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alexa Does My Company Need a Voice Technology Strategy for Talent Acquisition?

Episode 1 Season 2

Guests: Susan and Scot Westwater from Pragmatic.Digital

Voice Technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are being touted as the “next big thing” and businesses are being encouraged to leverage Voice or miss out big. Similar to how the smartphone changed how the world interacts with digital content, Voice has already begun to…


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4 Things You Need to Know Before Becoming an Independent Truck Driver

If you’re ready to set out on your own and start making money as an independent truck driver, you’re joining an elite group of professionals that enjoy substantial freedom and financial reward as a result of their choice. Before you hit the road, though, there are a few things that are good to know to ensure that this next chapter of your life is successful. To help you get started on the right foot, here are a few tips to help you succeed as an independent truck driver.



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A Technological approach to People Analytics

People Analytics


When we discuss analytics it is very easy to get lost in an ocean of data, graphs, and reports. Most ERP software or HRIS (human resource information systems) present a long list of graphs and reports that can be accessed and still we will always have some request to the database admin to extract…


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Top 5 Employee Engagement Trends in 2020

Happy employees determine the success level of an organization. Employee Engagement and involvement have a great effect on the work done. An organization should focus on workforce retention and development. Gen Y and Gen Z who form the major part of the workforce possess a critical spirit and challenging minds. And they are not satisfied with job…


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How to source info on the lesser known sites!! Smartbackgroundchecks!!

Smart Background Checks is a site where you can get background check info on people. This can be a great place to find information on candidates however a lot of recruiter do not search here. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old…


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5 modern trends candidates want to see in an employer

No matter what sort of business you run, it’s important that you show any future candidates that you are a company worth working for. Potential workers won’t just settle for anything. They know their rights and expect to be treated in a way that incorporates their lifestyle and personal values into their work. If you…


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Back to Work Blues? 6 Ways to Take the Edge Away!

This week is the first full week back at work after the Christmas and New Year break for many of us. It is never easy getting back into the flow of things after a couple of weeks eating too much, more than likely drinking too much and one too many late nights and lazy mornings. So here are 6 ways to hopefully make the first week that little bit easier for anyone who struggles. Of course, there are people out there (Yes! There really are!) Who are able to have 2 weeks off and go back into…


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Top Performance Management Trends in 2020

Every business focus on generating a higher revenue than the previous years. The expected results are delayed because of the traditional methods of employee engagement and bureaucratic leadership. The millennials, who are updated with the latest technology, are the employees, who expect modern simpler ways of performance management. A lackadaisical approach should be disowned, and an agile methodology should be adapted to bring the best out of the employees. The firms are already…


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Getting New Employees Up to Speed in Record Time

Hiring new employees may seem like the fruitful end of an important task, but the next step of orienting your new hires is just as important. Although traditional new employee training involved classroom or conference room guidance, technology has made it possible to train employees using shorter, easier methods. Here are a few tips to get your…


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Like the Medical Field? 4 Jobs for Intelligent Individuals

If you enjoy learning about medical topics, then you can work in the health care field. These types of jobs require intelligent individuals who can understand human anatomy, chemistry and biology. It is also essential to have excellent communication skills while remaining calm during an emergency. Today, there is a desperate need for more employees in…


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2019 Talent Acquisition Year in Review

Episode 12

Guest Shannon Pritchett from CareerXroads and I talk about the most influential technology to hit talent acquisition in 2019. We also make some predictions for 2020.

Join CareerXRoads



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The Best Candidate Assessments for Making Top Hires.

Episode 11

Guest Markellos Diorinos from

There are lots of pre-hire candidate assessment tools on the market right now. Companies can assess a person’s cognitive skills, intelligence, personality traits and the list goes on. How do you know what type of test you should use for a category of jobs or…


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A poor candidate experience is destroying your Consumer Brand! Or is it?

Episode 10

Guest Kevin Grossman

A poor candidate experience is destroying your Consumer Brand! Or at least that is what the Employer Branding Experts would like you to think. Obviously there are a lot of variables that go into calculating the impact that a poor candidate experience may or may not have further…


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Data-Based Decisions, Workforce Analytics and Talent Insights

Episode 9

Guest Michael Beygelman

According to McKinsey & Company, companies are 33% more profitable when teams are more diverse. 44% of surveyed HR leaders said that employee engagement was their top priority as per a 2018 Cascade HR survey and 73% of candidates are passive job seekers according to a TalentNow survey.

And while those are all fascinating stats. Do you know what to do with that information? How does knowing that information help your…


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Programmatic Job Ad Trends & How They Should Impact 2020 Budgets.

Episode 8

Guest Leah Daniels from

If you are looking to make your recruitment advertising dollars last as long as possible, or if you are thinking about your 2020 recruitment marketing budget at your organization, we’ll have some suggestions for ensuring you achieve the highest quality candidates at the lowest possible cost and we’ll talk about the 2019 Recruitment Advertising Trends that we are seeing and how those trends…


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Where to Recruit From (Communities and Job Listings)

This is one of the biggest questions I get, how do you recruit effectively online? It’s not a new secret, and one you should know by now. That most of the hires made at companies are done through networking. In fact, more than 75% of hires are made through networking.

But what happens when networking fails? You have to resort to online recruiting.…


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5 Reasons Not to Move For a New Job

So you’ve just been offered a job from a company that would require moving to a new city. There are good reasons to relocate for a job, but there are also terrible ones. Here are the top five reasons not to move to a new city for a new position.

1. Slight Pay Increase

Changing jobs can be tempting, but moving to a new city for a nominal pay raise may not be worth…


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How has technology improved productivity within the Manufacturing industry?

Whether it’s the food takeaway industry utilising mobile apps or sports events using video assisted refereeing, technological advances are helping our world progress and become better. Computer systems, such as CRMs, can help you plan out your workload as efficiently as possible, while analytics allow you to judge what updates are needed. With this in mind, it’s clear that technology is evolving across every business, allowing companies to become more productive and…


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2020: New Age Skills to Future Proof Jobs of Tomorrow

2020 is here, knocking at our doorstep. How prepared are we for the tech revolution? Robots, AI and intelligent assistants are set to become common at our workplace. But do they have what it takes to edge employees out?

Fourth industrial revolution: we’re living in this era today. While technology advancements are moving at breakneck speed, it is also predicted that AI will be replacing nearly 5 million jobs by 2020, this will be taken over by automated machines.

With a…


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The Secret Psychologist

Any recruiter knows that gaining an insight into both your clients and candidates is the key to being successful. Without even realising it, recruiters apply certain aspects of both Industrial and Organisational Psychology. It’s about getting to know the emotions and pathologies of your candidates to ensure you place them in the right role. With the…


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