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...the survey also found that more than half of buyers had visited a blog

and 43 per cent had listened to a podcast. The survey recommended

suppliers increase their visibility to buyers via these methods.

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It's nice that people are giving this visibility. It's nice to know that the Recruiting… Continue

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Quote for the Day: Monday, June 18th, 2007

On communal blogging and "free speech"...

"Yes, you own your own words. But you also own the tone that you allow on any blog or forum you control. Part of "owning your own words" is owning the effects of your behavior and the editorial voice you foster...Shock radio hosts encourage abusive callers; a mainstream talk radio show like NPR's Talk of the Nation wouldn't hesitate to cut someone off who started spewing…

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International Staffing Perspectives:An De Jonghe, CEO, Ulysses Consulting, Belgium - Fourth In A Series

Fourth In A Series

An De Jonghe is an accomplished recruitment Entrepreneur with 10 years

experience in Human Resources and Information Technology. She Started

her first company at the age of 24 and today serves as CEO and

co-founder of Ulysses Consulting, an executive search firm with an ICT

industry emphasis. Her maiden language being Dutch, she also speaks

fluently in French, English and… Continue

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From the Archives: Monday, October 31st, 2005

68 Posts

" 'What the hell are you thinking?' Why put in the effort and time and heartache when it [blogging] doesn’t make any money?

Actually the math is pretty simple. I am investing in my network, contributing to my community of practice (in this case my community of practice is people who believe that talent is more valuable than capital) and want to be part of the next…

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A Review

Richard Becker who says with confidence that the Recruiting Blogosphere is miles ahead of other industry blog like communities wrote something very nice and promising about

Thanks Richard

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A Very Successful Fordyce Forum from what I Hear

Congrats to a very successful first Fordyce Forum. Dave Manaster showed

some real genius when he acquired it. He showed some more genius when

he took it on the road and I am sure we will see a third example in the

next 12 months.

Craig Silverman had this to say about it:

I was very impressed with the attendees at Fordyce. Congrats to Dave

Manaster and Paul Hawkinson on getting 175 big…

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Your network is only as good as you make it

We hear about all of these social networking tools online. I think each tool out there has its own pros and cons, but like a database it is only as good as the effort you put in to utilize it. I recently did a quick audit on my contacts in LinkedIn and realize that 95% of my contacts are in the staffing industry. Now that is good to one degree, but also showed that my network lacked diversity. However one of my colleagues who is a recruiter has nothing but SAP candidates as her contacts,…


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Quote for the Day: Friday, June 15th, 2007

On defining quality employees...

"Most organizations do not have any definition of a "quality employee," nor do they even have a performance management system that is anything better than a popularity contest….suffice it to say that before any performance can be assessed, the organization has to have a clear idea of what good or exceptional performance looks like. It needs to have longitudinal studies of its best performers so that a pattern of actions,…

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Recruiting Roadshow Unconference Coming To Minneapolis, July 20th At Best Buy HQ

Many weeks ago I contacted my local career blogging colleagues about getting together for…


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!!! Whoo - hoo I am a "runner up" !!! ;-) Congrat's to Jeff, the big winner ;-)

Yayhoo - I'm a winner !!!

I can't wait to get my hands on the book I have won.

Thanks Maureen.

RE: 2nd Ever contest!

posted 6/8/2007 at 5:08 a.m. PT



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Quote for the Day: Thursday, June 14th, 2007

On slacking off...

"Slack allows innovative projects to be pursued because it buffers organizations from the uncertain success of these projects, fostering a culture of experimentation"

Nitin Nohria & Sumantra Ghoshal, The Differentiated Network: Organizing…

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Dear all,

Welcome to my space. Check this out


Please give me your feedback and let me know if you would like to post a job.

Job Posting is completely FREE currently.

Job Blogger

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Do Your Candidates Cluck?

Do Your Candidates Cluck?

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I have a question about time card system.

We just added a new tool to AIMS eStaffer.

We added a Web Based Time card system for contracotrs.

My question is, as a staffing company, how often do you customers ask you to provide a way to collect time card for the contractors you place at there company and if they want you to collect the time cards, does the customer

want a papar copy of the card or would an online version that is printable be enough?

Our system now allows each contractor to log on and submit a time… Continue

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Quote for the Day: Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

On outsourcing and knowledge workers...

"If by off-loading employee relations, organizations also lose their capacity to develop people, they will have made a devil's bargain indeed."

Peter Drucker, They're Not Employees, They're People

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U Can't Touch This....

Just a little nostalgia for some!…


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Epithet is a sick and twisted flasher...

NEW YORK — A man in Brooklyn has been frightening women by appearing nude or scantily clad near their apartment windows. He is still on the loose and has flashed at least two women since May, according to police authorities.

The man usually comes out between midnight and 2 a.m. in the area around Ave. C and East 4th Street in Brooklyn.

One victim said she saw the man a couple months ago. “I looked toward the windows and…


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Quiet before the storm...

New to this blogging phenomena....but I won't have a problem when I get going, hence my profile photo of a rabbit, as in rabbitrabbit etc.. as I like a good natter. Oh dear that's corny.

So here goes...

Right now I am taking the week off and am between employers so strange as I venture out and join the herds of the unemployed, students and housewives.

Focusing on clearing my mind and mentally switching over to new will remain confidential ofcourse.…


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