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Recruitment Training: How Time Management Can Increase Your Billings

Training for recruitment consultants in your team is vital. They need to have the skills and attributes of super sales people and the unique ability to bring in both candidates and clients. This is so different to many other industries. The rewards are there for the top performers, provided they know what activities to prioritise and when.

The saying goes that you can always make more money though you can't manufacture…


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Recruitment Training: It Starts With Your Managers For Quick Results

Recruitment training for recruitment companies works. In fact most training does if it is delivered in a professional way to the people that need it. Many companies focus solely on the sales team. Important of course and yet having a recruitment manager with great skills that manages and leads a team can bring in accelerated results.

When a…


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Is the party over for IT recruiters?

The recent article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Is the party over for IT recruiters?’ described the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as “slow times and belt tightening” stating that it has sent recruiters’ profits plummeting.


Is this really the case though? 


According to a recent published report …


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Superannuation Changes - Recruiters What are you doing to Manage the change?

As we all know from the 1st July 2013 the Superannuation Guarantee Rate will be increasing from 9% to 9.25%.  The increase in contributions will continue each year until reaching a level of 12% as outlined for the financial year 2019/20.

With many recruiters in speculation at the moment, as to whether or not to charge the increase back to their end client especially in terms of any existing contracts that go beyond 30 June 2012.  So with this in mind…What decisions are…


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How many Staffing Professionals are too many?

How many Staffing Professionals are too many?

Is the answer to an increase in staffing needs always to add more recruiters, or sourcers? Do we really think the answer is always to add more. Is more really better? The answer is not always more but perhaps better, or perhaps  educating what you have, or even breaking apart…


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Does my system work with Resume inhaler

Dear Resume Inhaler


I have developed a interactive, multimedia resume writing website.

I am interested in whether this will work with your product.

An example is attached


Peter Fernee

Creator CMeCV

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Interactive online resume

Dear Resume Writer

I have a new product to add to your list of resume styles and formats

I have developed an interactive online resume.

Please find attached an example

This resume looks and prints normally but links you to many websites, video and documents related to the applicant.

This will only make more important the skills of a professional writer…


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Best of both Worlds - a written interactive video application

Dear Lee

I was very interested in your blog and comments about video applications.  The big issue for employers is that they do not want to waste time with video when they are looking at 100s of applicants.

I have developed a product that gives and employer an ordinary Resume but if they want they can click on a skill, qualification or anything within the resume to see, hear and have demonstrated that component of the person's CV.

Happy for you to critique…


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Management Training For Recruitment Companies: How A Management Coach Will Improve Your Skills

Management training for recruitment companies, is it really that essential? And it's a fair point - after all, the internet is vast, and the amount of information you can discover from the comfort of the home is virtually unlimited. Especially if you shop online where there are management training books by the thousand.

But that doesn't mean that seeking the help of a management coach is a waste of your time. In fact,…


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Recruitment Training: Confidence Is Key And The Results Of NLP Prove It

Recruitment training is, like any profession, a varied field. In any company there'll be someone who is naturally confident, and another who needs a bit more time to be able to tap into their full potential. If you're of the first disposition, you may think that everyone will get there in the end, it just takes some time and much needed perseverance.…


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Training For Recruitment Consultants: A Secret Skill For Billing More

Training for recruitment consultants is vital if you want them to perform, hit billings and grow your company. One key element of this is the need to be more assertive in all aspects of the role. From dealing with colleagues in the office to pitching for business and moving candidates along. This article covers some ideas and steps that you can implement to make this happen.

Learning to be more assertive is something which…


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College Recruiting to the Millennials

Recruiting college students for internships and entry-level jobs has evolved much like marketing has within an organization....or at least it should have.

It was not too long ago that every company had a “push” approach to marketing. Where they would collectively sit down and define their markets, build targeted lists of companies and contacts and blindly “push” out their marketing messages to the masses. One message to all was the mind-set and the marketer was in…


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How to Start a Recruitment Agency: 3 Steps You Must Take

How to start a recruitment agency? A good question. Recruitment agency owners are usually driven, full of ambition and embodied with enough self-assurance to make good snap decisions about anything related to employment. Sound like you? Well, the good thing is that you don't need to be born into this job. With technology and the need for more skilled workers something which is never likely to slow down, starting your own …


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Recruitment Consultant Training: 3 Things You Must Teach New Recruitment Consultants in Year One

Recruitment consultant training is vital if you want your new recruiters to succeed in the recruitment industry. The recruitment business is a great place to be at the moment as the global economy starts to recover. Companies are growing again and with that growth comes the need for more staff. Enter your new recruitment consultants who full fill a vital role in matching up the ideal candidate with the ideal job role and of course…


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Day 2: Heartburn

Holy Mackerel.  Talk about being rusty. 

My program on Day 1 and 2 has been to tackle all office things first thing and move on to my 30 day reboot-my-desk deal.  I get between 30 and 100 applicants each and every day.  I have to review each resume one-by-one.  It took seven hours on Memorial Day to get through about 240. 

These resumes are coming from all corners of the planet and only roughly 50% of them are remotely relevant to our industry.  Some may find this amazing but I…


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Management Training For Recruitment Companies: 2 Vital Skills for Your Managers

Management training for your recruitment managers often falls at the end of a long to-do list for most recruitment business owners. With many other urgent and important activities piling up, planning and delivering training is probably the last thing on your stretched mind.

The truth is though that spending time helping your recruitment managers improve their overall skills will potentially help you put many thousands on…


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The Biggest Myth About Contract Workers (And Why It's Not True)

There is a common misconception that contract workers are somehow inferior, lower-level, or not the "cream of the crop." However you want to say it, the belief is that candidates only take contract assignments because they were passed up for direct hire jobs.

That is definitely a myth.  For many high quality candidates, contract staffing is not a last resort. They are…


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Corporate Recruiters: Check Out "Nine Steps to the HR Exec Seat"

Attention corporate recruiters:

You spend your days promoting other peoples' careers - GooodJob wants to help you further yours.

Check out our latest SlideShare presentation, …


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How To Fire Right

Well, we've come to the point in the First in HR series where it's time to talk about what to do when you have to let someone go. It's not an easy topic to tackle, in fact it's the hardest. Coming to terms with the fact that someone isn't a fit within your organization is rarely…


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Hunting Heads ('MAD MEN' Style)

Cross-posted from The Green Suits:

Visitors to The Green Suits likely know my devotion to the AMC TV dramatic series, MAD MEN--or as it is known in my household--art imitating life times two. Both my wife and I are veterans of large MADison Avenue ad agencies.

The art…


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