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Day 23: Frankenclient

Sometimes I wish I would wake up and be one of those recruiters with $5,000 suits from Dubai who tool around in their choice of Ferrari to get to the office. 

I've had this client since 2005.  Back then, I cleaned up, threw a suit on, and made my way to their office.  I met their VP of HR at his office and he was half my size.  I remember.  They were in a mode of expansion.  Within a few months, I had a few placements and soon enough he had hired an HR Generalist to take over the…


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The King of the Cold Call

The show was a little sedate today. My good friend @ChrisRussell went to a meetup and saw a young guy named @GeorgesJanin speak about cold calling. George is a recruiter who teaches a course on cold calling so Chris referred him to me.

The problem…


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Orientation: Beyond the Paperwork

First impressions are so very important in the business world. That first day, nay, that first hour is when a new employee is going to form their opinion about the organization. And that opinion isn't easily changed. All of us make snap judgements. The average person makes their …


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What is Discrimination of the Unemployed and Where is it Illegal?

New York City has become the latest area to pass a law banning what has been called "unemployment discrimination."

So just what is unemployment discrimination? It refers to denying candidates employment based solely on the fact that they are not currently employed. It's no secret that companies have probably always preferred actively employed candidates, but some companies took it a step further in the wake of the recession by stating in job postings that unemployed…


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How to Find Great Candidates for a Bookkeeping Job

Finding a qualified bookkeeper who is also trustworthy is not an easy task. Whether the company is a large corporation or a small business, the right bookkeeper can make the difference between raking in huge profits and bringing in just enough to get by (or not even that much). In some cases, the wrong bookkeeper can result in a business not only losing money, but even in it going under.

Background checks are par for the course when it comes to this type of hire. Obviously,…


Added by Debbie Allen on June 19, 2013 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

An Employer’s Guide to Hiring Interns

Here's a question we received from an HR professional:

Q. Hi, I have read a lot about how and what interns need to do during their internship, but I would like to know more about what a company should do to ensure the internship is a beneficial and rewarding experience for itself too in the process. – Selma K.

A. Hi Selma, very interesting question indeed. Also considering that the internship season is upon us, this question is a relevant one…


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Days 19-22: Jimmy Hoffa

You simply can't imagine what an experience it is to live in the greater Detroit area.

Oh, man, cue the circus music!  It's our annual "Let's FBI'nd Hoffa!" festival.  This year it's being held at a farm field in the neighboring Oakland county.  The Feds were sneaky once again and it wasn't until some of our brightest scholars in the area noticed the huge piece of earth moving equipment and all…


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Onboarding: How to Enable Your New Recruits

Employee retention is on the minds of many businesses and HR managers. Employee turnover can cost a business a lot. Time spent recruiting, hiring and training pales in comparison to the actual cost of replacing a new hire. In one post about staffing,…


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Landing College Talent with Video Interviewing

small__6761027605 These younger candidates are looking for technology, flexibility and guidance in their candidate experience. You can offer them all of the above with video interviewing. In fact, quite often, this new generation of workers will choose these things over monetary compensation. Attracting talent, means knowing what they're looking for.

Lure Them In…


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Employee Referral Program Tips that Actually Work!

Referral programs can do wonders for a business. Referred employees have higher retention rates and increase employee engagement in their company. But generating a successful referral program takes a lot more than a few free toasters. A good referral program starts with …


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Making the Office More Attractive for New Recruits

A great recruiting team can make an HR Administrator's job fairly easy. They bring us vetted, pre-screened candidates who possess many, if not most, of the qualities we're seeking for available positions. It sure beats going through stacks of mostly unqualified resumes. 

At the same time, there's plenty of work for us HR administrators to do after the recruiting process. This sometimes…


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How to Streamline Your Healthcare Recruiting Efforts

As we grow older, our healthcare needs become more complex. At the same time, more and more doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are reaching retirement age. This adds to the dilemma faced by those working in the healthcare recruiting industry. Healthcare…


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Millennials Own A Piece Of Your Brand (AKA Your Company)

Last month I spoke to a group of business owners.  I introduced the 30 million strong Millennial Generation and they all sat back and crossed their arms.  When I explained that they already owned a piece of their brand, many business owners guffaw and told me, “No, they don’t. Oh my God, they are so lazy and entitled, they just want their own way.” 

Think again!

Gone are the days…


Added by Rebecca B. Sargeant on June 18, 2013 at 9:00am — 10 Comments

Them changes: the news from the online recruiting world

We’ve moving into summer but the pace of activity doesn’t seem to be slowing for the online recruiting and job board world. I hope to see some of you at this week’s JobG8 Job Board Summit in Chicago –…


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Coming off an awesome Father's Day, I felt it was appropriate to do one of my non-recruiting posts again.  These are never as popular, but seem to resonate with a lot of people. Hopefully by now, most of you who are regular readers of my blogs know me.  I am a passionate person, Christian, and a true family guy.  I'm a recruiter by day, a blogger by night.  Between…


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Get Connected!

Check out iCIMS' latest blog post from iCIMS blogger Christina Helm.

I clearly remember where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with when I got the call from iCIMS about the role that I now hold at iCIMS.  I had invested months of precious time and energy researching the company and talking with…


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3 Reasons to Use an App to Post Jobs on Facebook

If Facebook is part of your recruitment strategy, you probably already know there are several ways to post jobs on Facebook. You can post jobs to your personal Facebook network, or to a business page. But did you know that using an app to post jobs on Facebook can help you get better results? Read on for 3 reasons you should use an app to post jobs on Facebook.…


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Top Characteristics That Add Up to a Successful Recruiter

As a recruiter, you’re the gatekeeper between the company you represent and the employees it’s able to hire and retain. A successful recruiter is not only responsible for staffing a business with an adequate number of employees, but strives to bring — and keep — the best people possible for each individual position. Follow these steps to take the leap from good recruiter to great.



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Pointers for Recruiting the Ideal Candidate for a Payroll Specialist Job

Research is always important when recruiting candidates for any position, and this is very true when looking for payroll specialists. Besides learning the basics of what it is that the business needs and expects, it is necessary to learn about the payroll specialist job and what it will entail.

For instance, it is always wise to look into salaries being paid across the nation as well as…


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Are You Stranded in the Desert?

Desolate and lonely, you find yourself in a vast space where it seems no one, absolutely no one, can be found. Parched and hungry you trudge on, getting wearier by the moment. You just want to give up, thinking, “this is it. This is where it all ends.” 

No, this is not a vain attempt at channeling Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Rather, the “desert” described above is the mental space that…


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