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Minimum and Maximum Wages For All

Users of recruiting software know that salary details are the stickiest part of any hiring process. But it’s important to consider salaries with some perspective.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on the minimum wage, reminding readers that a minimum wage employee that works full time will only earn around $17,300 per year. Not…


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Continued Growth: Engineering Services Industry

Companies in the Engineering Services sector posted more than 16,000 new job ads in March. Hiring demand in the Engineering Services sector has grown 104% from its 4-year low in December 2009.


Hiring Demand for Engineering Services Sector — 4 Years:…


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Dear John...

NB - This blog was originally posted on Posterous on April 18th 2011.  At the last count it's had over 11,000 hits.  Someone suggested I post it here...


I returned from holiday today to 42 voicemails.  26 of them were sales calls from agencies.  The quality varied from “Brisk and Professional”, to “Are You…


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A friendly referral of a refer-a-friend scheme

Following one of my previous posts, which touched on the importance of not forgetting your own referral scheme and keeping it as simple as possible, I thought I'd share a relaunch of a head office (c. 250…


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Grandma's Chicken Soup : Why Facebook Recruiting and other Items

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and was able to spend quality time with family and friends because it is time to get back to work.

We are in the midst of a transition period in recruiting and recruitment advertising. Newspaper advertising once dominated how people searched for a job. Then the big job boards supplanted newspapers as the destination of choice for job-seekers looking for new…


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Five Common Resume Lies

I love staffing software, but I also know its limits. It can’t help much with a common problem faced by all recruiters and staffing professionals: resume padding.

In 2006, ResumeDoctor.com, a resume writing service, did an internal study and found that 42 percent of …


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Why Executives Make Job Changes

We recently conducted a Linked IN poll with the question:  What would motivate you the most (to make a job change)?  As of today, we have 440 responses, and the overwhelming choice is Increased opportunity / company quality (at 39%).  The strong second choice is Increased challenges and responsibility (28%).  So these two choices comprise 67% of the responses.  Trailing in the distance are increased compensation (with…


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The Top Staffing Companies in the World

In its March 2011 issue, Fortune magazine released its annual list of the World’s Most Admired Companies. These are the companies that have the best reputations among business people.

To create this list, Fortune’s research group surveys approximately 1,400 companies: the 1,000 largest U.S. companies ranked by revenue; non-U.S. companies in Fortune’s Global 500 database with revenue of $10 billion or more; and the top foreign companies operating in the…


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The Afterlife in Social Networking

Every month I have the honor of presenting, How to Use the Internet and Social Media in Your Job Search, to a group of very dedicated government professionals who are transitioning. While we present this class to many groups each month, this group is the most challenging due to their resistance to being on the internet, let alone using social media. And they have good reason to…


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How to prepare for an interview

It's the part of the recruitment process that all candidates dread: the interview. Yet being invited to an interview is something that we should celebrate; you've been shortlisted, you have something that has grabbed a potential new employer's attention and they want to meet with you. Why are we always so nervous? How can you ensure a great interview?

Being totally brutal, you cannot ever guarantee a great interview, purely… Continue

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“God, I hate recruiters!”

This little incident happened just the other day.

It was Sunday, so I was not in work mode at all. In fact I was watching my son trial for a Sydney Representative cricket team, and my mind was on him bowling fast and batting straight.

On the side of the field, the mums and dads congregated, and the usual banter was flying fast and furious, when one of the guys turned to me and said,

“I thought of you this week.”

The dad in question is well known to me. We have sat…


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The Importance of Civil Records Background Checks When Hiring Senior Executives

There are notable issues where you latest recruit, the bright candidate with stellar skill sets and a clear background check appears the excellent candidate for middle management or the upper executive level.  This employment candidate is bright, articulate, and he has wonderful presentation skills.   He is charming and well connected, networked forever and an excellent prospect for your company.

But then, several months later, it is discovered that he is the the defendant in several…


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Symptoms of an addiction to recruitment, otherwise called a "staffing infection" are:
  • a burning need for job descriptions...
  • leash marks from attempts to restrain you from going before "Ready, Set,... GO!"   
  • a swelling of the right eyeball when five resumes match  your latest job description
  • feint rasp of…

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Job Search Assistant - Senior Job Specialist - Job Search Helper - Free Virtual Employment Assistant

JobSearchAssistant.com (JSA) - is a Free on-line virtual employment assistant that reveals 'Real-Time' job postings from across thousands of network…


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Do You Still Believe?

Do you still believe?  Do you still have hope?  Do you still have the ability to find your inward drive to deliver?  The economy is improving, but challenges still exist, the latest SHRM Line Report says it all, while 2010 was a year of improvements we are still 5% below pre-recession highs.  Improvements have been modest, hiring has been tough decision making for leaders of companies as they make tough decisions and hire contractors and supplementary staff with the stringent standards once…


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WARNING: don't ruin your future career chances!

Following on from our previous post, we have had some job seekers and employees asking us about non-compete agreements!


Failure to understand just what signing a non-compete clause or agreement binds you to is becoming a huge potential problem for job seekers and new employees. Coming from a sales background, I have always been familiar with an employer or potential employer seeking to protect their interests, but we are now seeing more and more industries and…

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Advanced Personnel Systems Announces Release of SmartSearch(R) Version 15

Latest Version of industry-leading applicant tracking system features new User Interface, improved Dashboard, and advanced document management.

Oceanside, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2011

Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, a leading applicant tracking system, announces the release of its highly anticipated Version 15 is scheduled for April 30, 2011.

SmartSearch® Version…


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Work It Like You Own It

Work It Like You Own It

There are times when all of us can get stuck in rote practices. Often we’ve had success doing something in a particular way, sometimes even repeated success, and it forges a belief that the same approach will continue to be successful. At those moments, once critical analysis indicates there is stagnation, it helps to approach the situation by thinking about how you might do things differently if you owned the business. If you’re already…


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Truth be told...the truth will emerge...and expose the truthlessness.

Kudos to Stephen Doyle of Doyle Partners for this image for its visual IMPACT. http://doylepartners.com/


In the recruitment assessment process does truth always shine through or is it a matter of making sense of truths and…

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Part 2 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!

Part 2 of the ever expanding staffing function!!!


So this is part 2 of the series, or in reality it is the 3rd installation but we are talking about the 2nd model. Here we are going to focus on the difunction model also called amr/cgr and finder/filler. (for acronyms see first post in this series)

In the difunction model 2 staffing professionals split the SLC in 2. One does the account/client management function…


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