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What is Factoring?

In my normal course of daily activities, I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners. We discuss everything from how they may have gotten started in their particular line of business, current production and sales activities for their company, business processes, the state of the economy, and the general outlook and prospects for future success of their enterprise. Eventually, the conversation always turns to finances, and ultimately, cash flow. Invariably, my prospects will ask the… Continue

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Why is the Traditional Staffing Agency Model Failing?

This all starts with a Hypothesis I had: the majority of people who have utilized the services from traditional staffing agencies have had, at one point or another, a bad experience.

To test this hypothesis I would…


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5 Hiring & Selection Tips, from Serial Entrepreneur Craig Morantz

This week, we call upon my friend Craig Morantz to instill his entrepreneurial knowledge upon us.

leeds hiring employees

Craig’s company, Leed’s, is the second largest hard goods supplier in the $15B promotional product industry. They focus on bringing to market the innovative but useful products…


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Death Knell of Hiring As we Know It

Take yourself back ten years to the last throws of the Dot.Com Era and compare the difference between the amount of people available for job openings then to what we have today - way too many. When the economy is cooking and there are fewer people seeking work than available jobs, it’s all about finding people to do the work. When you have too many people for the jobs at hand, the real effort lies in making sure you get the right person for the job.

Pity the…


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Graduating Student Class of 2011 and Intern Class of 2012 MBA Resume Books Available Now!

Need to pinpoint the right MBA candidates fast? Each MBA Resume Book is an extensive database of profiles and resumes submitted by top MBA talent from one of our member schools. Online access to this powerful tool allows you to search the database by experience, certification, keywords, and more.…


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How to Find the Perfect Match for Your Job Opening

Finding the "right" candidate can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Now SingleSearch can connect you to the top business leaders faster than ever before. Every candidate in our database has been qualified by one of the best predictors of leadership success: They are all alumni of the world’s top-ranked MBA programs, and they average 10 years of work experience with many of the world’s leading employers.…


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MBA Resume Book Release Dates for August 2010

Over 2,700 companies from more than 50 different countries around the world purchased more than 15,000 resume databases in 2009 from MBA Focus. This year, even more companies…

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The big T word, the Transition from Military to Civilian!!!

The big T word, the Transition from Military to Civilian!!!

For those transitioning out of the military…


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When Does Your Business Prepare for Christmas?

Please note that our service offering ONLY applies to businesses in Kent, United Kingdom!…


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How Transparent is your Company

By Karen Bucks, iCIMS Blogger

With the memory (not so long-term) of corporate scandal nipping us all in the back, we, the rest of the world A.K.A. the good guys, try our best to show the world our bare bones. What is Corporate Transparency?

Well, according to our good old friend,…


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A Great Employer Brand is fueled by great customer service!

Originally posted on the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Blog.

At SmashFly, we are committed to providing great customer service to our clients. We love our clients and above all else, we aim to make them as…


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Technology, innovation, and procrastination

When you’re in the midst of working, it’s hard to stop. The work can be both addictive and rote – a deadly combination if what you really need is an hour or two of quiet contemplation. Thus, the three words in the title above can often work at cross-purposes, even though each has its place.

Specifically: technology is not necessarily the same as innovation. Let’s say that your job board is popular and well liked…


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The Evolution of Recruiter Compensation - A look at different compensation models

Recently, I was looking at the structure of different recruiting companies and how they compensate their recruiters. Recruiter compensation is a very interesting topic since there is no standardization in the industry. Our profession is not like a doctor (however, sometimes we can get paid like one), nurse, dentist where salaries and compensation are set by some governing board. Instead, recruiter compensation is all across the map. Some firms promise you a 'book of business' - (basically job… Continue

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How does reducing reference checking time by over 90% while increasing the overall quality of the reference check sound? Take ChequedReference, our web-based, predictive, automated reference checking system for a 30 day test drive. The free trial program just launched today. No obligation, credit card or limitations. For more information ...… Continue

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GravityPeople's Jonathan Chenard talks technical recruiting with the San Francisco Chronicle

Jonathan Chenard, GravityPeople's Vice President of Recruiting Services, was recently interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle for an article on hiring in Silicon Valley. The piece appeared on this weekend and focused on rumors of attrition at large Silicon Valley employers like… Continue

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Social media integration upgrades added to SmartSearch recruiting software

Leading applicant tracking system enhances sourcing capabilities on popular social networking sites including LinkedIn and Twitter, and enables recruiters to share job postings via…


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Why Social Recruiting is NOT Google Wave

Last week, Google waved goodbye to Google Wave (the pun is cliché), and unsurprisingly, 'everyone' seems to have predicted this. The service was intended to be Google's big crack into the Social Media terrain - an industry largely dominated by Facebook and Twitter.

So many commentators have written blogs on why Google Wave wasn't attractive for 'surfers', with lots of valid reasons why the… Continue

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Promotion to Management

Question from Job Seeker:

I have been working for the same company for almost 4 years now. Throughout this time, I have worked hard, learned a lot, overachieved, and been promoted faster than anyone else I know in my department: from marketing executive to senior marketing executive and now recently marketing manager. I am very excited about this position yet I…

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Day 4 - The Gambler and the Acer spades – I think

My Day 4 started incredibly early 03:15 to be precise. No idea why I woke up but just couldn’t get back into a proper sleep.…


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