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Headhunting - 10 top tips for making more successful calls

We all want the very best candidates for our shortlists, and having consistent access to these people is one of major issues facing the recruitment market. All our client’s want the best people for their vacancies and as we all know, quite often the best people for these roles are already working.

So, if they’re not sitting on our database, we need to identify the…


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It’s all about who you know – Employee Referrals

Employee referral is a recruitment method used to identify and obtain potential candidates using existing employees’ social networks.

The method is acknowledged as being cost effective for businesses (even though an employer will typically reward the referring employee with a bonus) and quite efficient. And as such, we’re seeing more and more of it…


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We can't please everyone all of the time. AKA They don't understand us.

I think a lot of people don't understand what we do, or how we work.  Which is why I got a cranky email on Friday from a guy who couldn't believe I called him and emailed him at work.

Which made me laugh, and then I thought about it all weekend.  Then I wrote…


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Recruiting by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Attention, all recruiters! Are you always searching for the most recent and helpful data when it comes to the recruiting industry? Want to stay ahead of the curve and be in the know? Well, the folks at RecruiterBox, provider of online recruiter and resume management software, have come up with a way to help you do just that. The company recently released an…


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Mobile Jobs: Applying on the Go

The Internet job search has gone mobile. Like the rest of the world, your competition is moving faster and doing more while away from home. Mobile job search is now standard fare for job hunters and recruiters alike. Whether you're looking for mobile jobs on an Apple or Android device, there's something out there for you. Most of the mobile job apps you'll want to use are free and have been…


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Recognizing the Contributions Temporary and Contract Workers Make to the Workforce

This week is National Staffing Employee Week, and it is the perfect time to reflect on the the valuable impact that staffing industry employees – including each and every KellyMitchell consultant – make to the American workforce and economy every day.  In honor of National Staffing Employee week, the American Staffing Association has shared some great…


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5 Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 9.14.13 to 9.20.13

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing, social recruiting and anything else in the recruiting space. In this article, we’ll be talking about automating sourcing, employee referral programs, HR Tech, storytelling and showing value.…


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3 Video Interview Tips To Hire The Best

Video is everywhere. Today alone, 89 million Americans will watch 1.2 billion videos. And according to Cisco, online video users will double to 1.5 billion by the year 2016. So when it comes to finding great candidates for your clients, the odds are pretty decent these people are familiar with using online video.

This might just explain why six in 10 employers are already embracing online…


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7 Ways To Piss Off Any Candidate

I’ve spent most of my career as a hiring manager, but I’ve recently had the opportunity to become a candidate (which resulted in your getting to read my blog article today :)  ). And I have to tell you – it can be shockingly annoying to be on the candidate’s side of the table.

I’ve had many moments where I’ve wondered, “Did a human write that email, or…


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when you take-up an assignment to fill-up a role ...what inputs do you collect from the employer.

Do you simply wall post the requirement  for a employer or how is it that you distinguish yourself,

what value do you offer to the employer, are you simply the shell that offers anonymity to the employer,

what is it so special about the recruiter that employer has to post an AD through…


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Presence is More Important Than Preparation—Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Day

Preparation in selling is often overdone or overrated. Surprised? If too much emphasis is put on preparation, salespeople focus more on what they have planned instead of what actually happens in the meeting with a buyer.

Today, I watched a sales veteran I work with conduct a masterful sales meeting. Alex’s mastery had nothing to do with what he planned on selling or what he planned on saying.…


Added by Scott Wintrip on September 19, 2013 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Implement Strategic Direction with Three Simple Questions

Organizations often struggle to connect vision to action. I’ve seen it many times in my advising and consulting work. Regularly, organizations take their entire leadership team off to a beautiful, inspiring place—a ski resort in Utah or beachside in the Bahamas—and they spend days or a week coming up with a great strategy. Then when I check in with them a few months or even a year later, I hear that no action has taken place on the vision since that leadership retreat. At…


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What Was the Question?

To Lead or Persuade, Master the Art and Science of Asking Effective Questions

When you are in selling situations, do people from time to time ask you to repeat what you’ve just asked them? If the answer is yes, chances are you are using too many words. You are causing people to think too hard about your question, when you’d rather have them thinking about their answer.

I have noticed this pattern not just with salespeople talking with…


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Digital Era Lessons from “The Old Phone on the Wall”

The anonymous story of "The Old Phone on the Wall" offers five Digital Era lessons about technology and human connection. This post shares the story and highlights the lessons. Readers are invited to share their take-aways from the tale as well. (Phone image from Bill Barber)


In the summer of 2012, someone shared the story of "The Old Phone…


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Quality of Hire = Sasquatch

Would you hire this guy? 

It’s no surprise to learn that today’s corporate recruiters are measured most by the quality of hires they bring into an organization. Developing a strong talent pool to source this quality is also high on the list, as evidenced by some of the numbers in our just-released Talent Acquisition…


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Recruiter Tips from a Pirate - Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! September 19th


Having fun at work and with my colleagues makes everyday just awesome. Marketing is my passion and working with a marketing team that loves challenges especially the challenge of "no budget".

So in honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day", September 19th, I created this little ditty to celebrate the day:…


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Why Your Training Program Probably Sucks

Training is supposed to boost morale, increase productivity and facilitate engagement. Each of these qualities betters the company and the employee alike, but that’s what training is supposed to do. All too…


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You're Fired! 10 Things That'll Get You The Sack

When looking at, and indeed writing about career advice, it’s easy to focus on the positives; finding a job, getting a job, doing well in an interview and how to impress when you start.

However, it’s worth remembering that people can lose a job as quickly and easily as finding one, and companies don’t need much of an excuse to get rid of employees who aren’t living up to…


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Why Recruiters Need to Step Up their Sourcing Game

The Problem

So this is something that I think (and hope) everyone should be doing in their power to accept, change, and implement. The landscape of recruiting today is light-years removed from the free-wheelin' early 90's, where many "old school" recruiters could take on the world with their phone, a rolodex, and maybe a Hotjobs account (with an accompanying action figure).

That time has passed, if it ever should have even…


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Want to find a great candidate, think like a candidate!!

Want to find a great candidate, think like a candidate!!
Awhile back I wrote a blog about “research comes first”. It was all about how you need to do your research about your openings so you know what you are looking for,…

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