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I'll know it when I see it

Have you said this to yourself from time to time, maybe when you’ve been house-hunting, or car shopping, or looking for a new shade of paint for a room redecoration? That’s fair; sometimes you just need to sit in the driver’s seat, or see the colour on the wall before you really know.

But what about when you’ve been in the market…


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What to Look for When Hiring Young Employees for Your Business

If you own a business that uses many younger employees, such as a restaurant or retail shop, you know how valuable these individuals can be to making your business a success. But just as it is when hiring any new employee, there are certain things you look for when making your…


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What Makes An Effective Leader?

What are Leadership Traits?

Before we get into details of the topic – What Makes An Effective Leader? – lets first define or under the meaning of leadership traits. Leadership traits refer to unique qualities that define effective leaders. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual or an organisation to guide individuals, teams, or organisations toward the…


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How do I select the best recruitment software?

Recruiting software is often…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!!A List A Part!!

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices. A List A Part is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it. Well to do this without you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool,…


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Can the rise of Employment Tribunals be managed?

In the same way that Employment Tribunals (ETs) increased following the 2008 banking crisis (and the resulting economic crash), there is a similar pattern in terms of numbers emerging today.

The latest figures published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show a sharp increase in cases brought to ETs. Alongside this is an increase in disputes which focus around working time and age discrimination, created by the increase in unemployment and altered working conditions. The report explains…


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Want a Good Job That Can Turn Into a Career?

High school graduates who don't have much real-life experience end up in an entry-level job. Don't think that you have to stay stuck in that job forever. When you're just starting out, you have to work your way up the ladder by building trust and proving yourself. It's also important to acquire some of the most sought-after skills related to the…


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How an ATS Software Can Enhance Your Organization's Diversity Recruiting Efforts

Diversity and inclusion have always been put close to the heart of many organizations’ recruiting campaigns. However, we would like to remind you of the importance of this topic during June - the official Pride Month for the LGBTQ2+ community. In a survey performed by Pride at Work Canada - in a survey pool of over 225 Canadian job-seekers, 41% of them were…


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Recruiting CRM vs ATS: What Are the Differences, and When Do You Need Them Both?

Cutting-edge technologies are breathing new life into the modern recruiting market. The two most favourite systems for leading talent acquisition professionals are Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Candidates Relationship Management solutions (CRM). As a result, …


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5 Best Practices to Implement Employee Incentive Programs

Motivating employees is the best thing an organization can do to improve employee engagement. Are you ready to implement employee incentive programs? This article provides ideas to overcome the dissatisfied workforce in your organization with employee incentive programs and ideas.  

The incentive programs…


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How Retail SMEs Can Transform Their Finance Department After a Pandemic

Financial adversity is at the forefront of many retail SME leaders’ agenda. With 22 per cent of retail SMEs believing that it will take them up to two years to recover from the financial constraints of the…


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How Does AI Play an Important Role in Performance Evaluation?

“ AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues, The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer grade service to the employees”

                                                                          -Jeanne Meister, Co-author , the future workplace…


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Busy With Business? How To Find Employees Without Overextending Yourself

Hiring qualified candidates is a crucial part of a business's success and the office's atmosphere. However, the recruiting and screening process can be demanding, time-consuming, and expensive without a good plan. Below are a few strategies your business can use to find quality employees without overextending yourself or management.

Use a…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!!Bytes!!


Bytes.com is a community for software developers and programmers. Get programming and software development help from 468464 other developers.

Bytes is a little-known site and few have…


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Search in LinkedIn Business vs. Recruiter (Guess Who Wins!)

The never-documented LinkedIn search operators make people search with a personal account - Business, Job Seeker, and Basic - comparable or better than the most expensive subscription, LinkedIn Recruiter. Let's go over a comparison, operator by operator.


The operator works in LinkedIn Business (and Basic). The search for the headline is absent in…


Added by Irina Shamaeva on June 20, 2021 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Enhance Your Recruiting Program With Text Message Recruiting Software

Text Message Recruiting Software: A comprehensive review of the best platforms available

According to FinancesOnline , 48% of global consumers prefer SMS as their source of brand updates. With the increased development of mobile applications comes the upgraded originality of the recruitment strategies. Proactive talent scouts should not miss…


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Interview Scheduling Tips to Nail International Planning

For most people, having a job usually consists of traveling to the office to perform your daily tasks. However, as technology develops, the office is no longer the only place where you can work.

In order to access international talents, it is time enterprises employ a different approach to their talent acquisition method. Consequently, that’s how recruiting on …


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What is the best way to screen applications for any job?

Resume screening is the first step when you are looking for a person to hire. The average time recruiters spend on a resume is around 7 seconds.

Here are the different ways you can screen applications so that you can effectively evaluate every…


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Top 5 Advantages Of Integrating HRMS Software In Your Business

Whether you run a small-scale business, or you manage an MNC, integrating HRMS software in businesses is always a wise decision. There comes a point in every organization when they simply can’t handle the employees’ data manually. Errors are bound to happen, which can overwhelm the HR department.

There will emerge an inevitable need for good HRMS software. There are a plethora of benefits of HRMS…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!!GitShowcase!!

GitShowcase is an Open Source project designed to help developers show off their talents. If you like the project, you can help by sharing it on social media.

Gitshowcase is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it. Well to do this without you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and…


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