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5 Trends That Are Shaping the Staffing & Recruiting Industry in 2019

Few things are more discouraging to an HR professional than recruiting and onboarding the “perfect hire,” only to learn that the candidate was not a good fit after all.…

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ATS vs Recruitment Marketing Software: What is the Difference and Why do You Need Both?

What is the difference between Recruitment Marketing Software and ATS? And why do you need both of these tools to gain advantage in today's ultra-competitive market?

What is ATS and how does it enhance hiring process?…


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4 Reasons Why Social Media is Changing Recruitment

The impact that the proliferation of social media had on recruitment is rather similar to its impact on just about anything else, i.e. it was significant and it opened a lot of doors, while also making everyone a little bit more wary.

While this kind of information availability can benefit both recruiters and talent, it can also land either in hot water, just because of one misstep.…


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How to Improve Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a popular buzzword and the most crucial aspect of attracting talent. It means how candidates feel about your organization while interacting and communicating. It begins by filling up the job application process and continues throughout the recruitment. Candidate experience, whether it is good or bad, influences candidates while deciding to apply to your organization or accept the job offer. 

In the digitally connected era, the…


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7 Reasons to Partner with a Recruitment Firm


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What Should My Professional Network Look Like?

Your professional network shouldn’t just be online, in places like LinkedIn, although the value of these types of networks isn’t to be underestimated. The value of real human interactions, made by attending networking events, training courses and other “real life” professional meetings, makes a huge difference in how we communicate, and also how we learn.

Who Should Be in My Network?

Having a good mixture of people in your network will provide you with a…


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Top 10 Recruitment Agency for Digital Marketing in india

Digital Marketing is in trends now and Digital Marketing Companies are looking for experts for Digital Marketing Hiring .

Talents hunter is now shortlisted some of the Recruitment Agency for Digital Marketing Hiring.

1 - Conscript

Conscript is a…


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Will the Job Interview Survive?


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CRM - What does it mean to you?

As a recruiter, admin isn’t always high on the list of priorities. However, your Sales pipeline definitely should be. Sales are always at the forefront when it comes to running your own recruitment business. As recruiters, we’re always on the hunt for the next opportunity but often this precious sales time is consumed by dealing with temp queries or reassuring perm candidates.

Finding the time to put the information into a CRM system can seem like an unnecessary evil at times. There…


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Summer Slump at Work? Read this!

Feeling the summer slump at work? Here is how to get back into your hardworking, productive mode!

Are you struggling with summer slump at work?

If you’re stuck in office while all your friends are sending you beach…


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An HR’s Guide to Talent Management


Talent management is a growing focus among organizations. As companies are becoming increasingly reliant on talent for growth, talent management is moving up on the list of priorities of human resources departments. Companies today understand talent management is a key strategic function to achieve organizational goals. Unlike few years ago, talent management isn’t limited to recruiting,…


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5 Ways to Retain Top Talent


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"End User Training"

The End User, is a popular concept in software engineering, referring to an abstraction of the group of persons who will ultimately operate a piece of software (i.e. the expected user or target-user).

For the purpose of this blog; let’s roughly translate to:  Hiring Manager - a popular term in Recruitment, referring to an abstraction of the group of persons who will…


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LAX TechRecruit 2019 !!!

LAX TechRecruit 2019 !!!

LAX TechRecruit 20-19 happened just before my vacation and it was awesome. IT had…


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How To Handle Mass Layoffs


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Sleek Interview Skills: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

There's definitely an art to being a good interviewee. If you want to be a good interview subject, there are things that you can do to help your cause. Interviewing skills can take you far in this lifetime. They can make securing jobs of all kinds a lot easier and more realistic for you, too. You should never assume that excelling in interviews is…


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The Key Benefits of Video Interviews HR Needs to Know

With demand for talent at an all-time high, businesses are relying more on new tools and technologies to help streamline the recruiting process and find the talented candidates they need. Video interviewing software is one particular tool that has taken a powerful position in the hiring process. In fact, 60% of hiring managers report that they have…


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Are You Making the Most Out of HR Analytics?

How mature is your HR analytics strategy?

How advanced is your HR analytics strategy?

Today, most companies are collecting vast amounts of detailed data about their people. However, only a small percentage actually…


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Catering for older people in the workplace

According to the U.S. jobs report which was released in July 2017, around 19 per cent of people aged 65 years old or over were working at least on a part-time basis during the second quarter of 2017. This is the highest employment to population ratio that has been recorded by this age group in 55 years. What’s more, the Labor Department’s good employment report has recently recorded that the number of individuals aged over 85 years old who are still working is increasing too.

There is…


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How to be successful in a career path?

Possessing a successful career offers plenty of benefits and genuine gainful platforms. However, we live in that specific planet which is ruled by social standing and money, although when you work on proper guidance so, that you will get a good and quality of life as well as reach the path of success. There are several reasons for which a person wants success.

There are some important practices and great activities that successful people from the entire universe perform. The great way…


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