My friend Siobhan is having an AHA moment. Watch her amazing story.

Her story.
My aha moment happened two and a half years ago, when I lost a baby through a miscarriage. I got really depressed, so I decided to stop everything and go to Africa to try to see if I could help other people. I ended up volunteering with this organization that did malaria prevention in Uganda.

One of the women I met with was Jamira, who’s a midwife. Something happened when I met her. I was staring at the bed where thousands of women have had their babies with the same black, blood-soaked pad. They were just deplorable conditions. I said, ‘I can help change this.’

What I realized was if Jamira just had gloves, scissors, and pain medication instead of just the traditional herbs, she could help prevent all kinds of medical problems.

When I met Jamira, I saw that I can make a difference in the world. I can make an enormous difference. If I put a little bit of elbow grease into this, I can change the world significantly.

My goal is to have 250 of these clinics around the world, wherever women have their babies in impoverished communities. My organization, OneMama, is this bigger model.

I want to make this a revolutionary social change. We can all find that little inscription in our heart to show that we can make a difference in the world.

Aha moments, I believe, are components of all the pieces of us that have been seeding in the soil getting ready to grow the flower that is supposed to help us bloom.

Her vision: One Mama

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Aha moments. A worthy discussion.

I just had one this morning. Actually, I've had this one for awhile now but it fades out periodically with all the white noise.

I got up around 3 to finish some work and when it was finished I went to get a cup of coffee. I took that coffee, and myself, out onto the front porch (this being around 5a.m.) and sat down on one of my newly acquired treasure pieces - a wicker couch, part of a 4 piece set I got last weekend at a garage sale for $40. Yep, 40 bucks - includes a planter (into which I've dropped petunias, Petunia), and a roocker and tea-table. Yep, a tea table too. Any-hoo, I'm sitting there in the cool, still-dark morning, in my nightgown, my seat getting slightly damp from the cushions, when I look up and see the stars scattered like pale diamonds across the sky.

Realizing that my porch light is impacting their view, I get up and go inside to turn it off, returning to my perch.

Stretching over the canopy above me and down to the horizon lines all around and bedazzling me are stars, stars and more stars. Searching out the big dipper I think I find it and then I realize I can see dippers all around me, everywhere I look. All I have to do is match the constellations to my imagination and there I am - a dipper here, a dipper there, a dipper everywhere I look.

Sometimes you have to turns the lights off to see things.

"The morning breeze has secrets to tell you. Do not go back to sleep." - Rumi

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