In my own experience, after observing hundreds of recruiters through my training and consulting practice, I strongly believe that most recruiters don't want to succeed badly enough. They aren't doing whatever it takes to win, and that's why they aren't as successful as they could be.

If they took their profession as serious as a professional athlete takes his sport, then they'd cut down on all the wasted time and wasted energy spent in areas that return futile results. There are so many great distractions out there, and most recruiters actively seek things to do that will keep them off of the phone engaging new candidates and clients.

Here are three action steps that you can take today to help get you going in the right direction:

1) Set your monthly goals, weekly targets, and daily targets. Write down what three things you want to accomplish for the month, the week, and every day. If you want a free tool that will help you do this, visit the free download section on my site and get a copy of the 'weekly target sheet'.

2) Plan your day every day, but before the next day. Create a budget of your day, allocate blocks of time to specific tasks, grouping those tasks together to give you a synergistic advantage. Whenever you are working on a task, ask yourself this question: 'Will this activity bring me closer to or further away from my goals?'

3) Choose to win. Every day you have a choice on how you interpret those events around you. Are you interpreting challenges as problems, or as opportunities to stretch your creative energies? Are you grateful enough, for even a simple meal? We all have a choice on how we interpret those forces beyond our control. Think of Helen Keller who overcame her disadvantages and took control of her life by choosing to be a champion. Or Thomas Edison, who used his deafness to his advantage, as a mechanism of clarity to focus on his inventions. Quit focusing on the problem, and start seeking the solution.

Remember this, recruiting is a personal development opportunity disguised as a job. Whatever life throws at you, there is still a tremendous amount of control that you have over it, based on which lens through which you choose to look.

Scott Love

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