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A Quick Reference to I-9 Inspections and Fines

Since President Obama took office, there has been a marked shift in how immigration enforcement is handled. Where immigration raids aimed at capturing illegal immigrants were more common during the Bush administration, now U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is relying on I-9 inspections to find and fine employers who do not follow immigration laws.  As a result, employers are becoming more educated about the inspection process and fines that could be assessed.

As a…


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The StaffingU Market Demand Report

Companies need your help with the following seven jobs in the cities listed as a result of the need for talent exceeding the number of available quality candidates:

Accountants and Auditors in Houston (144% normal demand)

Computer Specialists in Pittsburgh (150% normal demand)

Industrial Engineers in San Diego (148% normal demand)

Management Analysts in Minneapolis-St. Paul (144% normal demand)

Occupational Therapist Assistants in Atlanta… Continue

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When A Sourcer Is A Busy Bee - Help a Sourcer by Building a Great JD

Bzzzzzzz.  Bzzzzzz.  That's the sound of a busy bee.  Click, send, click, send, click, send, new string, new search, click, send, click, send, all while rocking out to some good country music.  Now that is the fun of being a busy sourcing bee.  These days my desk is full from 1 side to the other with Job Descriptions galore, and highlighter gone haywire on every keyword, and key point in my VMS client's good and bad written JD's. 


Ahh, the Job Description - welcome to…


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Interviewing - the Texas Holdem of Staffing

Interviewing - the Texas Holdem of Staffing


When is staffing like Poker? The answer is when you are interviewing. In poker, and especially Texas holdem, you are always looking, and listening for insights into other players hands. These are called tells. Sometimes they come as non-verbal communications, a twitch, or a blink of the eyes. Other times it comes as nervous talk, sometimes you are talking to them asking them questions,…


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Do You Have the HR Department You Deserve?

There is an ongoing wail from the HR profession. We have heard the clichés and platitudes ad nauseum. “HR needs a seat at the table”, “HR is the key to the future” etc, yet nothing ever changes. Ever.

Why is this? Well, it’s simple. The vast majority of HR roles in companies have developed informally over many years. They have…


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I'm trying to sign up for Talenmaze and it appears their website is not working propertly and I keep getting an error message.  Is anyone else experencing this?  Please advise and thank you.

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QWiki – The hidden potential of Information Experience

The current “war” in the web space is presenting new challenges to existing players like Google. Especially with sudden surge of social media, few people doubt how Google will cope-up against Facebook / Twitter. Little we understand that both these channels play with “information” and do very little to innovate with it.

QWiki has been recently released in TechCrunch. It is an excellent and smart example of information is more powerful and impactful…


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Seeking simple and FREE tools

I'm in a budget crunch environment at work - yes, I recruit/source for the federal government. Needless to say, money that we would ordinarily use for tools is being soaked up to pad our offer/promotion funding - (signing bonus, relocation, ect). 


So what I need... I'm decent with boolean searches without any tools. But I do need a simple, SIMPLE CRM/database that is compliant. I'm losing track of all of the incoming resumes and materials. We have Sharepoint, but I'm not sure…


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When extra "Manpower" doesn't mean a new employee!

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s economy that every company needs to try and do more with less.  And in no place is it more present than in the recruiting sector.  Recruiting organizations consistently are asked to do more with their ever decreasing set of resources.


But not all’s lost as recruiting organizations are consistently finding ways to improve their processes and cut the fat of their overall…


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Workplace Bullies - Part 2

This subject is becoming an ever increasing subject across the blogs.  Honestly, I never knew this was such an issue till I wrote about it a few weeks ago.  My previous post spoke about the increase overall in bullying across the workplace.  However, in the midst of reading some additional articles, I found yet another blog written at HR Capitalist, speaking to the point again, this time to different types of bullies at the workplace.


Take a quick look at part of the post from…


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Video Résumés: Why's Everyone so Scared?

Video ré… Continue

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Features vs. benefits: the never-ending trap that we all fall into

Back in the dark ages, when the Job Board Doctor was first learning the mysteries of sales and marketing, he was told that he should “sell benefits, not features.”

Fast forward, umm…many years. I’m still telling clients (and myself) to focus on the benefits, not the features. You think I would’ve learned by now!

It’s a tough lesson to learn. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to list the new, snazzy, ‘gee whiz’ features that your job board has:…


Added by Jeff Dickey-Chasins on February 1, 2011 at 9:09am — 1 Comment

You've done more for me than any other Recruiter.....

“It’s ok these things happen, I’ll just continue my job search. You’ve done more for me than any other recruiter and I’m grateful for that” was the reply I got from Paul Smith (name changed due to privacy) when I conveyed the unfortunate news of his rejection by my client

More for me than any other recruiter ?? So what did I do that was supposedly different from other recruiters he met? cause realistically I had not yet placed him.

From the initial call, to our… Continue

Added by Alban on February 1, 2011 at 12:00am — 5 Comments

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