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On Human Capital, you get what you pay for...

Quote for the Day: Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

"The problem with the term “Human Capital” is that it perpetuates the notion that human beings are interchangeable anonymous widgets. People who are treated as if they were capital, start to behave like capital. They move to the source of the highest return as quickly as possible without regard to loyalty."

John Sumser, Strategic…

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Well, over the weekend the National Labor Exchange officially replaced AJB. It was a hell of a time but I think we did alright. We'll be watching the drama unfold over the week and see how users (jobseekers and employers) take to our version of a national labor exchange. Much props given to the boys in Technology. One cat was moving in to a house all weekend and had to stay up much of the night friday and saturday. Also, massive props to the Chad for getting a lot of states lined up in support… Continue

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Podcast: Weekly Job Search Roundup #14

7 minute podcast with lots of job board s in the news.

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On recruiting passive candidates, not...

Quote for the Day: Monday, July 2nd, 2007

"I really do hate to buck this week's trend, but passive candidates are no better than active candidates. Passive candidates are simply people

who are not looking to change jobs, but that does not make them better

candidates any more than it makes active candidates bad because they

are looking for another opportunity."

Howard Adamsky,…

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Good Post From Michael Specht

Have a look at this. Social Networks In The Extreme.

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Medications Stockpile

I received a comment yesterday from bloggrr re: my blog on Survival Skills. She asked about shelf life of Synthroid which got me to thinking about medications and how they would

be affected by a disaster.

Bloggrr, the shelf life of Synthroid, is said to be about 2 years. However, it

is prone to degrade faster in response to light, temperature, air, and

humidity. Some of the disaster preparation…


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What draws you back to a recruiting blog?

Hi all,

I've decided to take the plunge and start a blog and trying to decide what to focus on. There's a lot of recruiting blogs out there, all different styles and tones. I'd love to get people's opinions on what they like about the ones they visit often. What do you want in a recruiting blog?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!


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Be on The Lookout

Jason: You would not believe what I just saw.

Animal: What?

Jason: This

Animal: So?

Jason: You are bugging all of these people

Animal: I am the Recruiting Animal and no one bugs…


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SHRM Pics, Podcasts & Videos

Stay tuned to the RecruitingFly blog for pics, podcasts and videos from the 2007 SHRM conference in Las Vegas. I've already uploaded a few videos with several more to come.

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Quote for the Day: Friday, June 29th, 2007

On HR going hungry at the table, bellyaching...

"If you are unlucky enough to work for an organization that doesn't recognize the value of HR, one of two things may be at play: Either you work for a bad company and should immediately move to one that is looking for talented HR folks, or maybe you're the problem."…


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Kevin Wheeler Dabbles In The Ning

Kevin Wheeler has set up a profile here on He contributes very often on ERE. He also has a Ning site. I hope he can add something… Continue

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No More Problems for - Thanks Jobster

I have some real good news for

The last few days for me have been difficult. I know that the last few days for Jason Goldberg and Jobster have been difficult as well. My first priority was to make sure that no one was going to shut down, it is far too valuable to a lot of people. My…


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Quote for the Day: Thursday, June 28th, 2007

On "just-in-time" recruiting...

"The goal of recruiters and the organizations they work for is to have quality talent (Q-Talent) ready for current and future opportunities – a steady flow of the right people, ahead of the company’s demand for them. Picture an airport with airplanes circling overhead. The talent organization is the control tower. It needs to know who is on the horizon, what their…

Added by Amitai Givertz on June 28, 2007 at 7:29am — No Comments's Best Course Of Action

While Jason Goldberg's best course of action, assuming he doesn’t want to become another “laugh piece” for The New York Times, is to admit that he overreacted and retract any hint of taking legal action, the best course of action for John Sumser at is to focus on making the site relevant.

Although I don't often agree with some finer points Sumser makes, it seems very clear to me that he has the ability to make something of the site without Jobster attempting to take… Continue

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Quote for the Day: Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

On leadership development, nature or nurture...

"If authentic leaders are a consequence of their early life experiences does this mean that leadership development books, tapes, learning programs and business consultants are a waste of time? And does this explain why so few of them are not sticky?"

Scott McArthur,…

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Ning Talent Network


I was wondering if anyone else out there is using Ning to create a Talent Network for their company. I have, and am finding that it is a pretty good way to connect with candidates that have already applied for a position or are interested in our company but have not submitted a resume.

I would like to exchange ideas on how to really get the most of Ning and share what I have done.

Is anyone else using a platform to connect with candidates outside of their corporate…


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Recruiting Software

Hello, I work at a small IT Staffing firm in Florida. Currently, we are using VurvExpress as our recruiting software. Though it has many pluses about it, the cons are forcing us to look at other available options. In the afternoons, about the time the west coast would be logging on, the site slows to a snails pace. And more and more often we are getting processing errors when we are trying to perform a simple task. I…


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Why Will Live Long and Prosper...

Seeing that does not infringe on trade secrets, customers or impose unfair competition to Jobster I think that Jason Davis can rest easily…More to come but some useful tid-bits below



The purpose of enforcing a non-compete agreement “is to protect an employer from unfair competition by a former employee without imposing unreasonable restraint on the later.”2 “Protection of the employer, not punishment of…


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Note To The Membership of

Last Thursday, I received a letter from Lawyers representing Jobster letting me know I had to shut down immediately or Jobster would take action. They say that is causing damage

to their business and that I am in violation of my non compete.

I started in its current form while still at…


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