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Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to How You Build Your Resume (as Job Seeker)

The very first step to take in applying for a job position is to build a resume. No one would hire a person without the person in question presenting a resume of a sort in advance. It’s through this that a potential employee or staff can be assessed. You should have understood this. But what you might not know about is that the resume you build must…


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How immigrants enrich the US tech sector

The US strategy for attracting foreign talent is focused and objective. Unlike many nations in the developed world which have points-based immigration systems, the US relies on H-1B visas. Applicants rarely initiate this process. Instead, it is US firms who take the lead by sponsoring visas for the skilled foreign professionals they hire. The Silicon Valley has used the immigration system most effectively for decades. Today, according to some estimates, nearly 70% of tech employees in…


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A Better Candidate Experience…

Sometimes going back to basics reminds us of just that…the basics.  And very often we seem to forget some of the basics of candidate interviewing etiquette.  

Here are some of the basic tips to remember when it comes to interviewing etiquette: 

  1. Remember to return all calls and emails within 24 hours.
  2. Introduce yourself - show…

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International Women’s Day: Ideas to celebrate at workplace in 2020

An annual celebration, the International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked on March 08 every day. Falling on Sunday this year, it is an occasion to remember the belief that “an equal world is an enabled world.” The theme for IWD 2020 is #EachforEqual, looking to forge a gender-equal world that:

  • Celebrates achievements by women
  • Raises awareness against bias
  • Takes action for equality

Every year, HR leaders in many companies organize…


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How to Use Your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to Choose the Right Career for You

As an evolution and implementation of Carl Jung’s theories about human psychology, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test has quickly become an established assessment tool in business. Just as employers use it to find the best talent for open positions, it can also be a valuable asset for you when deciding between prospective career paths.

Take the Test Right

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to take the time to actually do the test properly if you want to get…


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The Icarus Complex versus Imposter Syndrome

Behavioural psychology in the workplace is a key factor when it comes to understanding each organisations environment and culture. Our personalities are assessed, and our strengths and weaknesses are identified, or are they?

Many of us will have heard the term imposter syndrome and some of us may even be a victim of it. This…


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How to Utilize Slack for Recruiting and Sourcing Candidates

Have you ever heard about slack? If yes do you use it? Great if you do. It is cloud-based application used for instant messaging developed by Slack Technologies. It’s a great way of communication within an organization. But did you ever realize that it can used for recruiting as well. Many organization use Slack to cut down emails and allow more…


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Careers in the catering industry

Only one third of people have admitted that they only work in the catering industry because they are passionate about the sector. But, what makes this industry an attractive one to work in and what is recruitment currently like in the sector?

What is the main appeal?

A career in catering can work out brilliantly for many people. It can bring flexible working hours, job security and an attractive salary. Many…


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Encouraging coffee breaks across your business

The popularity of coffee is increasing daily across the US and it’s become an essential part of today’s society. In fact, an industry study commissioned by the National Coffee Association suggested that the number of Americans who were drinking a cup of coffee on a daily basis was now at its highest level since 2012. In the survey, involving around 3,000 respondents, it was discovered that 64% of Americans aged 18 or over stated that they had drank at least one cup of coffee during the day…


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Recruitment Hierarchy For Hiring The Perfect Candidate

Hiring today is not just an interview with the boss, It is a complete procedure with multiple steps. The reason why the hiring procedure has evolved from a one-step thing to having many different tiers is that a simple interview with generic questions does not tell you much about the interviewee. The interviewer cannot judge whether a person qualifies for a job after a single meeting and hires someone who is either not competent enough for the job or does not match the job requirements. To…


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The Benefits of Technology for SMEs

South Africa’s small to medium-sized enterprises are instrumental in driving the country’s market economy and employment rates. With unemployment figures reaching 27.7 per cent last year and the economy forecasted to grow just under two per cent, the SME sector is viewed as their growth vehicle.…


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These are the Content Marketing Skills You Need to Imbibe in 2020

In 2020, business isn’t exactly booming. Most companies in the market are suffering from a downturn. Businesses landlocked in a field with a lot of competition are shedding blood and struggling to find new customers.

This slowdown has naturally affected those working at such companies. Digital marketers are not impervious to these trends. Companies are evaluating the value of each working employee they hire. In order to survive a slowdown, many companies are letting go off people who…


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4 Diverse Career Paths for Military Veterans

It’s always important to know what you’re going to do when you get out of the military. Transitioning into civilian life is easier if you have a job waiting for you, so a solid plan is a must. Below are four diverse career paths that are perfect for military veterans.

Private Security

Private security companies are always looking for military veterans to bolster their numbers. These companies understand the importance of training and discipline and they tend to be fairly…


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Advantage and Disadvantage of Entrance Exam

An entrance exam is a way of testing a student’s approach towards various diversions of education and not to concentrate only on his/her likeness of a specific subject. To be specific, if a candidate had the liberty to choose his favorite subject that comes easy to him, it would make it monotonous for the person. There would be no competition and let’s not get down to the shortage of seats in the dream institute where the candidates are willing to fight…


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Insightful Tips To Building An Inclusive Culture Within Your Workplace

Diversity is always an important point of concern for any modern organization. But hiring people with different nationalities, races, genders or sexual orientations is not sufficient. It’s all about making your…


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5 Signs You’ve Made a Bad Hire

Hiring can be tough at the best of times. However, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing the recruitment process and sitting across from your new starter on their first day. But what happens if you’ve made a bad hire? 

It can be tricky to spot one straight away, unless they’re…


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Recruiting Developers: Top 6 Tech Hiring Statistics

Recruiting developers? Here are 6 statistics you have to know!

Raise your hand if you need developers! 

Yep, it seems everyone is struggling to…


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Intern Success Stories at Zalando

Internships play an important role in the life of many young adults, helping them integrate into the employment world while learning skills on the job. With National Careers Week approaching, we’ve spoken to an intern at Zalando who has made their mark at the company, becoming a valued and…


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4 Benefits of having a Performance Management Software

A performance management software automates, streamlines, and simplifies the performance review and appraisal processes. Imagine a company without a performance management software. The HR personnel would be exhausted from doing the performance review process manually with a pen and paper. The tiring…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Valance!!

Valance is a free people search site for African American professionals. This can be a great place to find candidates however a lot of recruiter do not search here. The reason is simple they do not know how. Well to do this without worry you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool, a simple…


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