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Smart Ways to Get Into the Liquidation Business


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The Change Maestro's Management Tip - If you hire based on “just like me” you lose the diversity of ideas necessary to improve your organization.

If you hire based on “just like me” you lose the diversity of ideas necessary to improve your organization. #TLSContinuum

Think about your last hire before this CoVid-19 crisis? How did you decide which candidate to hire? Research has shown that we tend to settle on those who most resemble us- in looks,, in thoughts and beliefs. But you do your organization a disservice…


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5 Smart Ways to Get More Twitter Followers In 2020

Optimizing your Twitter account is very important if you want to connect yourself or business to a specific audience. Regarded as one of the topmost social networking platforms, there is a lot that you can do with Twitter when you have a lot of followers. Good contents are necessary on Twitter but you need followers and more followers to interact with, and engage your content, products, and services on Twitter. In this article, we shall be running through 5 smart ways to get more Twitter…


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Video Interviews in the Age of Coronavirus

I’m writing this because 99% of the people who read our blog are looking for practical advice on how to hire better with the right recruiting tools.  And, with the recent outbreak, we are getting questions daily about advice on video interview software.

I’m also VERY aware that there are bigger struggles many people are facing currently with small businesses on the verge of…


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Why leave management system is important for organizations?

Sometimes, employees prefer to take random leaves to avoid a lengthy and complicated process of leave approval. Also, it’s a tedious job for the human resource team to track and store leave details of employees and switching through the reports while processing payroll.

If organizations prefer leave management system, then they can make the process of handling employee leave requests error-free, accurate and quick.

As the process becomes transparent and systematic, then…


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5 Tips to Buy the Right HR and Recruiting Software

Our site is dedicated to helping HR and recruiting teams find and buy the right software for their business. Most of our readers are incredibly busy and don’t want to spend all day researching the many vendors out there. That said, they also don’t want to make any mistakes when buying software.

For many of the tools in your HRTech stack, making the wrong decision can be fairly…


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8 Cost-Effective Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

The biggest challenge small business owners face is a limited budget. They want to avail all services and opportunities within a set limit. This is the reason they always look for low-cost options/solutions. We are going to list out eight trends which are cost-effective and save your time and money. Adopting these low-cost options is suitable for you as well as your business.…


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Are you looking in a mirror or out the window?

The other day I was watching the news and there were a number of stories about the protests to the stay-at-home orders across the country. In listening to their views I clearly heard a real time example of the windows versus the mirror syndrome. I clearly heard people who cold not or did not want to see the bigger picture if you will. They were more willing to view the world from a mirror perspective. They were more than willing to view the world not as it is but as they saw it.…


Added by Daniel T. Bloom on May 20, 2020 at 8:38am — No Comments

AI and Machine Learning: The Future of Engineering

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: emerging technologies addressing the needs of today’s industries.

Organizations and industries need to be innovative, efficient in delivery, answerable to the digital needs of the customer, and put their innovation into production at the earliest. For every lifecycle of a product, it all starts with a customer-driven innovation followed by constriction and engineering of the manufacturing facility which further comes to the production…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!!Codeable!!

Codeable is a Wordpress site designed to allow freelancers and customers to work together. It can also eb a great place to source if you know how. However most recruiters don’t think to source there because they are not sure how. Simply reach into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple xray search with some extras, and a…


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The Power of Landing Pages for Recruiting

Landing pages are one of the key weapons that marketing teams use to attract and convert potential customers. It’s not a coincidence that this tactic is so prevalent across industries and different customer personas.

From B2B to B2C, landing pages are an effective way to share the benefits of a given product with…


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The ABC of an Employee’s Salary Slip

Talk about the heaps of paperwork and documentation that you need to perform and procure as a working professional! Sounds hectic and complicated, right? But, out of the gamut of papers that one needs to secure including different letters, certificates, receipts and other documents, payslip is one of the most essential records. Why? Because it gives you a…


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Tired Of Losing Top Talent: Follow These 10 Recruiting Trends For 2020

The recruitment industry is evolving rapidly and it has been growing year by year. And recruitment requires a lot of creativity, hard work and planning. A company has to stay in touch with upcoming and current trends. The recruitment process has changed a lot in a decade, there has…


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Process Improvement equals Collaboration not rule by Bully manager

Process Improvement equals Collaboration not rule by Bully manager

We are in challenging times, We are in an age of volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity. This is not the time for the managers who believe that his/her role is one of this is what I want done, this is when I want it done and this is how I want it…


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The Future of Work is Virus Screening Technology

In an earlier episode, Jim Stroud predicted the demise of the modern office and new evidence suggests that his foresight was accurate. Companies are slowly, but surely, reducing office space in favor of work from…


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Recruiting for Nonprofits: How to Engage More Volunteers


Added by Phil Strazzulla on May 15, 2020 at 9:30am — No Comments

What are we here for?

While recently looking at some of the available human resource positions, across the country, we came across an ad that was seeking a hands-on HR professional.

This is fine but it was the punch line that really caught my eye. In the job requirements, this organization specifically stated that it did not want an HR strategist.

So my…


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My Journey from a Business Relations Manager to President-Sales at RChilli

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, I got a chance to introspect and see my life from a new perspective. And while I was doing introspection, I looked back and examined my journey at RChilli since I joined. 

Its been nine years with RChilli, and it seems like a rollercoaster ride. Today, I lead a team and create sales strategies for the…


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AI: Recruiting's Exoskeleton

A lot of people are worried about artificial intelligence and what the rise of this technology means for the future of work. “Will this take my job?” is a very common question that I get when I talk about AI in recruiting.

The short answer is no.…


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Reasons to hire relocation companies for household shifting in Bangalore

This may be a general suggestion that one would come across when preparing to move. But don’t make a great mistake by taking up this advice. It takes much time to move from one area to another, be it office relocation or home shifting. However, it demands more expertise. Here are the advantages of hiring expert movers and packers in Bangalore.

Linking insurance

When you determine to pack your goods by yourself, you may not know…


Added by Mukesh Panda on May 12, 2020 at 1:28am — No Comments

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