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What a "Must Have" Employee Looks Like

Looking for a job isn't always simple. Sending out a resume and hoping a company calls you in for an interview may be the easiest process, but it might not be the most productive. A lot of work goes into catching the eye of would-be employers. Unfortunately, a host of applicants fails to stand out from all the many competitors vying for attention. Appearing more…


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3 Effective & Easy Instagram Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Instagram as a social platform has grown incredibly, whereby offering a plethora of choices for Instagram marketing. Brands and businesses invest in marketers to ‘up’ their Instagram marketing strategies. I’ve listed 3 easy and useful Instagram marketing strategies for your business that you can capitalize on today-

Make Thorough Use…


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Seeking Skills? 4 Career Moves That Will Build Your Resume

As a younger adult trying to make your way into the world of business, you need to have a quality resumé. This is not just a rundown of your previous job experience, but also a list of all your relevant skills. Hiring managers will have all sorts of resumés to leaf through, and they’re not going to waste time with ones that are indistinct.

How, you might ask, do you make a resumé that’s worthwhile without having to go out of your way? It’s easier than you think, just as long as have…


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3 Qualities to Look For in Your Company’s Marketing Manager

In a world and industry that is characterized by evolution, how do you determine the best traits to look for in a marketing manager? When it comes to hiring an accountant or IT specialist, you know the skill set and capabilities to look for. However, unlike these positions, marketing has changed…


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Midlife: The Second Chance Career

For more than twenty-years, Charlotte’s primary focus was working her way up the corporate ladder in the Human Resources department of a large publicly traded company.

Day after day she worked hard to meet the demands of her superiors and colleagues, until one morning she woke up with a sickened, sinking feeling in her stomach.

It was her career, she…


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Relationships are the Key to Millennial Engagement

You’ve done it.


You attracted a highly-skilled young professional to your company and you both are in the throes of new hire bliss. The first few months fly by, but eventually, things start to change. Your millennial hire is growing bored. They’re uninspired; they feel…


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It was the most wonderful time of the year and although some staff members are ready to get back into action straight away for the new year, some staff members need a little nudge.

Returning to work from this state of relaxation causes stress for all but for 27% of us, according to a survey by MetLife UK…


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5 Top Skills That Employers Seek in a Team Leader

Every individual might have essayed the role of a leader in childhood to complete some gaming mission or led a group of students in school during some competition. It might have made your parents heart swell with pride. In the same way, as you moved up the positions in your organization, the resume would have included of the usually common bullet 'Experience in handling a team of x number and demonstrated leadership abilities'. This is actually a common phrase present in the job…


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Popular European Job Board is For Sale

If you want entry into the European recruitment market an established job board that has been online since 2010 is up for sale. The owner has asked me to help him spread the word. Please contact me for an introduction to the seller (chris at jobboardsecrets.com)

Here are the basics to give you some insight:

  • The site has sales of…

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The Best Document Management Software for 2018 Takes HR Paperless Fast

The best document management systems for 2018 will be cloud software that makes it easy to take the Human Resources team paperless fast. 

It can be tricky trying to find the best document management software. 2018 can be the year that the company finally moves away from paper and towards a more efficient…


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Not For Everyone

Maybe not for you. In recruiting we tend to fall into the trap of the ideal candidate. While there are tremendously talented people that any company would benefit from having on board, there are too many talented people out there to make any one candidate the ideal fit for every business.

One particular great candidate is not for everyone and maybe not for your business. Focus on fit is extremely important. What will this candidate do in your particular business? What kind of impact…


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Why quality coaching is dying off in the recruitment industry.

I find it ironic the recent popularisation of coaching is having the detrimental side effect of reducing its use, particularly in recruitment. I’ve seen as coaching has become the buzz word for staff development, training is now often referred to as coaching, so real coaching is being squeezed out. 

Coaching is extremely different to training, if you really want to realise your own, or your employees potential effective coaching is vital.

I recently posed the question on my…


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Engage Millennials to Nurture Your Company's Success

Part One of a Two-part Series


A new market of highly skilled, intelligent and ambitious workers is reaching the prime of its employable value. It’s no secret that millennials are ready to challenge and inspire companies across industries, and their hard…


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Sourcing Methodology Part 1 – Research!!

Prior to the Holidays I gave the intro to this series were we will cover a sourcing methodology. Now keep in mind this is a “Readers Digest” version, which means it is going to be short and sweet. So we will began were all good sourcing strategies and methodologies must start – Research. The idea is to gather as much data as we can to create a Persona of the ideal…


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How to Help Millennials Succeed in the Workplace

Ever since they began to graduate from college and enter the marketplace, Millennials have maintained a less-than-flattering reputation. Millennials are often depicted as lazy, inefficient and entitled. While this may be true for some, it's certainly not the truth for the majority. What many people fail to see is how beneficial young energy can be to any company. Many Millennials bring fresh and new ideas to the table, but are often overlooked because of their…


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3 Ways E-commerce Changed Business in 2017

Technological advancements in the 21st century such as the birth of the internet have transformed how business is conducted all over the world. Instant access to resources and people all over the world has been made possible by the World Wide Web and has become the preferred medium for working,…


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Recruiting for the construction industry? Here are some tips

With plans to recruit people for a construction company, you might face a number of difficulties, and it is important to know that the difficulties you face are genuine. With this being said, you should look for the right tips so that you do not make any mistake during the recruitment process.

If you are looking for suggestions, here are some points you should look into.

1. Look for expertise

There are many managers who invest in people even though…


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Essential Tips for Maintaining a Stable Growth in Your Start-Up

Having your own business has many benefits. First, it gives you a chance to be your own boss. Consequently, it allows you to explore the field that you are passionate about. While starting the business may seem an easy task, keeping it afloat has often proved difficult for most people. Startups are…


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Tips for recruiting people for NGOs

If you run an NGO and you want to recruit people for the NGO, it is important to be careful because you’ll have to be smart with the decisions. Remember that it is an NGO and you cannot afford to spend too much money on recruiting people.

For now, if you have faced with this situation and you want to get out of trouble, you should make the most of the following tips noted below.

1. Shortlist candidates carefully

In many cases, it has been seen that an…


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