Stuck in the Recruiter Wasteland!!!! Someone help me get out!!!!!!

This is a very frightening thing to admit, but i have had close to 10 jobs in the past 2 years!  10 different recruiting jobs and these weren't contracts but full-time positions in different agencies.

I previously worked for 1 firm for 7 years, left when the market downturned in late 2009 and proceeded to destroy my career as well as almost my family.   I wandered from firm to firm confident i would find what i had previously, the same environment, the same success and i have not found it.   I tell myself, it doesn't exist anymore.  I was with a large Tech Staffing firm.  I was the top recruiter in my office in New York City and top 5 in the entire company which did roughly $80 million a year.   Until the downturn, and my 50 people on billing and 1-2 full-time deals a month turned into 10 on billing and 1 ever few months.

So i jumped ship, and i have been regretting it ever since.   I became a pro at interviewing.   In one turn, i went on 9 interviews for recruiting roles and received 6 offers.   6 offers.   And at one time or another, i went to each and every one of those jobs.   I would accept postions, convincing myself this was it, show up, and before the end of the day, go to lunch and not return.  


Terrified of the larger firms, i accepted offers in small boutique shops.   I was sure i would be better off.  I could be the guy to build up the business, get a piece of it, do it the way i saw fit.   Not the smartest thing to do in a down market.  Started off like gangbusters, until my paycheck bounced.   uh oh.  Time to go.


So it was interview time again.   How may more could i get.  I got 3 out of 3.   And of course, i took the wrong job.  Went to another small shop.  They specialized in the finance space, placing front office people, quants and all.  They wanted me to build up the tech group, contracting and all.   I saw it as a way to get myself into another space, learn the financial marketplace not just technology, a new niche as i longed to get out of technology.   Cranked out 5 deals real quick.  In 3 months i was rolling.   Rolling until the owner advised that his deals worth a hell of alot of money had fallen through and he couldn't afford to pay anyone anymore.  


So back again on the street.   Again, wandering the recruiter wasteland.   A family to suport, bills to pay and no desire to pick up the phone and call techies anymore.   A desire to do something different.  To get outside the game and not battle with a multitude of agencies both local and overseas for the same candidates.  Candidates who are finding the jobs on there own now as well.  


A desire to find a small, tight little niche that i could become an expert in.   A small marketplace, less clients, less candidates, less competition.    


But what is it.  What industry?  What candidate doesn't get 50 calls a day from recruiters?  Doesn't have there pick of 100's of job boards to look at posted rolls.   Someone who would actually appreciate and respect the knowledge, experience and connections i am bringing to them.  Who see's the worth and the value.


Until i find that someone or something, i will continue to wander the recruiter wasteland.  

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I have hired telecommuters with success. It all depends on your background. Our recruiters who work at home work as if they are in our office, you are part of the switchboard, have access to all job orders, etc. You conference into meetings, and will be part of a team that is managed from our office. We are in health care, and life sciences. Call me if you would like to talk. Barb 941-371-7752. Ext. 7013.

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