The Man Upstairs is on a Recruiting Binge- Al Davis Dies at 82

First they take the man who revolutionized Technology.

Now they take the man who revolutionized Football.


Geez, they may have had some knowledge drain going on up there.  I can just imagine the morning meetings now:

Mr Davis:  iPad, Shmipad.  I got my overhead projector and that works just fine, Jobes.

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You mentioned the Cubs.  Brooklyn Dodgers were like the Cubs.  People still haven't forgotten.  

Have you ever been to Oakland?  ;)

Yes--been to Oakland.  It's no oasis, in fact it's quite the opposite--which suggests they have bigger fish to fry...which tends to bury any fan discontent about sports issues...still, PRIDE in the Black & Silver runs deep...even in LA.
They'll probably move back there again.
Ha!  Now that would be over his dead body so to it would have to be (so to speak with respect for the dead Al Davis).
Why?  he had designs to go back.  I think the fact the he claims domain over LA is one reason people haven't contested him to put a team there.
Had designs...claimed in past tense.  Unless his final Will has instructions to some sort of new action which I'd be surprised to hear about...
Will?  It's a corporation.  Not a trust.  The claims stand.  There are partners.
I guess no stock option ownership applies such that his Will, which may include stock ownership--whatever that amounts to, can be honored?
Not sure what you're getting at.  You said the claims his corporation made on LA would die with him.  That's not the way a corporation works.


Earlier I actually said the decision now regarding the team will be over Al's dead body.  Btw, the team is still owned by the Davis family who must have had a plan in the works knowing Al's frailty.  However that comment did not register along with a couple of others.  So we're on the same page regarding how corporations operate.

I'm simply adding family owned corporations can operate a bit different than a publicly held ones.  I think the phrase "my way or the highway" was coined by Al Davis--a man of great influence in football while alive.  I suspect in his death Al Davis's influence will carryover, maybe overshadow decisions for at least 3-5 years--my guess (naturallly depending on how the team does going forward).  Everything is a little emotional right now, particularly over the last win.

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