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Large vs Small Business: 5 Differences When Hiring Employees


Many resources exist online that address the topic of choosing between working for major corporations versus small businesses. However, not as many resources focus on what small organizations versus large companies should focus on…


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Anatomy of a Successful CV

Writing your first CV or updating an old one probably feels like a daunting task that will take hours or even days to complete.

There is a massive amount of advice you can find about writing CVs, whether it’s how to make your CV stand out or five different …


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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Applicant Tracking System

When you hire a new employee, you’re selective. During the interview(s), you ask all the right questions to identify their skills and weaknesses. You conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure the best candidate is being placed.

Your applicant tracking system will help facilitate thousands of placements, so it’s important to approach your…


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How to Resign in 5 Steps

Breaking up is hard to do. And although plenty of material exists on the best way to tackle that tricky resignation meeting, sometimes it’s through highlighting what not to do that sound advice emerges.

By failing to follow five simple…


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What Job Seekers Should Expect in 2019?

Do you know that 25% of Americans plan to look for a new job in 2019?

Job searching will be seeing new rules this year. Though it is a candidate-driven market, the employers can still control the job searching process.

Here are top 5 tips for the candidates which they can use while looking for a job.

  • A One-Page…

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The Best Recruiters Have High Emotional Intelligence


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Job Review - How do I know I'm in the right job?

Am I in the right role?

It seems a pretty straightforward question. But in order to answer it accurately, you may need to ask yourself a whole series of further questions.

  • Does your role make best use of your skills, your experience?
  • Is there room for growth and career…

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9 ready-to-use sourcing hacks for IT recruiters

Find any GitHub commit of the developer you are interested in. Click the commit name to open the commit page. Add .PATCH to the end of the page address in the address bar. Search (Ctrl+F) “@”. Get the developer’s email.…

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The Cost Of A Vacancy

We have compiled research from many credible sources to determine the true cost of a vacant position.…


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How to Create an Effective Recruitment Strategy for 2019

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reporting the national unemployment rate as holding steady at 3.7% for the third consecutive month, the job market is looking good for job seekers. However, this positive economic effect for job seekers isn’t necessarily as positive for the job recruitment efforts of both large and small businesses. This is why it’s…


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8 HR Books You Need To Read In 2019

HR Books 2019

As a HR professional learning for you never really stops. Gaining knowledge allows you to grow in your profession and keep up with the ever evolving recruitment landscape .

With 1,000s of books to choose from we have put together a list of  our top 8 books to consider adding to your reading list for 2019:

Must Read HR Books 2019



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What Is Resume Parsing and How It Helps HR Professionals?

Resume parsing is a process of converting an unstructured form of data into machine-readable, i.e. structured form. Resume parsing technology is used to screening resumes conveniently. It permits users to process online or offline CVs/ resumes automatically by extracting information efficiently. This technology allows users to collect, store, and organize information from resumes.

Recruiters receive resumes in various formats including Word, PDF, RTF, HTML in bulk but the most common…


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Pros and Cons of Group Interviews

When should you use a group interview? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of conducting group interviews!

Group interviews: A totally different interviewing experience



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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Developers.google/experts!!

How to source on the lesser known sites!!


Developers.google/expert isGoogle's site for software development…


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CV advice to maximise your career prospects

Maximising the impact of your CV is one area of the recruitment process that you the candidate can influence. We offer you six invaluable pointers on how to build a well-crafted CV and create that powerful first impression.

However, if you really want to be successful in your job search, you'll need to have more than one CV. We also have four…


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Executive pay? What is the proportion of financial benefits in terms of the annual incomes of managers?

Financial benefits are an attractive source of money and are able to significantly augment the fixed component of one’s annual income. Employers use these benefits to motivate employees throughout the calendar year and to thank them for the work they performed at the end of the fiscal year.
It is important…

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5 Great Reasons to Become a Medical Scribe

If you’ve ever wanted to gain first-hand healthcare experience, and the opportunity to work alongside licensed physicians, training to become a medical scribe could be the best decision you ever make.  The job is especially suited to pre-med students as it provides them with real-life experience that gives them an edge over other applicants later in their careers.  Need more convincing?  Below are five great reasons to become a medical scribe.

1. Learn Whether the Healthcare Industry…


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Millennials and Gen Z - HR Trends and Demands in 2019

The world of business is changing rapidly. It’s changing so quickly that just as we’re starting to figure out that ping-pong tables and free food isn’t really what millennials wanted (or have we not figured that out yet?), Gen Z is entering the workplace with a different set of requests. Unfortunately, many investments were made in the…


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Why Welders are Better off Belonging to a Workers Union

Welding jobs can be very lucrative, with good pay and benefits. One way to be sure you are getting the most benefit from your welding education is to belong to a welding union. Some people mistakenly believe that unions are a holdover from the past, with no real benefits for today’s workers. Nothing could be further from the truth. While unions have…


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Navigating the employment notice period

You think you've done all the hard work. The role profile has been written, the search has been conducted, the CVs have been sifted, the interviews have taken place, the personality profiling has been done, the screening is complete, and the start date has been arranged.

Your new employee is set to join in three months’ time. Now all you have to…


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