December 2017 Blog Posts (97)

What is the difference between Christmas bonus and Year-end Bonuses?

The end of the year brings with it the year's most beautiful holidays and the opportunity for businesses to review their performance in 2017. Financial statements are getting closer and managers assess performance based on defined plans, while making an effort to express their thanks for the effort shown by their employees. Every company has its…


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Five Creative Ways Young Startups Can Find More Talent

In any business, the workforce is the lifeblood of the organization. Without a skilled, devoted and creative team working for you, your business may falter and even fail over time. If you are running a startup and are preparing to build a fabulous team, you understandably may be focused on…


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How to Find Someone’s Email Address: List of Best Email Finders

Finding someone’s email address is one the key pain points in modern recruiting. That’s why professional recruiting masterminds use so called “email finders”, online sourcing tools that can help you find somebody’s email address for free in as little as a few seconds!



Added by Kristina Martic on December 21, 2017 at 10:30am — 3 Comments

4 Killer Ways To Improve Your Networking Capability

The world is changing at whirlwind levels, so it's critical that you stay ahead of the game and able to hunt. 

Knowing how to networking and get in a room with people who can help you earn money, gain opportunities and live your dreams is half the battle, no matter what industry you work in. 

You need to…


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Salary negotiations are a balancing act, where your need for the candidate is weighed against what you are prepared to pay to get them. This week's Roundup navigates the seemingly treacherous waters of negotiation, providing hints and tactics for successful salary negotiation for hiring supervisors (and candidates), as well as providing insight to how negotiators can enhance their skills by understanding the way the other side perceives them.

Salary negotiations can be daunting to…


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These beautiful words act synonymous to the present trends of automatic recruitment process outsourcing. This thought provoking, yet realistic estimate by John Naisbitt is a befitting metaphor for the results according to an OmniPulse survey recovered by national polling firm, Research Today, on behalf of Randstad US. Considering that the concept of jobs has originated, the…


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Avoiding the Burnout: Helping New Recruits Stay Enthusiastic

There's arguably nothing more rewarding as a recruiter than finding an employee that will be a perfect company fit. The energy and excitement that comes with a successful job offer and subsequent acceptance are thrilling, and the air is ripe with potential.

Unfortunately, it's all too common for…


Added by Courtney Myers on December 20, 2017 at 2:38pm — 1 Comment

Taxes and Recruiting

With the new tax law, corporate budgets will change. This will impact recruiting on all fronts. More money for recruiting budgets, to spend on ads and outside help, to hire more internal recruiters. More money to push a company’s reach out further and to draw in the talent they need.

More money to hire more key people. When cash flow increases, the first thought is to figure out how we can best use the increase to grow the business. Hire more salespeople, open a new plant, develop a…


Added by Todd Kmiec on December 20, 2017 at 9:38am — No Comments

8 essential things to consider before becoming a freelance writer

        The life of a freelance writer can be a wonderful experience especially to versatile writers. You simply enjoy some freedoms; no set working hours, no dress code and no reporting to a boss. It is such a dream career particularly for talented workers who have skills in writing, coding and web design. With such skills and abilities in today’s world, the reality of becoming a freelancer worker is not farfetched. However, it is important for you to take a step back and…


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The Best Websites for Jobs in Travel and Hospitality Tech

I´ve learned that there are some tricks to find the jobs in the travel tech bubble. They´re a combination of filters with different locations on the web. It might be that they´re either under technology or travel and leisure, or hospitality. That leaves me with finding something that might interest me at a ration of one post per every two pages.…


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What Hiring Managers Must Know About IT Candidates Supply & Demand

It’s harder than ever to hire in IT, but why is that? Tech hiring managers have a lot on their plates, and it often feels more productive to forge ahead with the recruiting process than to sit and reflect on the industry numbers. However, a deeper comprehension of unemployment rates and IT candidate supply and demand will go a long way in understanding why salaries are rising and how to land elusive talent.


Understanding Unemployment Rates

Job seekers in the United…


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Recruiting Real Talent: 5 Tricks to Recognizing a Five-Star Employee

When you own a small business, hiring the right employees is key. You need five-star employees who bring a positive attitude with them every day and are productive throughout their shifts. The challenge is knowing how to find these people when you have dozens of candidates to sort through. Here are five tricks that will make it much easier to spot the cream of the crop.…


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How do you test for soft skills like communication?


You are in the process of hiring for a role that has a lot of technical skills requirements, however, the team is very collaborative and communicates a lot on how they will work together to achieve a specific result.  


What tests can you put together that will illustrate the candidate's soft skills in this area?

It's a…


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Advantages of Digital Hiring


Digital Hiring is an occasion saver that enriches hiring efficacy radically. World wide web never waits thus, instantaneous a reaction to occupation market is fairly potential. Not merely accelerate it truly provides amazing providers to a person that is based on internet selecting.

In the event that you may set excellent attempts and proceed profound on your electronic recruiting tool box afterward you can readily take out advice regarding preceding placements…


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The Difference between Sourcing and Recruiting

Below are a few details!

With social networking earning continuous advancements in obtaining new skills, there's a lot of vagueness in regards to Offshore Recruiter and sourcers. Even though part of the sourcer is much enjoy a recruiter, however, sourcing is completed within an important ancient part of the entire recruiting procedure.

The Use of…


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Ways to Nail Corporate Culture

Considering millennials while the largest generation from the Western workforce, its necessary to figure out ways to pinpoint the corporate culture as today's Offshore Recruiter are mostly made up of millennials. And yes, that is not the first time we are authoring millennials and certainly not the previous time. This really is one particular bone of contention…


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How Important Are Recruitment Reference Checks?

While in the last ten years or so the entire procedure of recruitment reference checks has not just became an integral part of HR department and assorted recruiting agencies but also the mainstream press in a big way. Who is able to forget the much discussed ya-hoo scandal that raised eye-balls a few short years back? As among many top offshore recruiter process…


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Sourcing Methodology INTRO!!

So we are going to take a break on our series on lesser sites, to start a miniseries on a Sourcing Methodology, I use that has been very successful. This will be the last post of 2017 so the series will begin in 2018, however, I will lay the groundwork here.


The Methodology is pretty simple, Research-Source-Scrape(or download), Enhance and…


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How to Improve Your Online Store by Improving the Customer Experience

The retail market has transformed in the US and much of the world. Today, a huge chunk of retail sales occur online. This is one trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.…


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3 Tips & Tricks for A Great Cover Letter That Will Land You The Job

 3 Tips & Tricks for a Great Cover Letter That Will Land You the Job


Image source: Pixabay

With the clear-cut purpose of introducing you, your skills, mention…


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