Benefits Of Video Resume Over Traditional Resumes

Everybody have their dream job and a dream to establish their career. It may sound easy but is not, an individual has to go through a long difficult process to reach their destination. Firstly when you apply for any job, a perfect resume has to be created. Nowadays paper resumes have been taken over by video resume. A video resume is a way for job seekers to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. The video resume allows prospective employers to actually see and hear the applicant’s capability and how he presents themselves. Video resume is growing in popularity because of the modern capabilities of transmitting streaming video via the internet. Video resumes are now being widely accepted by companies throughout the world for varying professions and the need for objectivity in these videos is becoming a serious issue.

Recording a video resume is not a difficult task. All you have to do is get a digital camera or any common camcorder and find a suitable place where you can record your video. Through a video resume, you can
easily present yourself and show your skills which paper resume fails to portray. It is specifically suitable for candidates who want to establish themselves in an acting, singing or sports career. This is because the employers requires to view their practical experience before choosing them and it is only possible with a video resume and not paper resume. Even when the case is about checking candidates communication skills then it is much easier to determine this using a video resume.

It has also been proved that sorting through video resumes is ten times more efficient than screening a candidate based on a traditional paper resume. There is far more information available when you can see a
full auditory and visual response to a given question. A paper resume just leaves a question mark and a bit of doubt in the employer’s mind.

These are some of the benefits of video resume over traditional resume and there is not doubt that employers prefer video resume over traditional resume because it is a quick tool which speeds up the screening process and employer can gauge the professional abilities like presentation skills, self projection and body language.

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  • Brian Pho

    @Lee: I dont share your point of view at all. Imagine this scenario: A Plant Manager responsible for a 100,000 square foot plant , over 40 machines and half of the machines in his plant is shutting down.. I dont think he would appreciate when he opens up an e-mail and a voice says: "Hi, My name is Jerry from xyz company. Im unemployed right now.. so please hire me"..... I think the plant manager has bigger issues on his plate than listening to an e-mail like that!
  • Sandra McCartt

    90% of people look like idiots in video interviews. Bad lighting, camera adds 10 pounds, people are not trained to relax in front of a camera.

    Companies that i work with will not open them for several reasons.

    Video resumes for the most part can not be entered into an ATS which is the way most companies require people to apply.

    I won't use them because my clients won't and have in the few cases where i have forwarded one asked me not to do so in the future.

    Paper resumes have not been taken over by video resumes and camcorders and digital cameras operated by your next door neighbor or your wife will produce a much less desireable presentation of you than a well written resume. If you don't believe that just record your own voice without video and play it back. It will make most people choke on how they sound, much less look on the video.
  • Lee Fossey

    First of all thanks for commenting, secondly everyone has their own opinion and judgment in selecting a candidates, i have been in staffing industry over 15 years and from my experience I have got it is a quick tool which speeds up the screening process and employer can gauge the professional abilities like presentation skills, self projection and body language.