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Strategic Staffing Can Cure Summer Hiring Woes

When it comes to summer hiring, candidates can be difficult to find, especially for entry-level or temporary positions. So how can you create a strategy for hiring over the summer months that won’t leave you short on talent?

While most people look forward to summer, it can be a nightmare for staffing firms with positions to fill. Vacations, time off…


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Linkedin User agreement and what you missed!!

So a lot has been posted and shared about the updated user agreement for Linkedin (LI). Mainly about the use of tools, extensions etc. Reactions have varied from oh well who cares I am going to do what I do. To Oh, know I am not using any tools, or extension (ext) on any place anymore. This post is not about this but I will address it a little. Long story…


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The Future of Healthcare in Business

Perhaps the most important industry that exists is healthcare. Healthcare, by and large, is what determines whether a person lives a quality life free of pain or not. In certain circumstances, healthcare determines if a person lives or dies. Healthcare is something that has evolved over centuries from the folk remedies of ancient times up to the cutting edge technology doctors and surgeons use today to save lives.


Healthcare is…


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There has been a lot of talk over the last 7 or 8 years about those not participating in the labor market.  People who are not working and not trying to get back to work.

For recruiting purposes they don’t matter.  They matter to our economy and to society as a whole, but they aren’t part of the recruiting equation.  You need to be qualified enough and motivated enough in order to really matter to the businesses that are working to grow and improve.…


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How will the Future of AI Impact Your Job as a Recruiter

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a science fiction storyline, but a concrete reality that is revolutionizing countless businesses across many industries. In fact, 62% of enterprises are expected…


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4 Reasons It's Hard to Hire IT Engineers

Those who rely on engineering talent to achieve business goals have learned a hard truth in recent years: there’s a shortage of qualified engineering professionals in America. Making matters worse, finding engineers who specialize in IT is even harder. With so much demand and competition for talent, it’s no wonder roles like Software Engineer are among the…


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The Long View

We get trapped into the short view.  Someone resigns and we've got to fill that position now.  Something changes in the business and we now have an urgent need.

No doubt, we are under pressure to fill positions in a lot of cases.  The short view.  We need to get this done now, or else.  But recruiting is really about the long view.  Building a great business doesn't happen in the short run.  It happens because of great work done over a long period of time.  Consistent effective…


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The Importance of Self-Branding on the Job Market

Everyone knows what the term “brand” means, but what is a “personal brand”, really? Well, quite simply: it’s the performance, contributions and value that your next employer can expect from you. It marks your career reputation and has far-reaching effects with regards to your job search. In short, your personal branding represents you, as a professional. If you want to learn just why it’s so important, read on!…


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State Of Constant Change

The candidate pool for any search is constantly changing.

An available candidate accepts a new position, no longer in the pool.

Qualified potential candidate who won’t respond to new opportunities because they are happy where they are has a sudden change and is now open to considering a change, enters the pool.

Candidate with too little experience crosses that line so they now have enough, enters the pool.

The candidate pool is a living breathing thing.  Effective…


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Everything You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking Systems


What are they?

Applicant Tracking Systems are similar to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems, and are online software that exist for recruitment needs.  Through an ATS, jobs can be posted onto multiple Job Boards, and applications which come in can be filtered into different categories, for example Job Board, date of…


Added by Emily Lennox on June 23, 2017 at 5:30am — 1 Comment

Hidden Job Market Statistics Are Baloney

Job seekers like to look at job boards to find opportunities — because it’s easy. In fact, with the launch of Google for Jobs this week, it got even easier.

What Is the Hidden Job Market?

Career coaches look at survey reports that show the majority of hiring is done…


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How to Handle Losing a Top Employee

At some point, all businesses must deal with losing an important member of their team. While the reasons behind the leaving may differ, the framework of replacing the employee and moving forward should remain the same. By following the four steps given in this post, you will be…


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How Google Jobs changes recruiting

There’s nothing quite so ominous for an industry as when Google decides to focus its energy in that industry’s direction. As we stand in the dawn of Google for Jobs, it’s hard to say what it’s impact will be on the recruiting world or how Google Jobs changes recruiting, but as with most things Google, it is safe to say there will be some level of resonation. As it…


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Reasons To Eliminate

Resumes are used to find reasons to eliminate.  After that, they are used to find reasons to separate.

So look at your resume and try to eliminate reasons to eliminate.  Job hopping is a good example and is consistently used to eliminate.  It takes time and diligence to avoid that one.  Others, like grammar and spelling errors or confusing presentation, can be easily fixed any time.

Reasons to separate are harder.  Take care of the reasons to eliminate first and then look for…


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How To Use Your Online Presence to Attract Talent

Attracting top talent can be difficult. With the triggering of Article 50 and the ever-looming Brexit means jobs are harder to fill. Flashy perks might get candidates interested but how do you create an online presence that remains stable when the business…


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How to Use Social Media to Recruit High Quality Employees for Your Business

As business competition for new talent increases, recruiters are turning more and more to new technologies to find and cultivate skilled employees. Social media is, by far, the most powerful new phenomenon in recruiting, as it allows recruiters to narrow their searches and quickly review potential candidates. Here are four of the top ways…


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5 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Talent Acquisition


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Can HR Software Help Your Business?

HR Software is on the increase within the business world, and for all the right reasons.  There are plenty of ways that this type of software can benefit your business, and today I’m going to tell you a few of them!


What is it?

HR Software or a HRMS (Human Resource Management System) combines multiple HR…


Added by Emily Lennox on June 22, 2017 at 3:44am — 2 Comments

5 Steps to Writing a Fantastic Job Listing

The age-old conundrum of having to wade through the “noise” is something that increasingly affects hiring managers and HR professionals.

With the ever-growing work force and propagation of job listing options, hiring professionals face challenges like never before. In order to find the right candidates for the right positions, without having to spend countless hours reading through irrelevant resumes,…


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Not That Dumb

Sometimes candidates miss interviews.  Unforeseen circumstances do occur.  That’s okay and most of the time the hiring authority will understand.  As long as you communicate.

Car accident, just found out that a relative is sick and needs you right away, dog buried your car keys…….just call right away and let the recruiter or hiring manager know.  If you don’t show up and don’t communicate for a day or two then your excuse will fall on deaf ears.  They’re not that dumb.  Everyone…


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