So my post was late today because I misplaced my purse for about twelve hours and I went into complete panic mode. Have you ever felt like you had completely lost your identity? I guess I never considered how serious it would be to lose my purse, my phone, my eyeglasses, my planner, my credit cards, my ATM card, my driver's license, my flip camera, my only hairbrush UNTIL they were gone, inaccessible, lost - I thought for good.

I panicked as I thought about the travel I was supposed to do this week, how would they let me board the plane without my driver's license? Luckily, I remembered I had a passport that would work, I hoped. How would I travel without my credit card or ATM card? I supposed I would just have to actually walk into a bank (haven't done that for at least a year) and withdraw some cash to take with me. How would I possibly be able to track my email accounts without my smart phone? I had just upgraded my phone, so I still had my old phone - somewhere. I would just have to find it and re-activate it.

The fact that my life was so wrapped up in a soft leather bag astounded me. I couldn't focus, I was consistently on the verge of tears, I felt like a failure, I was depressed, I wasn't hungry, and - worst of all - I couldn't write. I know, it's crazy -- but when I thought about the work this misplacement would cost me, I wanted to crawl into a hole. How was I so careless...

Luckily, the purse and the entirety of its contents were found. And my world had been righted, once again. My mind was at ease. I was able to concentrate on my work. I could write that press release that had been looming. I could confirm my travel, print my tickets, make some notes and pack. I could sleep - for I had not the night before...

Back-up plans? I didn't have any. Should I prepare for this type of thing - how would that be accomplished? Have double of everything? Have a second and third AirForceOne? (which is what I will now call my purse) The relief I felt when I saw my purse was incredible. And all was good. 

by rayannethorn

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Two lessons I learned the hard way:
1. You are not your purse (or wallet). Let the fear be manageable - worst case is someone is ripping you off for $50 before your insurance and your ability to cancel everything and get new stuff kicks in. Cost is low and time is about 2 days but life and death it isn't. (kick yourself and move on). I know. I did lose my wallet this year and it was subsequently found 2 months later (but now I have backups)

2. Be prepared. Hide something that identifies you outside your wallet ie. your suitcase etc. Easiest is to make a copy of your driver's license or your passport. And, make a list (or take a pic) of all that you would have to replace and the phone #s to call to replace them and leave it at home.

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