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How to source on the lesser known sites!!!! is a simple yet powerful online IDE, Editor, Compiler, Interpreter, and REPL. is a

San Francisco-based start-up and an online IDE. Its name comes from the acronym REPL, which

stands for "read–evaluate–print loop". is a little-known site and few have tried to…


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A Winning Combination: ATS and CRM

With the growing technology, the recruitment process is also evolving rapidly. It can be tough for us to keep up with the emerging platforms and trends gaining ground every day. Nowadays, the software is efficient enough to deliver expected results. With a single recruitment platform, organizations branch into discrete tools for different recruitment funnel stages.

All from other recruitment tools, two of them are typically taking the central stage, i.e., Applicant Tracking System…


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HRIS Basics: How HR Software Delivers Intelligence from Hire to Retire

Today’s most successful companies know their greatest asset is their people. If you’re ready to truly invest in your organization’s talent, it is time to upgrade to a human resources information system (HRIS) — a digital solution for HR management.

An HRIS allows your HR team to gather, manage, and disseminate all of your company’s core HR operations. Think of the HRIS as a digital library of employee information. Instead of spreading important insights across spreadsheets, email…


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Use These 7 New Tips To Improve Your Candidate Experience

Nowadays, candidate experience is paramount, and it’s more than a passing trend. The way recruitment gets done has changed. The current job market is candidate-driven. It is not about you picking the candidate now the candidate chooses a company based on candidate experience. That’s why it’s necessary for your company to ace the candidate experience. 

Now, the candidates are far more selective and looking to find a…


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Putting People First: 10 Wellness Challenges Your Employees Will Love

Employee wellness programs are nothing new. In fact, there are many companies that focus solely on various ways to engage and encourage employees to take better care of their health and wellness. (Check out our Best Employee Wellness Platforms reviews for more details.) 

It’s not just about exercise and better eating habits. From smoking cessation to…


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How pronoun badges support gender identity in the workplace

Equality is high on most workplace’s priorities. Employers are keen to make sure their workers are comfortable and happy in order to be more productive, therefore equality and inclusivity are high on any workplace’s priorities. However, according to totaljobs, 60% of transgender employees have suffered workplace discrimination. The same study revealed over half of trans workers…


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Why executive decision makers don’t make decisions.

As specialist executive recruiters for almost 25 years, it’s one of the most common frustrations we still hear from employers. Why are so many executive decision makers reluctant to actually make decisions?


The logic is simple enough. After all, when you’re recruited into a senior decision-making position, it’s only natural…


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How to buy the right work-from-home laptop

Working from home necessitates a high reliance on our personal computers. Laptops have become imporant components of our productivity and success at work. A new laptop usually serves its proud owner for 3-8 years. Purchasing a new laptop is a more involved decision now than ever before. Here are some ideas on how to invest in the right machine.

Form factor and size

Laptops are synonymous with portability. Fixed computers at the office are almost always desktops. They are…


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Which tool is best for_______ (insert here)!!

So, like death and taxes one thing is inevitable, someone will ask which tool is best for whatever. The problem is no one can really answer that question but the person asking it. The right question is “Which tools do you think are the best that I should demo”. The reality is no one can tell you which is best, but you. No one else knows what you look…


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So You Want to Become a Recruiter

So, you have decided you want to become a recruiter? Professions in talent acquisition can be rewarding and exciting at the same time. However, a career in recruiting doesn’t always follow a straight line.  And, there are negatives along with the glory of bringing in that top executive hire who will help transform the company.

Common Career Paths For Recruiters

Recruiting is a lot like sales.  You are reaching out to prospective hires many times through cold…


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What You Need To Know About AI in HR, A 101 Course

Do you want to understand how artificial intelligence is going to impact HR and recruiting? We've put together a short overview of where AI is today, where it's going, and how to leverage this exciting technology in your company today.

We've packaged this information into five short videos that you can consume below all at once, of one by one in a five day email course. You can signup to get these delivered to your inbox each day for the next five days…


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The Secret Behind How to Become A Successful Recruiter

Have you ever wondered what makes a recruiter efficient? Recruiting is a competitive job profile, but at the same time, it is a unique and rewarding job. In this age, it is not just only about posting job ads, screening, streamlining, and hiring; it is more than that now. The recruiters who understand this fact and act accordingly are most likely to attract the perfect talents.


There are mainly three areas where the recruiters must examine…


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When considering your future state of a process let your mind look at all the possibilities

Hey I get it! In normal circumstances when we are confronted with a problem we rely on our 

past experiences to find solutions to those problems. I

n doing so you may very well be cheating your customers. Design thinking tells us to ask two initial questions:

what is and what if? What is clearly loos at what…

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Analysis: “Leaders Are Born OR Made"

The world is a strange place full of people of diverse appearances, skills, and culture. Most people are quite talented and often lead others. Like the online class takers providing help with online classes. Most people argue that people who are a leader are born with this talent. While others think that it is a talent that is learned by practice and experience. Today we are here to help you decide whether leaders are born or made. Before we get on the topic we want to help with online…


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4 Ways to Get Started With a Career in Web Design

In a world where more and more businesses are moving online, a career in web design can provide an opportunity for nearly limitless work and income. Before you can begin your career, though, there are some important steps you need to take so that you can set a strong foundation for…


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The Strategy Behind Effective Employee Performance Appraisals That Actually Work

“How am I doing?” For most employees, this is the perennial question that affects just about everything — from morale to performance to day-to-day attitude. We’ve already written about how important it is to give performance feedback on an ongoing basis. But that doesn’t make the annual or biannual performance review less important to conduct correctly.

A formal…


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Top 5 High Paying Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain is one of those technologies that emerge once in 100 years and revolutionize the industry or at least do something of that sort. The internet did the same in the ’90s. After the internet came into existence, the world became much smaller than imagined. Blockchain technology is doing the same but along different lines. The lack of transparency in the industry and monopolistic control over data is a deterrent in optimizing the efficiency of business operations and limits innovation.…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!!MDMAG and HCPLive!!

HCPLive and MDMAG Are a comprehensive clinical news and information portal that provides

physicians with up-to-date specialty and disease-specific resources designed to inform and educate.

Dev is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it. Well to do this without worry you need

go no further…


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Leadership Attributes needed during Challenging times

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs has been a great leader not only for Apple but also for every aspiring entrepreneur. When we talk about leaders, we always portray a strong and confident person who gives us hope to rise every time we stoop down or stumble over an obstacle. Remember how the most exemplary guy in…


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The Job Role of an E-commerce Marketing Manager

E-commerce has drastically transformed the way business functions.

With cutting-edge technology on the rise, digitally native brands are looking forward to taking their business to the next level. The world is shifting to a different space where brands have started enabling commerce using live streams or online space

As the e-commerce space…


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