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Is Working Overtime Worth it in Your Country?

We’ve all likely stayed later at work when we’ve been super busy or had to catch up on work, however sadly, in recent years, long working days and taking work home has become the norm for many employees. Not only is this causing employees to miss out on enjoying the pleasures of life and spending quality time with family and friends, it might…


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Employee Rewards Software Best Practices

Employee rewards platforms allow companies to engage, reward, and retain their employees through social recognition as well as gifts. We love employee rewards software because of the drastic impact it can have on a company’s culture. In an economy that has unemployment rates near 4%, increasing employee engagement is so important to the success of any PeopleOps team.

Despite how long…


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Healthcare Resources For Recruiting During Covid-19 Crisis

If you are working for a healthcare company, take note of these resources designed to help you carry on your recruitment related tasks during this Coronavirus pandemic. Please pass on to any and all who can use this information. It is meant to benefit the community.…


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Tips On Online Reputation Management For Freelancers

The popularity of freelancing is growing. And soon you can expect it to become very competitive.

Take a look at the statistics:

  • 74% of current freelance workforce started freelancing in the past 5 years
  • 61% of freelancers switched to this lifestyle due to choice rather than necessity
  • 73% of millennials are planning to go straight into freelancing

Among the reasons why…


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The good: Hiring

The bad: Layoffs

The lovely: We are in this together!

The Coronavirus has stymied the growth of a booming American economy and is threatening to trigger a recession that will affect the world. In response, some companies are massively hiring workers who are struggling during these uncertain times. However, does that good will…


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How To Recruit Healthcare Workers During a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has had an unprecedented impact on our economy and has brought to closer scrutiny our healthcare resources. With so many supplies needed to treat the ill, two questions are echoed across mainstream media: do we have enough resources to treat patients and do we have enough labor to administer those resources? The answer to the latter question…


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How HR Will Evolve: the Young Leaders' Perspective

HR today is hardly recognizable compared to what it was a decade ago. New technological developments such as applicant tracking systems and HRIS have drastically changed the way human resources departments operate. As technology continues to extend the frontier of the industry, HR will have to continue to…


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All HR Organizations in the US

At SSR, we are constantly thinking of ways we can help push the HR/People/TA disciplines forward. One avenue of attack we believe in is the power of strong social networks - offline and online. We usually…


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It’s Never Too Late to Engage Your Employees!

Every organization without any doubt was quick enough to take preventive measures to ensure their employee safety from the COVID-19 pandemic. To make sure that it doesn’t spread further and keep its employees away from it, the companies are left with only one alternative which is allowing employees to work from home or remotely.

This will…


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How Data Can Optimize Your Small Recruitment Budget?

Hiring new employees is something every business owner will have to deal with at one time or another. On average, a business owner will spend nearly 42…


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Beware of the refrigerator and 14 other tips for working from home.

CoronaVirus stay-at-home mandates and social distancing are keeping a lot…


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How to Reduce Your Time to Hire

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the U.S., businesses are under a lot of pressure. Hiring might not be the highest priority right now, but some companies need to make urgent hires; including those in the retail…


Added by Augusta Henning on March 31, 2020 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

How to source the URl Shortner Tool Bit.do!

Bit.do is a url shortner, that allows you to shorten a long url as well as personalize that shortened url. It can be a great place to find candidates you might not otherwise, however it can also be tough to search. That said there is always a way and here is one. Simply reach into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried…


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Recruitment Heat Maps

Recruitment TargetRecruit When you think of heat maps, do weather forecasts come to mind? Well, they have come a long way from there! By definition, they are graphical representations of data using color-coding; their primary usage is to assist in visualizing a large volume of data points, drawing attention to the areas that matter most.

Heat maps have evolved to be high-tech,…


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Should companies be spying on their remote workers?

In the wake of the Coronavirus, managers are spying on their remote workers. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How should companies manage their remote workers, especially if this is a new experience for them? Jim Stroud has a suggestion. Tune in to hear what it is. | Special thanks to Proactive…


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100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

More and more of the smartest people in the HR industry are sharing their best practices through insightful interviews via podcasts. Whether you’re on your morning commute or working out in the gym, these podcasts are a great way to stay up to date on the latest in everything from people analytics to hr…


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Prepping up Students with Cognitive Impairment for the Jobs of Tomorrow

Earning a job after school is as exciting and true for people with cognitive impairment and other people with other disabilities or even with no disabilities.

If you look past down the years, people with cognitive disabilities were not given many preferences in the jobs world. Today, fortunately, the employment opportunities for such individuals are changing. Students who need special education can stay in school till the age of 21, according to a regulation that is part of the…


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Cost Per Applicant Benchmarks For Talent Acquisition Teams (2019)

A few weeks ago I was on a hunt for cost per applicant benchmarks. I wanted to see on average how much an applicant was worth to a company’s recruiting team so that I could think about the ROI behind various ways to increase job seeker traffic.

Of course, an "applicant" can mean very different things. It can mean a software engineer in New York City or a customer service representative in North Dakota. While each valuable, the former is a much-harder-to-find person…


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Coronavirus Crisis: Who is Hiring and Who is Firing?

Layoffs caused by coronavirus pandemic have already started. However, some companies are raising wages and hiring like crazy! 

The Coronavirus completely disrupted the job market!…


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Coronavirus as a Recruitment Challenge

We do live in unprecedented times. If someone would tell me a month ago that the borders of my country would be closed I would have to laugh. It's a reality now. I had some discussions with some recruiters about possible impacts on the recruitment industry. This situation nudged me to think about a lot of things. An example could be how we as…


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