It is my observation that the recruiting industry, more so than most other industries or professions, is rife with folks who are hell bent for election day to build a better mousetrap.  I think that's great.  All professions evolve with time, technology and new ideas.  But...only in the recruiting industry does one see the new "Mousetrap Builders" hyping their latest, greatest idea about how to turn  the industry upside down by postulating that all life forms in recruiting as we know them are DEAD, DYING, UNSUSTAINABLE except of course their talent community, twitter outreach, social media revolution, niche as an expert in green widgets, analysis of social networks or whatever the hell they thought up when business sucked under like the Bermuda Triangle.


A Flash for you GURUS.  My Mousetrap works.  It works because i put it in places where i know there are mice.  I set it everyday.  I put the cheese in it.  It's been catching mice for over 30 years.  Yours may have more bells, sirens and whistles on it.  You may twitter about it, blog about it, throw it in a talent community ( whatever the hell that is).  I think that's dandy if it works for you, get after it.  Niche it, twitter it, blog it, post it, rave about it.  I hope you make as much money as i have over the past 30+ years, enjoy your career and grow up to be one of those pedantic thought leaders who write "how to" books. Or for god's sake, invent the "Hooker" ATS that really is fast, cheap and easy.


Would it be too much to ask that you just hype your revolutionary end all to be all answer to the recruiting world without having to make idiots out of yourselves screaming about how thousands of recruiters are going out of business," sourcing is dead"," job boards are dead"," third party recruiting is "unsustainable", "great candidates don't respond to ads", "passive candidates are better than active candidates".  Blah, Blah and more blah.  If it works for it.


In the real world, My Mousetrap Works Just Fine.  Job Boards are making money, sourcers are making money, thousands and thousands of recruiters are reporting  an increase in business.

Until all business grinds to a standstill because global warming melted all the icebergs , recruiting is about a company needing a person that they can't find or don't have time to find.  That would be why God made recruiters, or maybe it was the other guy.


However we do it, that would be the basic of what we do.  So if you think my mousetrap is dead or dying, lean over here and have a little bite of cheese , it's snapilicious....

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Agreed Brian, what i hate is the screaming noise made by those who are in the death throes. It sometimes takes a long time while they thrash around and blame everything and everybody. I worked with one cat who only turned his computer on twice a day because he was worried about the cost of electricity. He got so bitter when business was passing him by that he started lashing out at candidates because they were emailing him instead of faxing him because he was convinced that the fax used less electricity. For many years he had been a successful recruiter working with the Big 8 (it was a few years ago). He never came to the party. I severed our relationship by turning off the fax. Then spent three days giggling when the thing kept going off knowing that he was getting a "send error" and going nuts about how much electricity he was wasting. Never really knew what happened to him. I never turned the fax back on.

Thanks Rayanne, sometimes my medicine works and sometimes it doesn't. It's my take that almost every disaster can have a funny twist to it. i am in fact the most ridiculous person i know but i sure have a good time in this business.

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