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A hirer's guide to engaging with contractors (what’s all this IR35 chat about?)

In my job, and with mounting momentum, I’ve witnessed over recent years, a growing number of professionals less and less inclined to slog out the 9-5, job for life, opting instead for the emerging, gig-based, flexible working lifestyle.

Businesses too continue to appreciate the financial and productivity benefits of hiring specialist skill-sets…


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Love Island meets Recruitment

It is that time of the year AGAIN - the hit Summer show Love Island is back on our TV screens and in full swing! The talk of the office kitchen, the cause of tiffs at home, a topic trending across social media nearly every single day - whether you love it or hate it no one can deny that the show is a guilty pleasure for so many!

I am pretty…


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3 Easy Everyday Self-improvement Practices For Recruiters

Today’s competitive business environment with gnawing deadlines is making every profession a mere matter of getting things done. Especially, in a profession like that of recruitment, completing the deadlines, and helping the candidates with the interview and onboarding process, the recruiters forget helping themselves. 

Yes! In this blog, we are going to talk about the self-improvement practices that recruiters must adopt. 

Here are a few tips to help you begin the…


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Talent 42 2019 Part 2 !!!

Talent42 2019 happened a month ago, I thought Since we are done with the Sourcecon giveback we would start Talent42 part 2.


First up Asha Beirne and “I’m TOO busy to SOURCE!”. The gist of this is how you can ensure you have time to source given how busy your lives are. Ideas include things like, putting it on your calendar,…


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Retain a Smart Workforce with the Help of Employee Retention Apps

Employee retention is when you manage to retain your employees from hopping over to other companies for jobs. Today, this is the biggest problem for employers as they find their star performers often quit from their posts, seeking jobs elsewhere. Stopping your employees from marching out your door needs a lot of introspection at your place. An…


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5 Unconventional Office Design Features that Make All the Difference

While the coveted corner office is still alive and well in many sectors, there’s a growing emphasis on more agile office design, especially in industries that thrive on collaboration and innovation.

But the open office floor plan is a bit of a bust, for many reasons. So what’s next for office space, and how can spaces be intentionally created to give employees what they want?

Let’s look at five specifics ways to create an office atmosphere where employees…


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7 Tips to Crack a Job Interview Successfully

An impressive resume is the first tool to create a good impression. However, it isn’t enough. Employers judge you on the basis of your job experience, presentation and attitude towards different situations as well. Many of us find it difficult to crack an interview. There are times when you question yourself — ‘Why am I rejected in spite of being highly qualified and having several years of work experience?’  …


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Debunking the Myths about AI in HR

It is essential to understand how AI can create value in your business. To get the full benefit of AI, people must know how it works and what are its limitations. Some people refer AI as “almighty” that will rule the business world, while some feel that it is nothing but a buzzword. But the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Let’s check it.…


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What Is A Toxic Work Environment – And How Can You Survive One?

Are you aware of the concept of the toxic work environment?

As you’ll gather from the name, it’s not a carefully-designed new system for maximizing work satisfaction and productivity. Rather, it’s an accidental phenomenon that is becoming all too common.

Why ‘toxic’? Because working in such an environment like this can be bad for your health. Not because you’re clearing up spilled chemicals or handling hazardous substances. It could be an office, a…

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Saving Time With Tech Assessments

With the number of unfilled programming related jobs expected to reach one million by 2020, the demand for talented engineers and programmers is soaring. For businesses, finding and attracting the most qualified engineers is crucial for success, but the process can be extremely…


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Talent 42 2019 !!!

Talent42 2019 happened a month ago, I thought Since we are done with the Sourcecon giveback we would start Talent42.


First up Carmen Hudson and designing the Optimal Interview process for Developers. Be prepared, ensure your interviewers are aligned. Ensure the level and job are appropriate. IN the end ensure you are interviewing…


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4 Manual Labor Jobs Anyone with a GED Can Excel At

It can often be hard to narrow down your job options. If you’re armed with a GED (General Education Development), however, there are probably more career opportunities available to you than you even realize. Options in manual labor jobs these days actually are pretty plentiful. These kinds of positions can enhance your coordination. They can even give…


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How to Buy HR Software – A Step by Step Guide Complete with Best Practices

Buying HRTech (or WorkTech, PeopleTech, TATech…whatever you want to call it) can be very difficult. There are many vendors, internal stakeholders, and general pitfalls that you have to look out for. After more than a decade working in software, we thought it was time to help people buy the right tools faster while avoiding all the bad stuff.

Any business leader has to be…


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Top 3 HR Tech Plugins for Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is the process of finding the best talent for your organization. It is the ongoing strategy which focuses on long-term human resources planning and finding specialists, leaders, and skilled workforce for the growth of the company.…


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6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO

In the event that you have a blog, odds are you as of now comprehend the significance of business blogging. Be that as it may, do you know how to improve your blog entries to make them more search engine well disposed?

Image result for blog posts for seo

In all actuality, numerous bloggers neglect to…


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Expert Opinion: HR Tech & ATS

Continuing with our expert opinion series, we contacted the leading ATS providers to know their views about how HR technology is bringing a positive change in the functionality of Applicant Tracking Systems.

You might want to read their opinions.…


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Why Every Business Needs A Business Operation Policy

When you put in so much work and dedication into your business you want to make sure that it is protected. In most states, having a business insurance policy is the law. A Business Operating Policy (BOP) can help to protect you and your employees.


Even if you are just starting out and don’t even have a full staff, an insurance policy that covers your interests and protects you from liability issues can save you money. Don’t get stuck paying…


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HR Jobs Are Changing– And So Are Their Salaries

HR has evolved immensely over the past decade. Due to our increased reliance and integration of technology, every part of a business is changing, and that includes HR. With this change has come a wave of new HR jobs, such as the Chief People Officer and the emergence of “People teams.” Rebranded and refreshed, these are not merely title changes, but changes in responsibility, qualifications, and even salary.

Below, we investigated some of the new positions in the “People” function,…


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Weighing the Pros and Cons of a New Position: Here Are Six Things to Consider

When applying for a new position, compensation is almost always at the top of your list. This is understandable especially with the status symbol that a high salary will provide, apart from the obvious bump in your buying capacity.

However, it’s important that you look past the paycheck. It’s easy to equate money with happiness but like any employee who has done the grind will tell you, a thick wallet is not everything. There are so many things to look for in applying for a position…


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The future of recruiting is here.

future of recruiting automation Recently, there is a lot being talked about automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and how it is going to impact the future of recruiting. Estimates suggest that the number of jobs lost to automation in the next decade could be around 1 million just in the US. But seldom is there a discussion on the new job opportunities it will create.  Advocates of automation say that the number of positions…


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