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5 Company Perks That Definitely Attract Millennials

As baby boomers transition out of the workforce and millennials flood in, employers need to take note of the new strategies they’ll need to attract and retain the top talent of today’s workforce. Millennials value job satisfaction more highly than previous generations, and contemporary workers who are dissatisfied with their current employers …


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Five Strategies to Build and Increase Customer Loyalty

Acquiring new customers is great, but retaining existing ones and gaining their loyalty is cheaper and far more profitable for a business. 

Several studies have estimated that attracting new customers can be anywhere between 5-25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Another …


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Top 3 Best Free Interview Scheduling Software

If you are a recruiter and reading this blog, how much time usually do you spend on scheduling a job interview?

Rakuna’s customer insight research found that more than 30% of recruiters/ recruiting coordinators regard interview scheduling as one of the most time-consuming tasks in the hiring process due to lots of back-and-forth communications to manually match up everyone’s availability.

Therefore, using interview scheduling software is one of the popular options for every…


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Why you shouldn’t stay in one place for the whole life?

Life is a book and you can’t get an idea about it from its cover. There are ups and downs. Sometimes, you may feel that everything has its end, and your life is over here. But again, a new day gives the message that you are so wrong. But the fear is always there. You need to win that. There is a world…


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Best Practices For The Next Tech-Driven Graduate Student Recruitment: Where Should New-Age Recruiters Focus On First?

How is big data changing your campus recruiting strategy?

Big data changing your campus recruiting strategy?

Tech-driven big data approach is revolutionizing how we do business and analyze data. It is a major theme in nearly every industry today. New-age recruiters who know how to harness the limitless possibilities and the best practices of big data can take out the guesswork, work out an evidence-based strategy for their college hiring program, and…


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When HR Tech goes too far - Microsoft’s employee surveillance technology

Clearly we are fans of how HR Tech can make a meaningful impact on organizations.  From unbiased hiring to increasing employee engagement, software is typically a positive when done right.

However, there is a looming threat in our industry to essentially take the human out of HR Tech.  As a research team, we see this as a pitfall for lots of tools ranging from misused automated…


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How will hiring be affected by the COVID-19 virus?

It all started with the year 2020 when the pandemic hit across the globe. We knew nothing about how things are going to work in the first phase. Everyone was worried about coronavirus, and we saw many changes happening around us in a quick time.

The first time we asked to wear a mask on the face, much emphasis was put on sanitization and avoiding human interactions.…


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High Volume Recruiting: 11 Best Practices to Ace the Campaign

High volume recruiting is no easy task for every company. Dealing with a gigantic amount of applicants is really time consuming, and if you’re not careful, you might fail to meet the deadline and fail to ensure the candidates’ experience. With hundreds of positions to fill and thousands of applications to screen, you have to make extra effort to stay organized and keep tracks of all of them.

While job seekers have the freedom to access all the data they need about you from your sites,…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!! LiveJournal!!

LiveJournal is an online community, a social network, and a place for self-expression. We strive to create an environment where you can connect with others, share your thoughts, and be yourself. Our core values guide us to protect and cultivate that community. LiveJournel is not very well known to us in staffing, but can be a good resource for…


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7 Tips to keep employees productive while working from home

The world has faced the COVID-19 pandemic for months now. Remote work, which everyone thought to be a temporary arrangement, has become much more permanent. Though some governments loosened restrictions and lifted the lockdown during the summer and early fall, the new wave of the virus has forced many countries including the United States to re-establish lockdowns. 

Many organizations now see remote working as a logical precaution for their employees. Remote work is no longer an…


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Wasting sales rep’s time can REALLY hurt HR Tech buyers

A year ago I was giving an actual in person presentation on how to buy HR Tech to a group of HR directors.  As you can see, it was literally a fireside chat:

A white board in front of a fireplace during a HR professionals retreat

I really love to speak to smaller groups as it allows for a conversation versus me just talking at people (also why I love it when people reply to our newsletters with questions/comments). …


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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Event Best Practices

Even with the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic and quarantine measures, the global events industry remains active thanks to virtual event solutions. Once thought to be a passing trend, a virtual event solution is now a must-have tool for event planners and organizers during and even long after the pandemic. Out of 1776 individuals in the …


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7 Most Effective Work From Home Advice By Experts

A few days back, while scrolling on social media amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I read an article citing that while in quarantine due to the plague, Sir Isaac Newton discovered calculus and William Shakespeare wrote “King Lear.”

After reading that article, I believe all these reminders can motivate us to be more productive during this time.

If you are anxious rather than productive, you are not alone. To a certain degree, everyone is sailing in the same boat. But along with…


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2021 HR File Management Goals:  Is Your Company Behind The Times?

COVID-19 presented companies with a multitude of challenges in 2020, exposing process inefficiencies in many areas of business, not the least of which being HR.  Is your HR file management strategy keeping up with the times?

When COVID-19 forced many companies to shutter their physical office space and ask their…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!! Credential!!

Credential is a site where you can store your certificates and badgesReceive verified digital certificates and badges from trusted issuers or upload your own achievements. In some cases…


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The Difference Between CEM and CRM Software Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) and customer experience management (CEM) are commonly confused with one another. On the surface, both software solution types capture and analyze customer information, which is why businesses often question if they need to have both and if one can cover the same functionality of the other.

This confusion is quite understandable, especially since CRM and CEM solutions also share the same goal of boosting a company’s profitability through the…


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5 Most Important Features of a Staffing CRM

For staffing firms, the 2 most valuable software tools have traditionally been an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. An ATS will help manage information about candidates and job-seekers, track notes, search and match jobs, schedule interviews, and ultimately record details of…


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The Must-Read Guide to Finding the Best Virtual Event Platform for Your Needs

Virtual career fair has now presented itself as proof of effective and cost-saving adaptation into event organization. As reported by Vfairs (2021), more than …


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5 Signs That You Should Start Adopting a Recruiting CRM Software

For recruiting firms that lack the help of a recruiting candidate relationship management (CRM), lacking qualified candidates, lengthy process to attract suitable prospects, or losing them mid-way or even before the interview process can be common occurrences.

With a recruiting CRM, a reliable, effective recruitment pipeline is a possibility. It is an eventuality. Do you know that, when using properly, a recruiting CRM …


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A bad sign when buying HR Tech - CEOs on sales calls

The other day I was having a conversation with an HR leader who was new to their role and trying to figure out how to build out their Work Tech stack.  Specifically, they were looking at a new technology to manage their benefits.

She had found vendor that caught her eye, but there was something in the back of her head, a gut feeling, that something was off about this company.

Without getting into too many details, she is a fairly seasoned HR pro who has bought many systems over…


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