Why are recruiters - so BAD at getting good jobs for themselves?

As I listen to yet another recruiting-friend complain about their company; I have to wonder about a simple question - one I just dont know a straight answer for...are recruiters bad at finding good jobs - or are we just blase' about our own futures?..Does anyone know a good answer to this? 

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It really it depends Sarah on the role the Recruiter is looking for ... I think its really hard for a Recruiter to leave the world of the Self Employed to move to the "working for someone mode" taking 50% cut in income... That is one major obstacle one would need to overcome putting that ego down....
Hey Sarah!

When people need jobs they turn to the experts ~ you guys. You have a tight network and know of hidden opportunities plus have the inside scoop on the organization.

I would have to agree with Paul. Working independently and then joining an agency or the corporate world definitely has pros and cons. There is the whole taking a cut in your own income but, you have the opportunity to work under a brand, which MOST recruiters have not yet bothered to establish for themselves.

When the time comes for a recruiter to search for 'a new home' for themselves they need to turn to someone with experience and expertise, as many others do to them. Believe it or not...there are recruiters out there, known as Rec2Rec Recruiters, who deal with these scenarios everyday.

A good Rec2Rec company will take the time to learn about you. They will find out what it is that you want to do with your career and where you want to go? They are well networked people within the industry and often know of hidden opportunities. They know the environment of organizations and are aware of whether it will be a match for you or not.

RBS Staffing is such an organization, and yes, I happen to be one of those Rec2Rec Recruiters. Besides performing all of the tasks I mentioned above, we specialize in finding top level professionals and placing them into productive environments. For the more Junior Recruiter, we offer coaching and mentoring to help improve their career viability. We are "CANDIDATE DRIVEN" and take pleasure in assisting recruiters in any way and putting them on their path to successs.

Next time you hear a friend begin to complain...I would love the opportunity to help.
If you let your standards slide when interviewing a candidate for a client, you frequently end up disappointing your client. If you let your standards slide when interviewing (with) a prospective employer, you frequently end up disappointing yourself.

Most good recruiters can see a red flag instinctively, but may choose to ignore or disregard it as an anomaly in an otherwise good interview process. 9 out of 10 times, that laxity comes back to bite them in the rear.



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