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DOT JOBS: A Weapon of Mass Distraction

Stay Focused on Building Your Employment Brand

You need to ask the following question for each and every recruitment dollar you spend; is this developing candidates or is it a distraction? Put the .JOBS expansion in the distraction column.

Here’s the deal. Before, only employers' names can grab the .JOBS domain. For example, Now, the .JOBS domain will expand to industry and geography based names. For example, or… Continue

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Back to the early days of recruiting

I use to work for a firm in VA. We had training from 8am to 830 eavery day. Then we got on the phone and called from 830 to Noon Candidates we wanted to talk to.

We were then allowed to check and return messages. Eat lunch and then from 1230 to 4pm we would get back on the phones for more power calling.

At 4pm we had to plan our next day and write out all the people we needed to call tomorrow. I did make alot of placements doing that. When I have trouble makeing…


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The Social Journey

It’s easy to fall in love with social media – recruiting – (insert word of choice). Let’s face it; you’re able to connect with a bunch of like-minded individuals, the tools are ever evolving, and, if that weren’t enough, it’s a great conversation topic.

I remember the day it clicked for me. At that moment, it wasn’t about LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging or any other popular social tool. It had much more to do with the Internet as a whole…


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Social Recruiting: Failure is an option

You grow up most of your life hearing your parents and partners, teachers and TV stars, mentors and managers - remind you that failure is not an option! The fear of failing is scary. It is human nature to be successful.

But atimes, one may have to fail (probably a few times) to get things right. And the same goes with introducing social recruiting into your hiring strategy. One of the reasons that deter some UK companies from social recruiting, is the thought of… Continue

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Building a specialists team using SM

This article is about one cost- and time- effective technique of building a team of specialists using social media.

If you are or might be once involved in one of the following types of recruiting projects, you can find information in this article helpful:



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So You Do Read Cover Letters!

Originally posted on the SmashFly Intern Blog.

In my last article (which you can read here) I asked recruiters a few questions, one of which asked if they read cover letters. The answer to that question from those who participated in…

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The Need for Speed

‘I feel the need…the need for speed’ (Tom Cruise, Top Gun 1986)

Whatever artistic merits ‘Top Gun’ may possess, there is little doubt that it remains an iconic 80s movie, with a number of quotable lines, not least the one above. With the ‘greed is good’ business decade well and truly in full swing by 1986 there was little doubt that speed was intoxicating. Everything needed to go faster, to happen quicker, from the time it took your car to accelerate to the length of wait for… Continue

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Avoiding Hiring Mistakes with Lauren Friese, Founder of TalentEgg

I met Lauren Friese a couple of years ago, when she was first starting…


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Job Ad Distribution: Things to Think About Today!

Originally posted on the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Blog.

One of the first and most important parts of a successful…


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Eany, Meany, Miney, Moe, which staffing Model should we use!!

Eany, Meany, Miney, Moe, which staffing Model should we use!!

Staffing models, wow there are a lot of them,…


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D M J R M Part II

Last week I posed the question “Does My Job Really Matter?” and received a number of well thought out responses including one suggesting that if I held up the letters D M J R M to a mirror that I would have the password to my CRM system. Still didn’t work.

But one respondent felt that making your job matter was…


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How to Take Your Place in Careers Recruitment in Australia

It’s well known is that the careers recruitment industry in Australia is booming. It’s an industry alive with activity as at no other time in previous generations. Today, you rarely hear about anyone who receives the fabled gold watch as a token of thanks for 50 years devotion to a company. We change jobs with higher…


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Four More Reasons the Right RPO KO’s In-House Recruitment for Mid-Size Businesses

Despite common thinking and modern myths, Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be a perfect fit for a mid-size organization – a company with as few as 100 hires annually. The days are gone when the arguments against this kind of professional partnership could stand up to strong argument.

In the first installment of their executive brief, “An Eight-Round Knockout: The Right RPO KO’s Mid-Size In-House Recruitment… Continue

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Building and using job boards are two different things

I’m building a marimba. I’ve been a musician for years (although not a marimba player) but have never – until now – built an instrument. Believe me, building is different from playing. It helps to be a musician if you are creating an instrument – but the mindset is quite different. You’re worried about the ‘how’ – i.e., how high does that key need to be above the resonator to amplify without…


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Candidates with polished resumes or Candidates without resumes BUT has experience....

Recruiter 1: "I cant present this - this resume is garbage. This is a very good client of mine and I cant afford to screw up!".

Recruiter 2: "Even though his resume is garbage, he does know your competitors and he does belong to xyz association and he does deal directly with your client's competitors and he is eager to talk to your client. What more do you want?"

You don't know how many times I ran into this situation when trying to perform recruiter splits. Why do recruiters… Continue

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Monkey Business


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Help me, help you

Asking for help during a job search is a two-way street. You need to be specific about what you are looking for, and you need to make sure that the person you are requesting assistance from can actually help you. I’ve found that most people will help someone if they are able to and the request is specific.

Unfortunately many people forget the basics in a job search when asking others for…


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The Legal Aspects of Reference Checking

Being in the business of predictive, online reference checking, we are assuring people that reference checking is not, in fact, illegal. There are legal considerations, however. We thought the below article

might help alleviate some of those concerns

* * * * *

Reference checking may be the most important element of a sound hiring process. Let’s face it: No one is better able predict the future performance of your talent than past colleagues. It’s…


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