiter that shows 1,000. Of course, you can also alter the search and see different results.

It's not worth it.  Upgrade to an executive account and use your InMails wisely.  You get 35 added on every month.

Be SMART with your InMails. Only send them to people who seem to use LinkedIn regularly. take note of the number of their connections, how time the spent putting their profile together. Follow them on Twitter. Send them an invite to connect. there are all sorts of way to alert these people. Stay away from the people who only have 20 connections and little info because they most likely will be the ones to never really use or go on the site.


Chuck Klein said:

Thanks Irina. Interesting comments.  I have Talent Finder - I had heard that LI Recruiter allows you to do searches among the contacts of your connections - that could be useful. 


Re: In mails - how many of you get responses from people 6 months later - because they didn't check their LI account and don't receive the Inmails via their regular email.   I sense that many people are in this category - making emails to them a waste (even if you get it back).   Always best to track down an email address or a phone.

What is eye opening for me is the amount of 3rd degree connections that open up in a Linkedin recruiter search.  I' like most of us probably, believed that I pretty much was within 2 degrees of everyone that mattered.  These LI Recruiter searches really opened my eyes.  

Some people do excellent jobs maintaining and cross referencing their networks on Twitter, FB, LI and what have you.  Others of us pay for that convenience so we can spend more time talking to and meeting clients/candidates.

Get a demo and decide for yourself.



What's an executive account?  How does it differ from talent finder?

You can upgrade your LinkedIn service for a monthly fee.  There is an Executive option and PRO option.  Crunch the numbers.  For us, it is cheaper to upgrade our accounts and buy InMails as we go then pay the LinkedIn recruiter service.  
Chuck Klein said:



What's an executive account?  How does it differ from talent finder?


Sorry but I would advise against inviting to connect people, whom you have not met, who may not accept your LI invitation. (If they say they are "open networkers" or LIONs, then an invitation is fine and welcome.) They may mark your invitation as "I don't know you" which means that it is lost.

Messages and InMails seem to be more appropriate ways to contact people. (Still, nobody should be spammed.)

I would also say that you can InMail or message LI members who have little presence on LinkedIn, and be successful, but only if your message is very relevant. They will get your message in their email right away (it will never land in any junk folder, unless they have built a custom email filter),  even if they have not been on LI for months.


About 75-80% of people on LinkedIn have zero or one connection. Those people may be great candidates, but they are likely not in your network. Sure, you can pay for LinkedIn Recruiter, but how do you meet those people? You will not find them by searching using LI Recruiter, because they have done very little when filling out their profile. So, unless you cross-reference, you will not discover them, even paying for an advanced LI account, including Recruiter or Executive.

Suppose someone posts great content on their blog or twitter, is your top candidate, and has only the job title, location, company, and nothing else on their LI profile. (This is what the majority of members do.) Then LI Recruiter helps you send them an InMail - but you need to find them, to start with, which is this case cannot be done via LI.

That said, you can now pay for cross-referencing tools, but LinkedIn Recruiter is not one of those new tools for cross-referencing.


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