So there  are time as a recruiter at my desk where it feels like I'm in a horror story, but I thought we can have a bit of fun with this topic. Halloween is fast approaching and I am a huge horror movie fan. Try me. There are not many that I haven't seen. I mean even the really bad direct to dvd/video ones. So having said that- what if your favorite horror movie? or even better, what one has scared you the most?


My top #2:


1- Nightmare on Elm Street - I slept on the floor of my parent's room for two night. I still have images from that film that creep me out.


2- The Exorcism of Emily Rose - More recent, but always freaked out with movies that deal with demonic possession. This girl was either one heck of an actress or things got really scary on the set.

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Numero Uno - The Exorcist, hands-down.  Nothing, before or after, produced a more stunning visual and psychological thriller than this movie.  I actually know of a (two tour) decorated Vietnam Veteran seasoned Marine literally pass-out from watching that DAMN movie.  I ought to know--I was sitting next to him (a relative) in the movie theater.

(Sidebar:  Key scenes of the The Exorcist were filmed on and near the Georgetown University Campus which caused a stir on many levels.  At that time I was stationed at the Pentagon and living in Arlington, VA which neighbors the D.C. & the GU campus area. My wife and I visited the steep stairs--the site dramatically featured in two horrific death scenes in the movie).

Some movie themes will naturally impact some viewers more dramatically than others.  Raised in a traditional Mexican-American family with roots in Spanish -Native American - Mexican cultures and into a fervent Catholic religious base--you hear, see, and believe (or resist believing) in such things as extreme as being possessed by the devil (it's branded into our DNA from generations of folktales, grandmothers and now movies).

A curandero (Spanish: [kuɾanˈdeɾo], f. curandera) or curandeiro (Portuguese: [kuɾɐ̃ˈdejɾu], f. curandeira) is a traditional folk healer or shaman in Latin America, who is dedicated to curing physical or spiritual illnesses. The role of a curandero or curandera can also incorporate the roles of psychiatrist along with that of doctor and healer. Many curanderos use Catholic elements, such as holy water and saint pictures. The use of Catholic prayers and other borrowings and lendings are often found alongside native religious elements.


Moche Ceramic Depicting Curandero. Larco Museum Collection Lima, Peru.


For a laugh:
Angry Alien Productions specializes in cartoons, illustration and design services. Sase the Octopus and Topsie the Turtle are copyright by Jennifer Shiman.

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