There is something that happened to me about three years ago. I became addicted to a cell phone. I couldn't go anywhere without one. I worried incessantly that I would miss a call. I believe this is mostly because I was working far from home and I was trying to stay in as much contact with my kids as possible. Then, I made the ultimate cell phone addiction mistake, I got a smart phone.

As soon as I was able to receive emails and download apps like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to my mobile device, the downfall of Rayanne had begun. My addiction increased; my phone was always in my hand or pocket. I think I actually got the shakes if I was away from my phone for longer than an hour. Seriously. I am sure there are many of you that can relate.

I was able to sync with outlook, order plane tickets, have nav/sat in my hand, download music or listen to Pandora; my life was full and my phone made me very happy. Then, my kids started complaining about my phone never being out of my hand. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night to answer the email I just heard drop in. And when I joined a company based in London, it got even worse -- because of the time difference, I was receiving emails from our company headquarters starting at midnight... And I loved it.

The problem is that I have trouble loving and then leaving it. I crave a nice, lengthy cruise through my email accounts, I need to check text messages or delete voicemails. It didn't help that the camera on my phone is pretty cool and I can instantly send pictures via email or text anywhere instantly or even post them straight to the net. I seriously love my mobile phone. I sometimes feel like it is my best friend. And as soon as I realized that, is when I realized I needed to put it down more often and for longer periods of time. About a month ago, I took my kids out to lunch and they started complaining about how much time I spend on or with my phone. I held my hands up as if to say, "what?" that was when they realized I didn't have it with me, I left it at home, on purpose. I wanted to enjoy my time with them without having to check my phone every minute or so.

My friends complained, so did my boss.  I decided to make a conscientious effort to rely less and less on my phone. I still have withdrawal symptoms, but I will work through those. I have traveled to a few different areas recently where service was sketchy or non-existent. I complained the first day, then I let it go or tried to and relaxed as much as I could. More important than that email that just dropped in or the latest app update is the person I am having a conversation with or with whom I am spending time. It's still a struggle but the first step is admitting you have a problem. I have made my admittance, let the deconstruction begin. Just let me check one more time, though.

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