I work from home - so I can listen to what I want when I want.

Got me thinking - with so many different ages and backgrounds on here, what do you listen to whilst trawling the boards for your next hot candidate..?

Personally -

David Holmes (Oceans 11/12 soundtracks)  - for web surfing

The Cult - (Southern Death Cult in US) - when a deal is bubbling.

The Smiths - how soon is now - when its all going wrong.


What about you lot..?



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Love this one Russ - The Cult does it for me, but I go all over the map. I have a lot of time invested in having my Pandora mix channel hitting on all the right spots when needed. From Janes Additction to Jackson Browne. It always seems to work when it is most needed. The David Holmes would be a good one to give a go.

Working predominantly in the Industrial and Transport sectors, I would go for Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine on a good day. On a bad one, it would have to be New Model Army's Vengance.

@ Mark V

Katrina and the waves to NMA..? thats a spectrum for sure. Obviously a Brit!

Will hold my hands up to say once followed NMA around Europe. Bit of an old school Goth.

@ Tim

Janes Addiction - Been Caught Stealing may be apropriate for the Industry! I think the Cult became bigger over yourside than here - but again will admit to seeing them live, back in the day.  


Anyone into music - and not using Spotify - is not really into music.

@ Jerry


Napster boy myself - and dam annoyed its been replaced with a poor Spotify clone, not that Spotify is uber quality to start. I guess I'm spoilt living in a country that still has non comercial TV & Radio.


Yeah, a Brit who did the festival trail fro the late '80's through to the early noughties. We have BBC 6 Music on at work 11 hrs a day, a real eclectic mix but no mainstream ear abuse. Matter of fact they've just played an astonishing live cover of Baker St as done by Foo Fighters.

I like Spotify and use, but Pandora still does trick for me. I would say I into music.

The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash - when it's all going right in the face of cross-fire hurricanes

PS @Tim I'm a Pandora fandora myself

Streaming is still in its early stages over here - Spotify has made a mark, but if it isnt illegally downloaded most still buy a CD or MP3. It is changing though, within 5 years I can see Spotify et al being the mainstrem in Europe.

Myself, cannot beat the feel and the sound of good old fashioned Vinal.

@ Sylivia - Jumping Jack Flash - I am lucky to have the original 7" copy, and I also have the famous Zip cover as well.

@Russ can you leave it to me in your will? If I die first you can have the first Monkees album...

In the spirit of the Jubilee - this week I am mainly listening to classic 70's punk.


God save the queen......

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