QUICK! No, faster than that!

Go to your website NOW NOW NOW and

(are you sitting down yet?)

And view it like a potential client/candidate and

(you ARE sitting, right?)

AND....tell me.

Is the reason WHY your visitors should value about your services STARING at you in the face like a blazing neon sun that just rose out of Las Vegas?


One of the blessings the other niche in which I'm active, IM/blogging, gives to me is that such brazenly, well, obvious questions get thrown in my face. Constantly. With lots of pain, I might add too. But hey, it's character-building.

And I'm sorry to say, I didn't answer that effectively whatsoever in a number of my sites. Eeek! Flattened me dramatically, I might add, because it hammered the following straight into my neurons.

Quite frankly, the Internet is NOT about you, NOR is it about your services.

It's about the PERCEPTIONS your visitors get as to how YOU will benefit THEM.

You can have lousy services but if you make them read like latest Dan Brown novel, you'll have more clients than you know what to do with ('course, you'll also have huge agonies when they realize your services were, hmmmm, lousy).

And you can have magnificent benefits to your clients and candidates but if they're as exciting to witness as diagramming sentences in 11th grade Literature class...they'll skip off from your site and onto LousyRecruiterWhoLiesLikeADream's site.

So. Let me now return to your recruiter website.

Are the unique benefits you and only YOU offer apparent to all visitors?

Do you have pages that include

Why Retain Us
Happy Customer Testimonials
What You Will Get
How We Will Benefit You

that take the visitor by the hand and SHOW them how tremendous an opportunity they'll have if they're wise enough to retain your services?

I sure didn't! And that's my action item this week; making the benefits of my services so blindingly obvious, only naysayers and fossilized clams could deny they exist.

What about you?

Data points,


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