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How to Tell the Candidate They Did Not Get the Job


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3 Rights You Have as a Factory Worker

All workers in the United States have rights when it comes to the environment where they work. This includes both the physical environment and the mental atmosphere or culture of the workplace. When it comes to labor laws, many were initially enacted with the traditional factory worker in mind. Here are some rights that you may or may not be aware…


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How to Deal With a Toxic Work Environment

A harmful work atmosphere is made once an employee feels afraid, threatened and uncomfortable in his or her workplace due to the offensive behavior, intimidation or abuse by a colleague or superior.

The ongoing distress of a work environment where the pervading attitude is overwhelmingly negative, the management is self-interested and incompetent, and bullying and cliques are rife, makes you more likely to experience depression. It can leave you physically and emotionally drained in…


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How to Drive Employee Engagement?

The first thing that we need to realize is that, when it comes to employee engagement there is no one size that fits all. There are many strategies for employee engagement and sometimes we cannot universally implement the same strategies for all the organizations. Different strategies work for different people. Let us examine a few strategies to drive employee…


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3 Ways to Prepare For a Telephone Interview

3 Ways to Prepare For a Telephone Interview

Since you’re reading this article, you must have already received an offer for a telephone interview. Congratulations! And to have the sense to prepare for it – good on you! Telephone interviews are sometimes harder than a real face-to-face interview because you will have to somehow communicate your personality and enthusiasm through your voice. These tips may seem like common sense, but sometimes common-sense is easily forgotten……


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Do you know the numbers?

  • Unemployment Rate: 3.7%
  • Underemployment Rate: 13.9%
  • Job openings were at 7.2 million on the last business day of July
  • Jobs Openings Rate: 4.5%
  • Number of hires were at 6 million on the…

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Ask Purposeful Questions

Struggling with asking the right questions in an interview?…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Workshape!!

How to source on the lesser known sites!! Workshape!!

Workshape is a site where you can find people, specifically…


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How to Handle an Injury on the Job When You Need the Income

Getting injured at work can feel disastrous in multiple ways. You may wonder how you are going to cover the costs of the injury even as you are dealing with physical difficulties and pain. This will be especially difficult if you already have previous injuries or physical and mental traumas. You may even be concerned about whether or not you can even continue working. If this job is your only source of income, requires a level of physical ability your injury prevents, or you will have…


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Boolean – The Lost Language

Search engines are an important resource when looking for resumes, whether you’re searching on general search engines like Yahoo or Google or on resume specific job boards like CareerBuilder or Monster. To really make your search effective you need to remember Boolean Language. Boolean tools will help you create more effective and focused searches, producing…


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Why is Talent Mapping So Important?

There are so many aspects of recruitment these days that it’s hard to keep up with exactly what’s going on. From diversity to culture fit, there seems to be a new point of focus for the industry with each passing month. However, there’s one process…


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Understanding the tech jargon as a need to succeed as tech recruiter

Working in the IT field is as challenging as rewarding as you can imagine. But beginnings are difficult...who did not struggle to understand the differences between the terms and how they relate to one another?

Although I am myself not a recruiter, we have been interviewing several of them for our Recs & Devs podcast and listening to their stories is inspiring and can help out those who are now…


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Celebrating Women in Business – A Personal Journey

Over the coming months, I am pleased and delighted to be attending several events hosted by, and focusing on, Women in Business. This isn’t just a great networking opportunity, it’s a real chance to empower other women in business. And a chance to be a part of the recruitment industry as it moves forward and evolves. Personally, I’m especially…


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What are the Objectives of Performance Management?

Performance management is a nurturing and holistic process that seeks to develop employees with the required skills and competencies to work towards the overall development of the business. It also emphasizes on improving employee performance taking into consideration the business requirements. Performance management involves giving continuous…


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Women’s wear in the office – how has this developed?

In 2017, the UK was embroiled in a heated debate regarding womenswear in the office. Thanks to the government rejecting the proposal to ban such gender-specific workplace dress codes — there have been a number of other changes to the office wardrobe of women over the years. Join us as we take a virtual trip down memory lane to see how the last 100 years has shaped women’s office wear.…


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Exit Interview Tips

What is Exit Interview?  The goal of an exit interview is to understand the departing employee’s experience with our company and their reason for leaving. But why are we waiting until they leave to find this out? In an era of high turnover and a war on talent, we can’t afford to wait until our employees leave to find out what their concerns are. We need to figure them out while they’re still with us. That’s where stay interviews come in.


Stay interviews are conducted to find…


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Implement Organizational Changes Through Conversation

Organizations often struggle with change.  There is a human side to change that is often overlooked or underestimated and companies face true challenges when trying to implement real change. 

Change initiatives should not be rolled out or emailed to the organization without consensus – if you take this approach, employee buy-in at all levels is…


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Candidate Selection Methods: An Employer’s Guide to Making the Right Decision


You want to employ the best talent possible to strengthen your business, but what’s the best way to ensure you do?

Attracting a strong pool of candidates can be challenging enough, but once you’ve options, employers must avoid undoing all that hard work through a slow, poorly planned, or badly executed selection…


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Online Marketing is the Key to Opening New Doors

When it comes to promoting your business, the most effective way to reach a wider audience is to make the most of online marketing. A significant majority of us now access the internet for goods and services from a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet or laptop. The days of the stationary desktop at home. We’ve all had our heads stuck in our phones…


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Future-Proofing Your HR Strategy: 10 tactics to ensure your HR strategies keep you relevant

We’ve been hearing a lot about the concept of future-proofing your business like it’s something entirely new. In reality, wise companies have been future-proofing all along. Regardless of its roots, future proofing—which we’ll simply define as the ability to remain relevant among your competitors—is critical to the long-term success of any organization. While there’s lots of reading out there surrounding corporate-wide future-proofing strategies, our focus is as always on…


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