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Question of the day: How do you avoid burning a bridge?

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Be civil - don't think or talk with emotion. Your contacts today can be your future business tomorrow. My father had successful fabric store in Levittown, NY for over 20 years. He taught me when i was a child-Julie - You never ever burn bridges. Boy he was right.. one of the many great words of wisdom my father had shared throughout the years.

Julie Solomon/Executive Recruiter Long Island, NY

A few years ago, I blogged my layoff checklist which included a story about just this topic.

In a nutshell, when laid off, some people burned the bridge immediately with their understandable but difficult reaction, while others took it so well that one of them was later rehired!

You avoid burning a bridge by keeping your emotions in check while understanding where the other side is coming from. It isn't easy but it's usually worth it.

Well, if you do burn a bridge in this modern information era. be sure to blow up all roads leading to it.  

I think being direct is a good way.  Some folks harbor resentment for a long time instead of getting it out right away.  If

someone screws you, tell them so.  If you screw someone, prepare to be told.  Then everyone gets on with their bridge crossings.  

By the looks of that photo, at minimum, it takes a swimsuit, a row boat and a pair of oars!  

Seriously, are there bridges that need not be crossed ever again? DEFINITELY.  However, no matter how tempting, I would caution anyone from being the person that lights the match. 

I agree with Bill...just would say it in a slightly different way...

Avoid burning bridges at all costs unless you are a bridge builder. 

However, some bridges need to be burned for your own good and for the good of others...

PS--really like the picture you have here, Tim.  That damn bridge is on FIRE!

How's the real estate biz?

Christopher Poreda said:

I agree with Bill...just would say it in a slightly different way...

Just like the recruiting business...coming out of the recession and poised for an amazing couple of years.

Bill Schultz said:

How's the real estate biz?

Christopher Poreda said:

I agree with Bill...just would say it in a slightly different way...

LOL. Timely question. You and I must be on the same page today! I just posted a blog today called "Funny Thing That Road Rage Taught Me" addressing burning bridges. Great minds......

Love and Respect

Believe it or not sometimes i just keep my mouth shut.

Also was great when i learned to say, "Oh really?" instead of "Bullshit"

However, sometimes burning bridges beats the devil out of throwing somebody in the river so you can watch them drown while you eat corn nuts.  At least if you burn a bridge you have a head start or you never have to go that way again.  If i burn one it is not acidental and everybody knows why and that it will not be rebuilt, noway, nohow.

Don't carry matches, only you can prevent forest (including bridges) fires

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