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Upskilling: Why You’re Never too Qualified (or too old) to Develop Your Skills

In March’s budget, chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed plans to boost funding for ‘returnerships’ – fast-track apprenticeships targeted towards the Over 50s.

The scheme is designed to coax the middle-aged demographic back to work through vocational retraining and stresses the importance of lifelong learning and development.

This development prompts a wider discussion…


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Exploring Diverse Job Roles in the Dynamic Field of Cybersecurity

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance of cybersecurity has grown exponentially. With the rise of cyber threats and the potential for devastating consequences, organizations across industries are recognizing the need to invest in robust security measures. This surge in demand has paved the way for a multitude of exciting and diverse career options in the field of cybersecurity.…


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65+ Critical Employee Wellness Statistics of 2023

In a post-COVID world, it’s impossible to exist in the People Operations space without paying attention to employee wellness. Productivity, growth, job satisfaction, retention, and other essential business metrics are inextricably linked to the wellbeing of a company’s workforce.

We’ve taken a look at the statistical data from all sides to see what employers are doing to promote wellness, and what employees need. 

In This Article…


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2023 Survey: 74% Of Workers Would Rather Have a $50K Bonus than a 4-Day Workweek

What would you pay to never sit in an online meeting again? If you knew the feeling was mutual, would you leave your partner for your office crush? Ever fantasize about firing your boss? Ever wonder if the secret thoughts and pet peeves you have about work are actually common opinions? 

We ran an anonymous poll to learn more about the secret psyche of American workers, and we learned some interesting stuff. 

In This Article…


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Tips for Using LinkedIn to Land Your Dream HR or PeopleOps Job

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools that job seekers can leverage to boost their chances of securing their dream HR or PeopleOps role. In this article, we'll see why it's vital to have a solid presence on this social platform and how to create a profile that can make you stand apart from your peers.

After optimizing your LinkedIn profile, remember to visit our PeopleOps Job…


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Performance Management System Implementation (Step-By-Step Guide)

Many Human Resources (HR) professionals spend months researching the best performance management systems before making a decision on which one to implement at their organization. They jump on a demo (or five), poll their network, review case studies, negotiate contract terms, and get senior management buy-in on the final choice.…


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30 Top Video Interview Tips for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Poor candidate experience. Scheduling challenges. Siloed efforts of recruiters and hiring managers. Sound familiar? These are just a few issues faced when conducting face-to-face interviews with job candidates at your office.

Enter the video interview. Recent years have shown us that this technology supports pre-screen and interview processes rather well. And it’s both hiring organizations and candidates that reap the benefits.

Video interviews can be tailored to your needs.…


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HR Evolution: Strategies for a Smooth Implementation of a New HRIS

Organizations in 2023 rely heavily on powerful software to streamline their operations, and their Human Resources departments are no exception. A lot of the success in adopting software tools lies in how the implementation process is managed, especially in the case of a core HR software, such as an HRIS, that touches every person in the company.

According to recent estimates, the HR Tech market in 2022 represented a growing…


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Productivity Tracking: What it is, Benefits & Pitfalls

Worker productivity is a critical factor in the success of any business. The ability of employees to complete tasks efficiently and effectively can directly impact a company's bottom line. As such, it is not surprising that many companies are turning to productivity tracking and monitoring tools as a means of optimizing their workforce.

However, while productivity tracking can help identify areas where employees can improve, it is not without its challenges. Some employees may feel…


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Ultimate List: 81+ HR Conferences in 2023 (In-person & Virtual)

Human Resources (HR) is by definition a profession in flux. As workplace cultures, compliance, labor laws, and the labor markets change, HR must adapt to adequately take care of employees. Staying abreast of the latest HR trends, resources, philosophies, and developments is essential to the career development of any HR professional — from entry-level to CHRO.

With so many moving parts to HR as a whole, it should come as no surprise that there are countless HR conferences held each and…


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12 Types of Employee Recognition Necessary for Great Company Culture

Employee recognition is a priority amongst people leaders who want to build effective company cultures, as it should be.Workplace engagement statistics show that corporate recognition is an essential component of employee experience, wellbeing, and retention

The more we learn about the efficacy and success rate of employee recognition programs,…


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12 Real-Life Employee Recognition Examples from an Expert

So you’re thinking about recognition. That’s a great start, but before you dive into the “how” of recognition, my suggestion is to start with your “why.”

There are lots of reasons you might be thinking about recognition— everything from reacting to employee surveys, growing connections across a dispersed workforce, or finding new ways to simply show your employees that their employer cares about them.

This article gives insight and ideas with practical employee recognition…


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A Guide to Differentiate Your Recruitment Process from Scammers

Recruitment scams that prey on job seekers are becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, these fraudsters are very good at following recruitment trends, often mirroring the language and goals of real recruiting teams— all in an effort to dupe their victims into handing over personal data and money.

By the nature of how these scams work, it’s up to candidates to be vigilant and research an organization before sending out their personal information. This also leaves companies in a…


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Finding and Attracting the Best Talent with LinkedIn Search and AI-Driven Recruitment Tool

Finding and attracting the top people is more crucial than ever in the fiercely competitive employment market of today. Businesses may enhance their recruitment strategy and attract top prospects with the…


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7 Parts of Owning a Business No One Really Tells You About

Owning a business can be a dream come true. The idea of being your own boss, setting your own rules, and making your own money is what most entrepreneurs strive for. However, owning a business is not always as easy as it sounds. There are many parts of owning a business that no one really tells you about. This blog post will…


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How to Utilize RCHilli Taxonomy for Recruiters in Oracle HCM?

Ever since the competition to hire skilled candidates is becoming fierce, the companies needs to shift their attention on tracking candidate competencies and benefiting from them. The best way to ensure this is through robust skills taxonomy. Here’s how RChilli’s skills taxonomy help Oracle recruiters.…


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AI Replaces Humans - A Distant Dream or Reality?

Although machines replaced humans in manufacturing plants, and smart machines replaced humans in doing jobs manually, they have never been able to completely replace humans to run this world. The human mind is very adaptive and creative that has no limits. And therefore, like other technologies in the past, AI also cannot replace humans. But…


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Interview Brag Book

Brag Books

Why not…

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Why Is Career Change So Hard

Most human beings cling to comfort, though science has proven that leaving your comfort zone is where the most significant achievement…

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Network Your Way to Your Next Job

Network Your Way to Your Next Job

Leveraging your professional and personal connections can be an effective strategy for securing your next job. The conventional…

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