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Lesson from the Wolf Pack #1 When speaking with receptions

Lessons from the Wolf Pack is an ongoing series of recruitment advice articles taken from, or inspired by, situations and events observed during our phone coaching sessions with recruitment consultants making real, live calls to win business and find candidates. This is advice directly from the recruitment front lines!…


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Human Resource Blogs (Why we do it)

One of the blogs I read each week is that of Ben Eubank's Upstart HR. In his post for the week he posed the question shown in the title above. For your consideration here is the text of his latest blog. After the text of Ben's post we will add some after thoughts of our own on the topic.

So maybe you read half a dozen human resources blogs, or maybe this is the only one you follow. Why do people write human resources blogs? What’s the point?

Well, I can’t…


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Part 7 – Measuring the Success of your Talent Network

This is the seventh post in a series on Talent Networks.  You can view the other posts here:

Part 1: What is a Talent Network?

Part 2: Developing a Talent Network Strategy

Part 3:…


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Recruiting 101: The Secret Hiring Sauce

Recruiting is something that many folks simply happen in to. Expedia's Jeremy Langhan did, I did and countless other recruiters will tell you a similar tale. While some of us are naturally gifted and others need a bit more polish the truth is, there are basics that everyone needs to learn. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of corporate recruiting.

The secret hiring sauce is like any other finely tuned recipe, it changes subtly over time. It may have different high and low…


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Is there a truly social job search service out there?

So perhaps you saw that LinkedIn has updated/upgraded its job search functionality? They sent me an email inviting me to give it a whirl, so I did – and it got me to thinking about social stuff and job search.

First, LinkedIn: the job search is nice, and it’s something that they should have done a while ago – but better late than never. You can search, easily see who is related to or in the companies you discover, follow companies, save jobs and…


Added by Jeff Dickey-Chasins on February 26, 2013 at 8:50am — 3 Comments

How to Overcome: "Just Send Me More Resumes. I’ll Know It When I See It."

"I'll know it when I see it" is often code for "I'm not really sure what I am looking for." This analysis helps them--and you!

When you do a launch conversation with your hiring manager, you get a lot of information about what the hiring manager is looking for. And you help the hiring manager get more clarity as well.

But even so, you may have hiring managers who cannot make a decision to move candidates forward nor can they tell you why the candidates you are presenting are…


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Love your job! The best office romance.

As we all know, work isn’t somewhere that people generally enjoy going to but it shouldn’t be somewhere that we completely hate being at. Your work is a huge part of life so if you don’t enjoy going there, then you’re not going to be happy in any other aspect of your life. Did you know that about a third of your life is spent working!

If you’re stuck in a rut then maybe you need to change…

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Want to write a great HR blog? Leave the Industry

I was…


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When Management Should Be Fired..Immediately!

Pay close attention AT&T. If you monitor mentions on social media print this one in Red.

I received several emails starting early this morning. The subject lines were some variation of "What Should I Do"?

The emails all related to the AT&T area manager telling all employees of the sales call center that they must report to work today. What's wrong with that? Just one little thing. Amarillo, Texas is in the middle of the worst blizzard we have had since 1903. It… Continue

Added by Sandra McCartt on February 25, 2013 at 3:11pm — 18 Comments

What is HR in Charge of?

Human Resources is different than recruiting which is different than hiring. If you find yourself at a small company, chances are you may find yourself doing all three jobs, sometimes all in one day. Here are some basic primers on each job and how to manage them when you're wearing more than one hat in the hiring department.

Breaking down HR: in some corners of the internet you will find a nested menu of all the categories that HR has ever been responsible for. And then, if you are…


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Facebook Graph Search: don't get caught with your pants down

OK, so it has finally happened.  We’ve talked about it for years, we’ve argued about it in the bar and in the board room:

“Facebook will always be for my personal stuff and Linkedin is always for my professional stuff.”

Not so fast. …


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5 Questions to Qualify Your Recruitment Partner

Are you recruiting an expert or a manager to a critical role in your organisation? Are you considering getting professional help externally, but have no established recruitment partner? If you don’t know where to start, ask these five questions to make a quick selection of one or two final options to work with on the recruitment. Only after deciding which firm(s) you are considering should you start to negotiate, that is, if you want to contract a recruitment partner based on…


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Motivational Monday #50 Courage to Continue

Quick note - For over a year I have been publishing a motivational blog on the edenchanges.com website. My reasoning is simple - as a development specialist delivering training and coaching to the recruitment industry I know that recruiters could do with all the motivation and inspiration they can get!

Hence the…


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Interview Questions: And robotic answers...


                    Why should we pick you...    

                              Describe how you overcame a difficult work situation...

                                        How would your friends describe you in…


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The LinkedIn Way-The Game Headhunters Are Losing

Recently, LinkedIn dazzled us with a new tool that they are hoping will create a positive buzz and generate a new stream of revenue to their brand.  This new tool is “profile viewed”.  If you did not receive an email regarding your ranking, then you are probably not a (Recruiter) serial LinkedIn user. 

Also, there were many articles written on this particular subject, specifically LinkedIn’s marketing strategy, so my intention is only to bring one issue to your attention.  The issue is…


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European Study: Employee Referral Programs Are More Effective than Other Recruiting Sources

GooodJob is pleased to present an exclusive report by Mona Berberich on the findings of her recent in-depth research, “Employee Referral Programs – A Comprehensive Study”.

Employee Referral Programs are THE answer to talent shortage and…


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If You Want More Success When Selling…

  • Remember that if your lips are moving you’re not selling. If their lips are moving then you are both hearing how to close the deal.
  • Pick the best (customers), so you can leave the rest.
  • Keep learning and adding to your skills. We learn absolutely nothing by repeating things we already know. Growth only happens when we get outside our comfort zone and try new things.
  • Get customers to talk themselves into buying as they always believe themselves. They only…

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Should I use a Resume Distribution Service?

Resume Distribution Services exist to get your job application into the hands of as many employers as possible, but what do they do? How effective are they?

The prospect sounds promising to anyone looking for a job, especially in an economy where they are hard to find. The fact is that there are more job seekers than jobs available and the result is…


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Job Search in the Digital Era


There is a more current version of the slide deck referenced in this post

on the The Denovati SlideShare Channel.



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My Advice for Early Career Stage Candidates

The early stages of your career play a key role in defining the path you take and too often candidates are applying for any and every role with little success.

The current approach fosters desperation and as the fruitless search continues, the quality of applications drops due to time-saving multi-application platforms sending generic CVs and cover letters. This approach is ineffective. I am sharing my experience of online job applications from both my time as a candidate in the early…


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