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With newfound confidence and IPO dollars, GM hires 1,000 for EV division

GM announced on Nov. 30 that it's hiring 1,000 engineers and researchers over the next couple of years for its electric vehicle division. When was the last time GM announced the creation of high-paying jobs?

This time around, GM is very optimistic, and full of new found confidence. With billions of dollars from a recent IPO, and a single order for 12,000 Chevy Volts from GE, who wouldn't…


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Recruiter Confidence High!!!

Yesterday I received an email from ExecuNet which had a link to a recent post on their website: “Recruiter Confidence Jumps Amid Positive Economic Indicators.” In the article they explain that they poll Executive recruiter’s confidence quite regularly and explain that in their most recent poll 61% of respondents were either “confident” or “very confident” that executive hiring will improve over the next six months.…


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Mission: Statement !!

Today I have decided to talk about a key part of business and operations: The Mission Statement. For a full definition of what a mission statement is, please refer to Wikipedia or a fantastic book by Stephen R. Covey entitled “7 Steps of Highly Effective People”( I believe many people in the industry own this book (Its required reading at…


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Overqualified Candidates

Is the term “overqualified” code for too old, or too expensive? Should an employer be wary of hiring overqualified people? The answer to both is sometimes.

Overqualified truly means a person who possesses skills way beyond what is required to do the job, AND the job being considered represents a step down for the person.

There are a few valid reasons why an overqualified person could safely be hired and could do a good job. A lifestyle change could be valid – kids at home (or… Continue

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Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 11.27.10 to 12.3.10

Here is our weekly feature in which we share the top articles we enjoyed from the past week about recruitment marketing. This week we’ll be talking about if recruiting top talent is your #1 priority, Lessons from Ben & Jerry’s, Fortune 500 social media insights, economic recovery on the horizon and listening to your employees.

Here are the articles our that interested us this week (in no particular order),…


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Is the Job Market Back? Is It Not? Is It in Limbo? Does It Matter?

The economy’s getting better! No, it’s not. Yes, it is! No, wait . . . hold on . . . no, it’s not.

I can see why some recruiters have decided to stop watching and reading the news. There’s no point. Do the so-called “experts” have a handle on anything that’s happening? I’d have to say probably not.

Take Friday’s monthly labor report, courtesy of the U.S. government. According to the report, U.S. employers added 39,000 jobs to…


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"WOW" IT recruiters with customized resume

A survey of human resources managers by job board revealed that almost half of them typically review up to 25 applications per job while spending just 30 to 60 seconds looking over each one. That number pales in comparison to the applications our recruiters at Agile receive. Depending on the particular job posting, an Agile recruiter can get inundated with hundreds of applications – for just one position.

Now that the economy is turning around, the number of…


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Best Practice or Most Practice? — How to Stop Doing What You’ve Always Done to Achieve Higher Profits

The major airlines and many recruiting firms have a problem in common — both want to be more competitive, yet, perpetuate the very business practices that keep them stuck in coach class. Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, is the perfect case study of the positive impact of new

and improved best practices, including no change fees, rapid turnover of flights, reasonably…


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Is Your Career A Job?

Everything you are doing now is taking you where you want to go so do it well. A job is defined as “a post of employment; full

time or part time position”. To some a job is nothing but work, and for others

the experience is more orchestrated and enjoyed. These people have careers and

thrive in their profession or occupation. They have a sense of high…

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Social Recruiting: Like a Rolling Stone!

The other day I wrote about some common reasons on Why Social Recruiting Fails but today I’m going to focus one I didn’t specifically mention that I think is important which is just Never getting started. For some, starting to use social media can seem like this insurmountable hump that they feel they can never get over and therefore they hesitate to even get started.



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The Most Critical Characteristic for Success in Any Endeavor

According to our research, regardless of what you do, Personal Accountability is the most critical personal skill you can exhibit.

Personal accountability, by our definition, is...

The willingness to take responsibility for one's own…


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Forget Deer—It’s 'Purple Squirrel' Hunting Season for Recruiters!

Deer hunting season has just begun . . . but deer doesn’t appear to be in season for most recruiters these days.

Lately, what most recruiters have been hunting for are “purple squirrels.”

According to, a “purple squirrel” is “a recruiter's term for the elusive candidate, with exactly the right qualifications and experience, to match the client’s role.”

However, in recent months, companies have been making the “purple…


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Green Jobs 2.0

By Roy Notowitz

Lately, the mythical silver bullet for our ailing economy has taken on an emerald hue. While “green jobs” have been heralded as a source of employment, the true complexities of “eco” are just starting to take shape. As you read this, the outdoor apparel and footwear industry is in the midst of a major collaboration to measure, define, and refine each stage of the design, manufacturing, and delivery process. The result –and consequential shift- promises…


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Is Bigger Better?

When I hear a founder touting on how much headcount they have or will be increasing to I sometimes wonder about their definition of success. There are many different verticals and industries out there and some industries measure their success in much different ways. The common thread in every…


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Interview with Laura Harlos, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air

“Our resource groups have really helped us understand our customers, and on a new level…on a better level.”

Laura Harlos…


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Are you looking to integrate your recruiting strategy into the mobile space?

I am looking forward to attending recruitDC tomorrow morning #recruitDC #Jobs2Web

About RecruitDC

recruitDC is bringing together the best and brightest in our local recruiting community to share our challenges with meeting demands that change daily – even hourly! The DC area is unique in recruiting – we have low unemployment even during a recession, we have many industries that cross cut geography and we…

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All hail the lowly job alert!

Not long after job boards were unleashed on an unsuspecting world, the folks managing these sites noticed an interesting phenomenon: job seekers would spend a considerable…


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