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ecommerce mobile app

With smartphones and mobile applications predominantly consumed by end users, there is no surprise in ecommerce and m-commerce industries investing in mobile applications to allure online customers.'

Mobile ready websites no longer serve the ecommerce or m-commerce needs and mobile apps are the finest choice to stay tuned with customers 24/7. …


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SharePoint mobile intranet

SharePoint mobile intranet becomes mobile-enabled and gets into the hands of the employees.

They download the Intranet app with a few easy steps and begin using it.

The employees receive instant push notifications right in their mobiles whenever an article is uploaded or whenever a workflow begins that requires their attention.

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using chatbots for marketing

Presently, marketers have started to use chatbots for studying the buyer's journey, understanding behavioral metrics, and collecting prospect data to convince them with personalized recommendations. Using chatbots in marketing will increase your business growth drastically.

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Benefits of cloud computing

It is a virtual omnipresent repository of documents, servers, and applications that can be accessed remotely through the Internet. It does not involve any additional installation or plugins.

Many people are subconsciously integrating cloud in their day-to-day lives through Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram, which are all cloud-based platforms. An organization can get the…


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Customer service chatbots

A personalized and 24/7 customer service really matters and businesses across different industry verticals have started to realize this. Automation is topping the charts of most customer-centric companies; programs, tools,' and technology related to this are echoing all over. Customer service chatbots help business organizations to grow their business.

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Top 4 Recruiting Trends of 2019

The recruitment process keeps on evolving. Technology has given recruitment a new direction to get quality talent.  The traditional method has taken a backseat with the introduction of new tools and solutions. Now, the companies have better opportunities to add value to their talent pool.  But with the right tools, you also need to know about the right direction to head in. The best approach to determine this is by following the current trends.…


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How to Build Smart Job Descriptions

The world of work has changed.

As a busy HR professional, think about all the technology you use every day that was unfathomable not so long ago.

You post jobs online; track and analyze candidates with AI; measure the pulse of your organization; provide real-time feedback to employees – all in a bid to be more productive, strategic and stay ahead of the huge demands on your shoulders.



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Top 5 HR Conferences to Attend in the Summer of 2019

Discover great HR conferences you should consider attending during hot, long summer months of 2019!  

Best HR conferences to attend in the summer of 2019

If you’re looking for…


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The power of conversation on digital and social is massive. Conversation must be two-way authentic communication between people. With big changes to the social media landscape (on all channels) doing the same stuff you have been doing is no longer relevant or working for you. So I want to share some secrets with you that can make a real difference to…


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Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 3 Anonymous!!

So day 3 Anonymous track, as always I will hit the high notes and focus on tools, and methods.


First up Tangie Pettis and Mistakes, Mishaps, and recoveries in Sourcing. First thing of note is she makes sure you know that relationships matter. Specifically, between hiring manager and recruiter and Sourcer. TOOL BASECAMP PM tool. More…


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Best 3 Places to Find Top Quality Product Managers

Product managers are the true renaissance men and women of the managerial world. They use their vast knowledge of technology to assess the value and progress of products while simultaneously juggling the personalities of the development team. They usually also serve as the mouthpiece between the dev team and the senior administration.…


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Effective Employee Retention Techniques

How important is it to retain your employees? I am sure that all the entrepreneurs know the answer is that it is extra critical for any business to have a good employee tenure.

Image result for employee retention strategies

If you go by the data provided by Paysa, a firm that reports employee statistics, you will see that Facebook owns the best retention rate since their employee tenure last for more than two years, on an average, while Uber suffers from minimum retention rate as their employee tenure does not go…


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How To Create A Great Candidate Experience

From the moment that candidates apply to your roles, you should be thinking about how to make their experience a positive one. Whether you hire them or not, chances are they’ll talk about their interactions with your company to other people.  

Unfortunately, people are more inclined to share negative reviews…


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What is the Average Salary of a Human Resources Manager?

Should you be earning more?

Are you an HR manager? How much are you earning? Could (and should) you be…


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Sourcecon Spring 2019 Day 2 Automation Track!!

So day 2 Sheryl Automation Squirrel track, as always I will hit the high notes and focus on tools, and methods.


First up Aaron Lintz and “The hidden side of people data”. Lots of talk about SMS and texting candidates, a good tool for that is Zipwhip.  Zapier is talked about with regards to messaging and measuring the metrics. One thing…


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Time to Get Introduced To Talent Management

Talent Management is the most important plan to lift up all your efforts in HR, talent acquisition, and recruiting. The strategy of talent management includes plans that were not implemented earlier. It is a business strategy that develops potential hires and attracts capable individuals. A correct talent management system is important to make your company look attractive. Today, employees want professional support as well as development. It encourages the employees to perform better until…


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10 Best International Job Boards

Why use international job boards?

Advertising your open job positions on the right job boards is the first step in finding qualified…


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4 Things That Could Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Job

There are a lot of factors that will determine whether or not you’ll end up securing the job you’ve been eyeing for some time. Some of these factors may include your skill level, confidence, your curriculum vitae, and experience. But most importantly, your level of preparedness can also work in your favor. Below are the four things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job every single time you apply for it:…


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Recruiting Lessons From Mothers

Recruiters aren't born...they're raised. But where do they get their identity? Their work ethic? From management? HAHAHAHA MANAGEMENT HAHAHAHA. No. Recruiters aren't the result of some sort of Jurassic Park-esque experiment splicing together "keyword searching", KPIs and smooth talking. The answer is easy- Recruiters were taught everything they need to be successful…


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Breaking the bank: The real cost of breaks at work

If you’re an employer, you’ll keep a close eye on your finances — but just how much are staff breaks costing you? Paper cup and disposable catering specialist, Inn Supplies, breaks down the costs:

The regulations

Before we begin talking budgets, let’s discuss how many breaks your employees are entitled to.  If your employees work for longer than six hours in a day, they are entitled to an uninterrupted break of 20…


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