So I've been following for about a year now, been the industry about a year...yeah I know crazy coincidence.  I got linked in down pretty well, developed a fairly good network of people that tend to get the word out.  I keep reading article after article that talks about Twitter being the next "sourcing" dream platform. 


So I created a twitter account, and I'm sitting here thinking to myself, how do I create followers?  I can post witty comments, jobs etc...but how do I get people to follow me?


I know I am not the first to cross this path, I am betting some of you have crossed the same path as I am...and can give me some great ideas!


Bored and want someone to follow...tada!

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Mack - I am not saying you can't get candidates but I don't use Twitter in that way ...  Perhaps you could outline for Andrew how you build a following to drive candidates to your twitter handle ... 

@Paul - Okay i get you.


First you have to follow people especially of your interest. e.g. I follow almost all recruiters that i see online including on my linkedin profile. Because i recruit in IT & Engieering I also follow techie people ( you can do this by searching on twitter key word. E.g Software developers). I also Retweet some of my followers tweets and in due time you gain more followers. I do ask questions if i see a particular Tweet and make conversation. People on Twitter are most likely to follow you if your tweets sound more human than a robotic machine spewing jobs every day. I do this off hours or on my breaks so you have to be carefull not to spend too much time on Twitter.  Twitter handle @RecruitingMode

Mack - yes, we've all heard the story about that recruiter who placed 3 people in Florida.  I've got a few thoughts on how that worked but better not put them here. 

I'll stick with far more productive (and predictable) ways to make placements.  But I whole-heartedly encourage every one of my competitors to invest heavily in SM recruiting.

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